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"NUMB3RS" Recap & Review - "Trust Metric"

"Trust Metric"

Original Air Date: September 28, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

So, last time we saw the NUMB3RS crew, our "friend" Colby (Dylan Bruno) was found to be a double agent. Don Epps (Rob Morrow) and the crew had to deal with this betrayal personally and professionally.

13 Ships - 16 Miles From Shore - 3 Drugs - 2 Identities

Don is still trying to figure this out and can't stop watching the video interrogation where David (Alimi Ballard) blows his top and tries to attack Colby. Cut to David losing his mind in a pool hall throwing the tough guys around asking if anyone knows some mystery man on a picture he has.

Professor Charlie Epps (David Krumholtz) is actually teaching a class. We don't see this often. Amita (Navi Rawat) and Charlie has a nice kiss - also something we didn't see a lot of lately. Amita fills us in that Charlie hasn't been doing a lot of contract work for the FBI - thus the teaching and kissing.

It seems Megan (Diane Farr) and Larry (Peter MacNicol) are still together, I'm glad to see Larry's trip on the Space Shuttle didn't change that. However they aren't at college, Larry is in a place for meditation and relaxation with Monks, turns out Megan has been doing the same - taking a lot of leave time from work. Having to deal with Colby and her secret work for the Dept of Justice.

Don seems to be the only one still working. He's pouring over the Colby interrogation again and again until Dad (Alan) finally shows up. Alan (Judd Hirsch) lets us all know it's been 5 weeks since the end of last season.

At the Northcom Regional Confinement Facility a 'lawyer' gives Colby the plan that something will happen during transfer, slips him a key, and other plans. Colby wants to make sure the lying for 2 years wasn't for nothing. Yup, the ole stop the convoy trick. Colby has a gun, his friend and fellow traitor (Dwayne - Shawn Hatosy) has one now too. They've escaped!

Charlie has been working on a mathematical process that describes the analysis of friendship dynamics. Don gets the word that Colby has escaped and can't even find his keys. Alan thinks Charlie should help. Colby texts "where are you" to someone on the cellphone he took from the guard.

Megan, David and Don are back together to figure this one out. Charlie and Amida are back at the FBI, and they've even called back Larry from the monastery. The whole team is back - well, except for Colby of course. Megan wants them to delve in to how they feel about this before they can do good work. Don says he feels like it's his fault. Colby texts again - and then Charlie's phone rings... it's Colby!

Charlie gives the phone to Don. Colby spills that he's been working for a guy named Agent Michael Kirkland Counter Intelligence out of D.C. They have been using Colby to give specific info to Dwayne in order to stay with him and find out who Dwayne was answering to in China. And everything was going through the Dept of Justice (DOJ). See a pattern here yet? Problem is Colby can't get to Agent Kirkland anymore (thus the unanswered texts). Side note - Don is actually starting to understand Charlie's math! In doing so, he knows where Colby will come out of hiding. He catches up, but they escape again and of course Don blames himself.

Megan and David show up to find Kirkland. Yup, he's dead. Very dead. Needles all around him. He wasn't killed, he was being tortured and died of a major heartattack. Megan doesn't know what to think (DOJ anyone?). Colby and Dwayne show up on a large freighter and come face to face with Batman! No, it's Val Milmer. Who, with information from the formerly alive Agent Kirkland, knows Colby is a triple agent. Here come the needles. They are about to interrogate Colby the way Jack Bauer likes to. This guy is serious.

Charlie's math has the FBI looking for Chinese freighters. They find the car at a lot of a freighter. It's a govt car! Signed up by Mason Lancer - Special Assitant to the Dept. Attorney General. Yeah, you guessed it - it's Val Kilmer. Don asks point blank. Do we think Colby is a traitor? According to Charlie's Trust Metric, it matches what's in their hearts - they all belive in Colby. (Well, David is still a little unsure.) Kilmer is now in "I'm going to kill you" mode with Colby, but here comes the calvary. Helicopter, speed boats, all kinds of stuff. Reminds me of that big scene in Police Academy 3. Dr. Death Kilmer injects Colby with some of the Potassium Chloride. Before he can push the plunger all the way down, Dwayne shoots Kilmer, one of Kilmer's guys shoots Dwayne, Don shots that guy, David takes out the needle and starts CPR on Colby...

According to Megan the Doctors said Colby's vital signs are getting better, but David sure doesn't feel better about who Colby really is.

This show is smart, witty and has a nice caring feel among the character, I look forward to another season!

"CSI" Recap & Review - "Dead Doll"

"Dead Doll"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Jillyree - TwoCents Staff Writer

The scene opens with Sara shown in the same position she was at the end of last season: barely conscious, somewhere in the barren Nevada desert, pinned beneath the car as the rain starts to fall.

Back in Vegas, Catherine and Greg are still searching the parking garage where Sara was abducted. The fat kid from “The Sandlot” doesn't recognize Natalie, but knows Sara and says he last saw her around 7:30 PM.

Nick and Warrick are at Natalie's apartment searching for anything that might tell them where Sara is, and they find her sketchbooks full of drawings – they determine that she has a photographic memory. The call comes in that they've found Natalie's car, so Warrick leaves to process while Nick stays behind to finish up with the apartment.

At the Crime Lab, Brass tells a very distraught looking Grissom that Search and Rescue has been alerted, and that as soon as they get a general area of interest, they will be out in full force looking for her. Grissom's attention is diverted when he hears about the severe weather moving into the area, bringing with it flash flooding.

Meanwhile, Sara is fighting to keep her head above water.

Ever the scientist, Grissom anticipates with a beaker of water and the miniature what will happen to Sara if they don't find her in time, and it looks bleak.

OPENING CREDITS: YAY! Sophia is out of the credits! (I don't like her – useless plot device if you ask me) and Hodges is IN! It's about time!

Grissom is helping Warrick process Natalie's car while Nick calls with general information about possible dump sites. Grissom looks minutes away from tears as he thinks back on a time when Sara touched his face at a crime scene, stating that she was just trying to remove dust from his face, but knowing it was much more than that.

The Police psychiatrist is in with Natalie, and Hodges is brought in to collect evidence, as everyone else is already on the case. Sophia is there (Have I mentioned I don't like her?) and as Hodges takes his samples, Natalie tells him he's special. Hodges most likely gets a boner, because a girl actually talked to him without having his credit card number first.

Still at the initial crime scene, Cath finds a taser barb, and we flashback to Sara's abduction, which took place after a phone call with “Gilbert”. Grissom and Greg watch the playback of surveillance tapes that show Natalie was headed west on Imperial Boulevard.

We now find Sara in the trunk of Natalie's car, and Sara, being a graduate of the “MacGyver School of Escape” she frees herself using only a taser barb and her hands. She maneuvers her way into the backseat of Natalie's car and a struggle ensues, ending with Sara jumping from the moving car. Tired and beaten, Sara lays on the ground as Natalie circles back, gets out of the car, and gives Sara a dead, empty stare.

We jump back to Sara pinned beneath the car as the water rises.

The local news reports on mudslides and flash flooding in the area as Hodges hones in on a more specific area – Red Rock Canyon. Warrick finds evidence in the car that suggests that Sara escaped, but having the Geek Mind Meld that they have, Grissom knows better – he could see it in Natalie's eyes.

Natalie wakes Sara with water, and Sara awakes to find she's been bound again. As Natalie drives, Sara talks to her, and tells Natalie she knows how it feels to be alone – and that she knows Ernie loved her. Natalie, in a cold, dead tone announces to Sara that “Ernie loved me more than Grissom could ever love you.” Sara wonders why she's mentioned Grissom just as the drugs start to kick in. As she awakens again, the car is being lowered onto her as Natalie watches, a sadistic smile on her face, then turns to walk away as Sara screams her name. We then see Sara as the water rises around her still working to free herself.

Nick is still at Natalie's apartment, still looking for something; anything, and kicks the bed in frustration. Putting his head in his hands, he sits down to try and collect himself, and remembers the conversation he and Sara had while working the “Gum Drops” case. He smiles as he remembers Sara telling him it “wasn't his day to die.” Looking up at one of the drawings of Sara hanging on the wall, he notices the name of a tow yard..

Brass hauls butt to the Desert Diamond Tow Yard and questions the attendant. It's not until he threatens charges of accomplice to murder that the guy sings – Ice Box Canyon. A convoy of police vehicles head out as Greg flies overhead in a chopper, where he spots the car. Grissom and Nick arrive first, and begin to dig at the hardening mud as Grissom screams her name, but all they find is Sara's vest.

The search is on now, as Catherine arrives in the most obnoxious straw hat I've ever seen. It's even worse than Farmer Grissom's hat. I swear. Grissom notices footprints walking away from the scene, and he and Cath start to follow them.

We see in a flashback that Sara frees herself from the car by using the rear view mirror, hitting at the softening soil beneath the car. She climbs out from beneath the vehicle and begins to walk away. Does she not watch Survivorman? Collect water and stay put, woman! But no, she takes off walking.

We have several flashes between Grissom and Cath on foot searching, and Sara walking, now with her arm in a homemade sling, the rear view mirror still clutched in her hand. We also get a snippet of Nick and Sophia (I don't like her, ya know), then back to Grissom and Cath. Her fugly hat has now changed into a ball cap. I guess the continuity guy was off that day. Anyway, they notice that Sara has been leaving a trail using rocks. Grissom sees boots in his binoculars, and they run to find not Sara, but a missing hiker.

As others process this new scene, Grissom and Catherine ponder Sara's fate, and for once, Catherine thinks about someone other than herself.

As Sara wills herself to keep walking, she eventually succumbs to exhaustion and dehydration, passing out in the desert.

Nick and that girl I cannot stand are driving when they see a glint in the desert. They pull off the road and find Sara, barely alive and no recognizable pulse. They call for Med-Evac, and as Grissom and Cath pull up to the scene, the EMT's are doing their best to try and revive Sara. Grissom runs as fast as he can to be by her side, and as they load her into the chopper, he climbs in beside her.

His face sunburned, a look of sadness and terror covers his face. He reaches down to cradle Sara's frail hand in his, and as her eyes flutter open, she sees his name in her view. A small, sweet smile overtakes his mouth as he barely squeezes her hand.

4.5 of 5 stars.

"Big Shots" Recap & Review - "Pilot"

Big Shots

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Shawn P - TwoCents Staff Writer

I’ve decided that I’m going to make you smarter in this review, if for no other reason than if you sat all the way through Big Shots last night, you might be a few grey cells down in the debit column. You know a word that combines two words to generate a new word with the meaning of the combined origins? There’s a term for that: portmanteau, which was coined by Louis Carroll. Now that you’ve learned something, let’s dig into the “Big Shots,” which is by all pretenses a “dramedy,” and by my reckoning completely “craptastic.” And that’s not a total dig, because I like “craptastic” shows as much as the next guy.

Executive James Auster (Michael Vartan) kicks off the pilot by getting fired by his company’s CEO. I thought that’s how series end, not start. James lies to his wife that nothing’s wrong, and I start to wonder if the entire show is about guys pretending to have jobs, which might have been interesting. James regroups with his posse of fellow high-powered executives, Duncan Collinsworth (Dylan McDermott), Brody Johns (Christopher Titus), and Karl Mixworth (Josh Malina). Duncan’s divorced and an avowed lothario, Brody is browbeaten by a spouse he calls Lady MacBeth, and milquetoast Karl is cuckolding his wife. I’m disappointed in Josh Malina. I think the old gang at Sportsnight would have expected a little more fidelity. But we’re in an amoral world, since all men in big business either think with their pants or lie every time their lips move. And this is supposed to be a male Sex and the City, if you haven’t heard. If you haven’t heard, you don’t have your ear to the ground, because it’s in every review.

The CEO gets run over by a golf cart, which to be honest, is what you get for trying to fire Michael Vartan. He’s like Cher, he’s survive a nuclear holocaust and still be able to find work. Needless to say, the turn of events leads him into the CEO’s spot.

So I’ll digress. I like Michael Vartan. ABC apparently does not. Sure, they like him enough to continue to trot him out in slickly-produced series, lighting him like the Virgin Mother and sending his various characters down inner turmoil-free high roads of righteousness. But they hate him too. He’s a cipher. A good-looking, untroubled, fashion model. Give him a bad habit. Show him beating his kids. My fear is that Michael Vartan is playing Michael Vartan in all his roles. The kind of guy you want living next door, safe and sensible. Not appointment TV.

I’ve always thought of Vartan as the Hollywood Ho-Ho: all empty calories. I’m not a hard marker when it comes to the beautiful people – you aspire to their ranks, resent them, or view them with quiet detachment. Vartan and his ilk of finely-shined heartthrobs (now safe for tweens!) are generally as relatable to me as the pygmies of the Serengeti. Now I love Animal Planet as much as the next guy, but stiff male models rarely make compelling actors.

Back on the show, Karl’s wife suspects him of adultery. He denies it by pointing out he runs a billion dollar pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, his girlfriend texts him something I can’t print here, but let’s just say he must be dating one of the PhDs working for his drug company, because she uses all the proper anatomical terms. Karl explains his obsession by saying she makes him feel like a porn star.

Duncan flirts during a softball interview with the reporter for the magazine “Entrepreneur.” The reporter asks if Duncan’s ever been to Yonkers. I’ve been to Yonkers, but no one ever interviews me, if that’s the criteria. Duncan darts his eyes around and says he hasn’t been there in 20 years. Foreshadowing, people. Yonker’s hasn’t been this excited since Neil Simon was relevant.

Back on the golf course, where apparently 90% of every day is spent, we learn Duncan’s Yonker’s secret: he had a tête-à-tête in a bathroom stall with a tranny hooker, and was arrested.

Having reviewed Dirty Sexy Money yesterday let me interrupt this review for a special public service announcement:


Good Samaritan ABC is apparently giving tranny hookers a ride in all of their premieres this season.

Back to the review.

At the CEO’s funeral, James manages to let the good widow know the dearly departed was a cheater. I just noticed that Nia Long is on this show. Like a fine wine, Nia is aging well. James makes a quick connection, and realizes the CEO’s cheat-ee is his wife. He hits the john for a talk with Duncan, who confesses his wife also cheated on him, and he on her. All these characters could take a lesson from the crane. They mate for life.

Karl offers to help his lover get a patent on her boudoir moves. She responds by suggesting couples therapy, because he gets that with his wife. I tell you men, you can’t live with them, you can’t take them to the same couples counselor because then you’re an idiot. But he does.

Part of the problem here is that the Karl character has no depth. There’s nothing compelling us to examine him and his life more closely. It’s common and understandable to imagine that secrets offer insight. The picture of a first love hidden in the sock drawer reveals the true state of a marriage. A bottle in the desk drawer paints a different portrait of a revered educator. Karl’s secret? I guess he’s just horny. He seems driven by nothing more than feelings of inadequacy over not being Michael Vartan.

I think that’s probably not fair. Malina looks like Timmy Gates, the younger brother of Bill who can’t program his VCR. Asymmetric looks play for nerdy and ugly on this show. But that’s understandable. Slot me between Vartan and McDermott, and the villagers would be chasing me with torches and pitchforks.

Brody sweet-talks his wife on the phone then wines about her as soon as he hangs up. We should all note that Carrie Bradshaw and her crew are all manlier than this group, so the Sex and the City analogy dies right here and now.

Searching for Duncan’s tranny hooker (who knew I’d be using that phrase so many times in a span of 24 hours?), Brody pulls out the line “when it comes to sex, she’s the man.” That’s the tagline of every Cinemax movie after 11PM, by the way.

James confronts his wife, who admits the affair. He dumps her. Don’t get weepy here. He’s Michael Vartan, he’ll bounce back.

Duncan’s driving golf balls off a helicopter pad on a skyscraper, giving a motivational speech to his management team. Way to set a good example. We find out quickly that Duncan’s estranged daughter is the smarter businessperson. None of the leads exactly screams economic competency, by the way, no matter what position their script says they hold.

James announces, in his job interview for CEO, that the company is in trouble and he’s just the man to fix it. His solution? Hiring kids from garages. Or something like that. He says they should hire someone who knows what it’s like to lose someone. The committee immediately scours retirement communities across the land. James, she’s not dead, you just wouldn’t forgive her.

Karl spends the half of his life he’s not on the golf course with his mistress, which explains health care in this country. Now his mistress is henpecking him and threatening to expose the affair. I see this dragging on for multiple episodes, to alleged comic effect.

Duncan, James, and Karl have a conversion where each of them talk to themselves, about themselves, at a pool. This was easily the best scene in the show, because it was genuinely amusing. The amusement abruptly ends when Duncan announces “men, we’re the new women.” Ugh.

Karl’s wife and mistress are waiting for him at home. Marla, the mistress, has revealed herself to be an interior decorator to Mrs. Mixworth. I’d say this all ends in tears, but the light and comic accompanying music tells us otherwise.

I’m already way over my word limit here, so the Reader’s Digest version of the rest: Duncan wants his ex-wife back, Karl drinks himself into next Tuesday, James and Nia Long exhibit enough wattage of sexual tension to almost light a refrigerator, and James gets the official word he’s CEO. Oh yes, and Duncan’s tranny hooker meets his daughter, who brings him/her to a fancy party in front of all the city’s movers and shakers. Awkward! The night ends with the boys toasting Dontrelle, who taped Duncan paying her off. Double awkward!

I have to tell you folks, you need watch this show immediately. Because supplies may not last. Next week promises more Marla, and Dontrelle returns. So if you haven’t seen the phrase tranny hooker enough already, you know where to come…

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"My Name Is Earl" Recap & Review - "My Name is Inmate 28301-016" Parts 1 and II

My Name is Earl
"My Name is Inmate 28301-016" Parts 1 and II

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Breanna P. - TwoCents Staff Writer

Times are not so good for Earl. He sees old friends he doesn’t want to and has to choose which gang he should join to gain protection. Sounds like our Karmic friend has gone back on doing good things, right? Not quite. You see, Earl is in prison having confessed to a crime he did not commit (to ensure Joy would not get a third strike and go away for life).

Now Earl a.k.a. Prisoner 28301-016 is needing all the help he can get to make sure he survives his two and a half year sentence. Choosing between joining the White Supremacists or the Old Guy gang, Earl goes with age (and saves his hair, which he refuses to shave for the White Supremacists). The Old Guys are thrilled Earl joins up with them because they need protection, too leaving Earl with the option to punch an old dude to solidify his own protection from the other prisoners who will leave him alone. All except for Glen, an Earl-hater since childhood (his long path in and out of prison began when Earl got the Camden Scout Glen arrested for breaking and entering after a dog attack when they were boys).

When Glen and Earl are in "The Hot Box" together, Earl promises to make Glen a "shiv" so that Glen won’t kill Earl. After stealing a pair of glasses and giving the shiv to Glen, Earl is stabbed in the arm by Glen with his own shiv. Earl then learns that Glen always manages to screw up right before he’s up for parole for some reason (and did so again by stabbing Earl). Earl then realizes that he can cross Glen off of his list by helping him earn the two Camden Scout badges he needed to earn the Scout Honor Sash. Earl and Glen earn the badges and Glen redeems himself enough to be let out on parole.

Meanwhile on the outside, Randy is having a hard time adjusting to life without Earl. Joy promises Earl that Randy can live with her and Darnell because Earl is serving prison time for her. Randy drives the couple up the wall with his helplessness since Earl did everything with Randy and took care of him. Even Catalina’s sock-puppet, Little Earl, can’t substitute the real Earl for Randy (or Joy who hates it with a passion). When Randy won’t stop yelling for Joy to talk to him until he goes to sleep, she ties him up, duct tapes his mouth shut and puts a straw in the tape so he can breathe (he can only breathe through his mouth due to a deviated septum). Joy decides to make Randy more self-reliant and teaches him to cross the street by himself. Randy eventually becomes efficient enough to...break a car window so that he can go be in jail with Earl.

Overall, the episode was a funny and engaging season opener. Randy and Joy were hilarious as usual, although I feel bad for Randy since he is pretty helpless. I give the episode an A-.

"Ugly Betty" Recap & Review - "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Ugly Betty
"How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

Uh, No habla Espagnol, what am I watching. It's Betty, Henry (her ex-boyfriend who left her because he might have knocked up another woman), and that supposedly knocked up woman but they all are dressed funny in a funny atmosphere ..... Oh! It was a dream! Betty fell asleep in front of the TV again according to her nephew Justin. Phew! I thought Ugly Betty turned into a cheap Spanish Soap Opera for a moment. I can't understand Spanish and I don't think I could've kept up with the subtitles for that long. I almost ditched the show altogether, thank you very much.

Anyway, there's no cereal and no milk because Betty has run ragged trying to keep everything at Mode and home running smoothly. She forgot to go the store to pick up the groceries last night. Justin is carted off to day camp on an empty stomach.

Eeekkkkkk!! How does a woman blow up like a balloon in like three weeks. Amanda must've been living off pure sugar from the contents in her drawer. Marc discovers the ugly truth by leaning over the desk and pulling the drawer open himself. Marc needs Fashion Rehab himself, so I don't know what he is getting all snarky about. It turns out that Kristina found an old, hidden, secret birth certificate of Amanda's showing that Fey is Amanda's bio-mommy. But, who is the bio-daddy? Gad-zooks it could be anyone, but dear God not Bradford Meade, not after all the times she's slept with Daniel......*shivers in disgust*.

Hilda is held up in her room with Santos, he's gotten up and taken a shower, but he shouldn't have with the bandages wrapped around his stomach. Hilda tries on her wedding dress for Santos, as Santos reads his wedding vows to Hilda. One problem, Santos died in that convenience store hold-up...three weeks ago. Hilda is just now saying it out loud, she's devastated, but she's accepting it, now.

There are certain things a child should never be lied to about.....however, after Amanda sees her parents with another couple, all in their bathrobes....I think Fey giving Amanda to them as a baby, is the least of her problems.

Willy's found her favorite fashion evil twin, Justin....and they both subscribe the Coco Channel's believe of “..taking off the last thing you put on”. Later, Willy doesn't fall for Claire's ploy to get her out of Mode so she can meet up with Bradford. Poor Marc got hurt, after begging not to be, by Claire's newest best friend, you know - the one that escaped with her and calls her 'fish' all the time.

Guilt-ridden Daniel cannot bring himself to go into Alexis' ICU room, where she lays in a coma. But, he helps Betty say good-bye to Henry, by taking her to symbolically bury all the things she's collected during her relationship with Henry. Daniel decides to bury his pills with all of Henry things...because he blames himself for putting Alexis in the hospital in the first place. Daniel finally goes in to say how much he is sorry for getting Alexis hurt. Alexis comes around...except, she has amnesia and doesn't remember changing from Male-to-Female and is under the diluted believe that she's still 'Alex'.

I'll be watching next week, even if it is to see Rebecca Romijn feel herself up and act like an adolescent male about it.

"Survivior:China" Recap & Review - Episode 2

"Episode 2"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Josh - TwoCents Staff Writer

Last week at tribal council Jeff talked to the Zhan Hu tribe about a leader stepping up. Dave and Peih-Gee said they would step up to the plate and be a leader of Zhan Hu. Shortly after we all said bye to Chicken. Now, back at camp it seems Dave can’t wait to tell people what to do, which immediately rubs people the wrong way. Dave and Ashley quickly clash and something tells me this has a lot to do with Dave being intimidated by a WWE Wrestler and reveling in being able to tell her what to do.

Over at Fei Long, Courtney is complaining about Jean-Robert’s snoring and lack of help around the camp. When he finally does wake up, he fumbles his way through an excuse saying that even though he may not be helping physically, mentally he is…or something. I would imagine that being a professional poker player Jean-Robert has a good poker face, which lucky for him, doesn’t involve talking. Fei Long collectively roll their eyes at him.

The reward challenge is a game where balls are dropped into a mud pit and the tribes have to push at least two into the opposing tribe’s goal. The strategy to this game quickly turns to pulling down or pulling off the opposite tribes underwear. Fei Long takes the win and gets the reward of fishing gear and we’re introduced to the new “twist”. Fei Long must choose a person from Zhan Hu to kidnap and bring back to camp with them until the immunity challenge. Fei Long chooses Jaime who Jeff then gives a message but instructs her not to open it until she’s alone.

The message turns out to be that Jaime now holds the clue to the immunity idol for Fei Long and must give the clue to one player on that tribe. Jaime gives it to gives it to Leslie and in an attempt to saddle up to Todd, Leslie tells him she knows. Todd then schemes on finding it before Leslie does.

At Fei Long Ashley and Dave are still bickering back and forth, but Dave’s determination on building a stable fire turns out to be a good move as their camp has turned into a swamp while they were at the reward challenge.

At the immunity challenge both tribes have to collectively hold a puzzle log that they’ll need to ram through a couple of wooden gates, then do a puzzle, and finally use the log to hit the gong at the end. Fei Long has placed Jean-Robert and James at the front and they tear through the gate portion where as Dave’s muscles pretty much give out and puts them behind and the result is Fei Long wins…again.

At the Zhan Hu camp Dave apologizes and blames the loss on himself, but surprisingly he doesn’t point out that the reason he was probably so weak was because of all the work he had done at camp with the fire while Sherea, Jaime and Ashley sat and complained. Erik speaks for the first time and lays it out that on the chopping block is Ashley and Dave. Ashley would rather lay low then come out looking and sounding like a crazy person, and wait until TC to try to sway the votes. Things seem to go according to plan for her, she points out the way Dave talks down to the women, and Sherea backs her up Dave’s leadership tactics. Dave responds by making faces like a 10 year old. Jeff asks something about what Ashley’s basing her vote on and she bluntly states “I’m voting for Dave, Jeff.”

Too bad the others didn’t follow her way of thinking as Ashley, with a 6 – 1 vote, becomes the second person voted off of Survivor China. I blame this on Sun Tzu not including a chapter in The Art of War (a copy of which every survivor received) about misogynistic, head tripping, aging former male models not leading one to victory.

"The Office" Recap & Review - "Fun Run"

The Office
"Fun Run"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

Right off the bat we find out one of our burning questions - what's the deal with Michael and Jan. Michael sits and eats his breakfast that Jan made for him. Well, it's really just a bowl of cereal and umm, Jan didn't prepare it, but she did buy the milk! Michaels heads off to work, leaving Jan still asleep in the bed, and while talking to the camera in his car pulls into the Dunder Mifflin Parking lot and BLAMO!! Drives right into Meredith! No, not her car - HER!

After the musical opening we see our friend Omi back as Sadiq the IT Guy, just as he promised in his interview with us! Pam has a virus on her PC because she tried to purchase a celebrity sex tape! This really is the new Pam! Jim tells the camera that he dumped Karen in NYC right after the interview and she refused to leave her job - the next day her desk was empty. Jim is single and looking. Cut to Pam telling the camera that they went to dinner a few times so she could help Jim get through his breakup. They are good friends. Does anyone really believe this? NOT KEVIN!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" he says. A GREAT Kevin scene, with some Oscar thrown in. Kevin is SURE they are hooking up!

Cut to Michael walking into the office to tell them the bad news (in a way that really makes Stanley steamed) that Meredith is in the hospital with a crack in her pelvis but she's going to be ok. Michael admits that he was the one who hit her and the Pam just says "Oh, Michael.."

Pam is organizing people to go see Meredith at the hospital. Kevin "bets" she'll ask Jim to go. Angela says she can't go because she needs to go home and take care of her sick cat named Sprinkles. The other cats won't keep her company because there is "bad blood - cliques!" Pam attacks Angela saying she's the head of the Party Planning Committe and should doing this! What's with Pam? Angela agrees to go and asks Dwight to go do the 37 things needed to tend to this sick cat. Michael suggests planting a tree in memory and Pam yells at him talking over him giving her own ideas. What the?

At the hospital Michael does his thing. You know - knocking out her IV, trying to climb on her for a hug, demanding she forgive him. Kevin shines again as he slow claps for the nurse putting the IV back in. Creed does his thing - he asks what kind of drugs Meredith's on!

Dwight returns and, without a shade of compassion, tells Angela that Sparklers, oops, I mean Sprinkles is dead. AND she's in the freezer because of the smell. Sprinkles is the last straw for Michael. He's now convinced that the office is cursed and who does he blame? Yeah, that's right - Toby!

After a really uncomfortable religion discussion in the conference room (including Creed's thoughts on Cults, a great line by Sadiq and Michael trying to think up cool looking animal gods to worship), Dwight talks about being a farmer, you have to help animals without the will to live to end their lives. Meredith tells him to not unplug her!

Dwight returns from the hospital to inform Michael that Meredith had a rabies shot, so it was good she was in the hospital. So Michael, of COURSE, now believes hitting her with his car was a GOOD thing and sends them all home to rest. Pam drives away, alone and Kevin (hiding in his car to watch) finally admits maybe they aren't. It's a shame because PB&J (Pam Beesly and Jim) are good together. A nice shout out to JAM fans! However.... under a voice over of Pam saying she's not seeing anyone, she pulls up to a curb and who gets in the car? Jim of course! He leans over for a litle smootch and they are off!

Michael announced his Fun Run for the cure of rabies. Including T-shirts and write bands ("Support the Rabid") which you can buy on's store. Angela shows us pictures of her with Sprinkes. Then the film crew gets Jim and Pam into the conference room to make them address the car kiss! Jim and Pam both try to play it off and then the new bold Pam blurts out.. "because we're dating". Some really silly happy smiles and the JAM fans are happy!

The run was the last 20 minutes. Deydration, carb loading, Pam and Jim walking hand in hand, Dwight and Angela fighting, Andy's chaffing, Kevin running in his shirt and tie, Creed/Oscar/Stanley getting a cab to go for drinks, Toby running it as a real race, appearances by some favorites such as Bob Vance and Billy Merchant! A fun race!

A GREAT returning episode! I'm always afraid I'll be let down with things I really enjoy watching but The Office has yet to do it!

My question to you all - do you like the stronger Pam? Or do we miss the shy Pam?

Want to know what some of your favorite Office Fan Sites are thinking and "Fun Run"? How about some SPECIAL quests? You can find out in our Office Conference Room post!

"ER" Recap & Review - "The War Comes Home"

"The War Comes Home"

Original Air Date: September 27th, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer

The season premiere starts off where the season finale left off - with the riot. Pratt, Morris, and Abby are all in the bar when they get paged to the E.R. Gates comes in with a kid who has a piece of the protest sign stuck in his chest. He is desperately asking about Neela already. There is also a girl who was crushed by a speaker.

The whole episode revolves around the harshness of the new Head of Emergency. He doesn't let any of the doctors worry about Neela, and he sends Morris and Pratt off because they had been drinking, but very little. Before the first commercial break, Neela is found and brought in under critical condition.

After the commercials, it seems that none of the patients are able to be kept stabilized. Morris and Pratt check each other's alcohol levels so they can help out. Neela flatlines and is brought up to surgery.

Morretti wants to give up on the girl, he says it is hopeless for her. Gates finds out that it wasn't a bomb that went off and started the riot. The girl dies and Gates finds the person responsible for setting off the ... well, whatever was set off. He attacks the man, blaming him for the death of the girl and for all the injuries around them.

Morretti moves Gates to ICU. Neela comes out of surgery. Abby and Morretti have a chat about E.R. rooms and how they were created. "Because of war," Morretti explains. The girl's grandfather strangles the bomb guy. The episode ends with everyone waiting for Neela to wake up.

Overall, I believe that the episode is a good opener. It follows right behind the season finale. However, Shane West will be missed from his full time role. It has a good balance between the characters and the action in the E.R. However, to draw more viewers in, I think that the show needs to pull some of those old characters back, even for a few episodes. Who wouldn't tune into watching George Clooney for an episode or two?

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap & Review - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Grey's Anatomy
"A Change Is Gonna Come"

Original Air Date: September 27th, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer

"Change is inevitable," says Meredith Grey in the beginning voice-over. Change is right. To start, our beloved interns are now residents. Twenty odd new interns are underneath the characters, including Meredith's half sister, Lexie (Chyler Leigh). Callie is the Chief Resident, which peeves Miranda Bailey. Burke is gone, Meredith and Derek are on the rocks, and Addison is gone. Alex is also in denial of missing Rebecca, the Jane Doe that he fell for. George decides to be an intern again.

Lexie and Meredith meet. Meredith is wheeling in a patient from the multiple car pile up, and Lexie is in her way. In a very tactless, abrupt, Meredith-style confession, Lexie admits to Meredith that they are sisters. As the show cuts away to commercial, the look on Meredith's face shows confusion, resentment, and just plain shock.

After the commercial break, we see one of the car accident victims ... eating cotton balls? Um, hello? There were at least four or five interns in the room, along with Alex and Callie. Everybody was so engrossed in the man's shattered kneecap to not notice the man eating cotton balls?

Cristina gets put onto the "zombie guy's" case. Cristina also finds out about Lexie and Meredith being related. Meredith is put onto the case of the pregnant woman with the severed arm. She also ends up in a small "triangle" with Lexie and Derek. "You're the girl from the bar," Derek says to Lexie. "No, I'M the girl from the bar," butts in Meredith, then storms away. Derek also finds out about Lexie and Meredith. We see Callie and George in an awkward moment. I feel like everything about George in this episode is awkward; George is the second time around intern and is just trying to find his way, both with his career and his love life. Callie announces to the curiosity of the audience that she is not pregnant ... yet. Izzy, being the compassionate person who fights the most to save any patient, decides to save the deer's life for the boy.

Izzy has progressed. She has no reason to have hope, with the death of Denny and being rejected by George, and yet, she has hope.

The first commercial comes on, and I can't believe it. The recognizable sound of a Regina Spektor song is coming out of my TV for a JCPenny commercial. When has it become hip to use new, indie music the nearly nobody knows in commercials? I only recognized it because I listen to Regina Spektor.

In this short section before the halfway point, we find out that "zombie guy" is actually internally decapitated. We also see a scene that involves the Chief and Bailey that is full of anger on Bailey part, but the Chief only wants what is best for her. Derek announces officially that Burke is gone to Cristina. The first layer of Cristina's mask is pulled away and the underlying hurt from being left at the alter crosses her face.

Cristina cannot handle all the love in her patient's room either. She walks out, watching the family with a sad, pensieve look upon her face. Cristina is the opposite of who Izzy was in the beginning of last season. Izzy was a complete wreck, wearing her heart on her sleeve and Cristina is hiding it all. George and Izzy also have a run in and argue about their feelings.

After the next set of commercials, Izzy saves the deer after giving her little speech on hope. She then lets into her interns, calling them the lamest ones of the bunch. George handles the birth of the baby when Meredith's patient's arm is being reattached. We also see a passionate moment from Cristina in the surgery room, telling her patient that he needs to live for love and his family. There's a bit with Alex and Bailey versus Callie in another surgery. George and Lexie have a scene in the baby ward, where George admits to her that he failed his internship. She makes him feels better about it.

More commercials. Total commercial breaks? 5.

Bailey and Chief have it out again, where the Chief informs Bailey that he thinks she will prefer being a surgeon. Another highlight is when Alex and Cristina are sitting together. Alex admits to missing Rebecca and Cristina admits to missing Burke. Meredith and Derek officially break up ... but as always with these two, it leads to more. George informs Izzy that he loves her too. What does this mean for the pairing? "Sometimes change is everything," Meredith concludes.

This episode is a good setup for the rest of the season. It links new people together (Alex and Cristina, George and Lexie, McDreamy and McSteamy) and has new feuds as well (Alex and Callie, Bailey and the Chief). The show hasn't lost its spark, even though the interns have become residents and there are new characters that we must grow fond of. It sets the tone for the season; its going to be a season of change.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

"The Office" Conference Room - "Fun Run"

Hello! Welcome back to the Office Conference Room which is now open for business! For those of you who are new to us, the Office Conference Room was set up last season and some of your favorite "Office" Fan Sites submit their TwoCents through the days immediately after a new Office episode airs!

[Updated: 9/28 11:35AM]

We start off Season 4 with "Fun Run"!

However, YOU can start in the fun right now! Over at TheTwoCents Branch "Office" we have a post started for "Fun Run" where you, the fans, give your TwoCents about this episode! This will also be a weekly thing!

Favorite Moment: Kevin's "Are You Kidding Me" interview.
Favorite Quote: "I'm not supersticious, I'm a little sticious." - Michael
Overall Episode Grade: A

Biggest Flan
Favorite Moment: Dwight putting Angel's Cat in Jell-O. Just kidding, but putting it in the freezer was funny.
Favorite Quote: Angela to Pam: I was hoping you could help me with relationship problems, since you have so many of them.
Overall Episode Grade: B+

Marcus A. York
Plays: "Billy Merchant"
Thoughts on Shooting Fun Run: "It was so much fun shooting that episode and I thought what the characters went through in the season premiere was so funny, it was a pleasure to be there during shooting. How can you top rabies, sore nipples and an eight dollar lamp?! Coming from a farming community back in Ohio, I thought Dwight's perspective and reasoning as to what to do with a 'worthless' cat was histerical. His character is just the funniest thing on TV."

Favorite Moment: Michael's speech in the conference room about making a sacrifice to an animal/monster!
Favorite Quote: "Just a couple of kittens out on the town." - Angela Martin
Overall Episode Grade: A

Favorite Moment: Seeing a quick shot of Meredith's face when Michael hit her with his car!
Favorite Quote: I'm a not superstitious, but I am a little bit sticious.
Overall Episode Grade: B+

Omi Vaidya
Plays: Sadiq, The I.T. Guy
Thoughts on Shooting Fun Run: "It was awesome being on the premiere. Seeing the episode, it really doesn't do justice to the experience I had on set. But it was nice having my few seconds of fame. My character is mostly a setup for the main characters' jokes so watching it with my friends and seeing them laugh, I knew I had done a good job. Hopefully they bring me back and I get to explore the character of Sadiq a little more."

More Than That
Favorite Moment: Jim and Pam being confronted by the camera crew -- and admitting they're dating.
Favorite Quote: "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious."
Overall Episode Grade: A-

The Office Alliance Podcast
Favorite Moment: The scene where Jim and Pam were confronted with the footage of their little vehicular rendezvous. The smiles on their faces were absolutely amazing.
Favorite Quote: "Oh well. If they aren't together now, then they probably never will be. I thought they'd be good together. Like PB & J. Pam Beesly and Jim. What a waste. What. A. Waste." - Kevin
Overall Episode Grade: B

Laura Ann
Favorite Moment: I think my favorite moment was when Michael hit Meredith. The shock of it & then realizing what was about to happen had me in STITCHES.
Favorite Quote: "I'm not superstitious. I'm just a little stitious."
Overall Episode Grade: A!

We want YOUR TwoCents too!! So click HERE to get in on the fun!

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Angela Kinsey, Actress

The day has finally arrived. It seems like an eternity since we last were watching new footage of our friends at Dunder Mifflin in Scranton! Today, the wait ends. We will know what happens to Jim and Pam, Michael and Jan, and Dwight and Angela!

Oh, speaking of Angela, the one and only Angela Kinsey spent some time to share her TwoCents and Five Answers with us!!

Angela has appeared everywhere since the show began, from guesting on "Thank God You're Here" to numerous appearances on talk shows, internet specials, Emmy broadcasts, and movie appearances! She's everywhere and we consider ourselves fortunate to include TheTwoCents on that list of Angela Kinsey sightings!


TwoCents: Could you tell the TwoCents readers what path led you to "The Office"?
Angela Kinsey: My path to The Office was a long and random one which makes it that much sweeter now. I lived in New York before moving out to Los Angeles. I had been interning on Conan O'Brien and taking acting classes at HB Studios. I didn't know a single person in Los Angeles. It was pretty daunting but so exciting. Ten years later I got The Office! Years of auditioning, performing improv and sketch comedy, taking classes and just never giving up. It wasn't easy but every step led me here.

TC: Different from many other shows on TV, "The Office" tends to really focus on so many different characters and the fans love every single one of them. What's it like to be one of such a great ensemble?
AK: It is so rewarding. It feels like this amazing creative family. I get such joy when Phyllis makes us laugh or Creed makes us cringe. Everyone brings something so unique. I can't imagine the show without each person adding their talent and energy to fill out the world that is Dunder Mifflin. I am honored to show up to work every day with these folks. It's like a masters comedy class every single day!

TC: You've always been one of the members of "The Office" family who has been very accessible to fans over the internet. What is it about that interaction that makes it so special for you?
AK: The personal connection with the fans of the show is really gratifying. Any time you love what you do, no matter what that is, it's great! The fact that others get to enjoy it--well, that's icing on the cake.

TC: What websites do you visit for your own entertainment?
AK: Oscar loves watching clips on You Tube and I sit next to him so he's always showing me stuff. I get all of my "Office" news from Seriously that site rocks. I like to see what's going on in world news and I know this is random but I love sports clips.

TC: What sites do you think Angela Martin would visit?
AK: Angela Martin, well I assume that she thinks the internet is dangerous and a highly inappropriate way of spending free time. You know, the devil's playground and all.

TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
AK: The Godfather (nuff said), Roman Holiday (because I'm a romantic), The Matrix (because of the special effects and the story is awesome), True Romance (just because I like it) and Pride and Prejudice (again a romantic). Of course, you should know that this list could change within the hour so I better leave it at that.

We can't thank Angela enough for spending some time with us to share her TwoCents! Watch Angela and the rest of the gang tonight as Season 4 of "The Office" Premieres with an one-hour episode at 9PM EST on NBC!

"Private Practice" Recap & Review - "In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl from Somewhere Else"

Private Practice
"In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl from Somewhere Else"

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

This Grey’s Anatomy spin-off starts out in the Chief of Surgery's, Dr. Richard Webber, office at Seattle Grace Hospital. There we find Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh) explaining to him why she needs to leave, needs a change and introduces, by proxy, her co-workers. She has figured they are all pretty much suitable people for their individual fields of practice, yet she failed to notice they aren’t too proficient at their personal lives. Some obscure reference to the opening credits of The Mary Tyler Show, I wasn't even born when that show was on the air, and they hug good-bye but not good-bye/more of a “see you later” type things.

Loving the scenery of LA, Addison’s and Dr. Sam Bennet's (Taye Diggs) beach houses are a big plus, but the moving boxes and dancing naked in front of your open window (that your new neighbor – a co-worker - can see in to) is probably not the greatest of ideas. Dr. Sam is livid now as he just found out that his ex-wife, Naomi Bennet (Audra McDonald), hired Addison without telling anyone at The Oceanside Wellness Center and without an actual vote.

We get to The Oceanside Wellness Center (which will be OCW from now on). Addison remembers William “Dell” Cooper (Chris Lowell) from her previous trip down to LA, the surfer dude who wants to become a mid-wife but is also the receptionist. Naomi gets interrupted by Addison and Sam, as she tries to attend to her patients Ken and Leslie arguing about Ken donating sperm. Whilst waiting and watching Sam and Naomi duke it out proverbially through a glass wall, Addison lets it slip, that she is now working as their OB/GYN, to the resident psychiatrist Dr. Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman), the herbalist Dr. Pete Finch (Tim Daly), and the pediatrician, Dr. Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein) ... who all, except for Cooper, take it with surprise and a little discouragement.

Naomi shows Addison the OCW, while reassuring her that everything will be alright. After holding a meeting in Pete's herbalist office, the rest of the team corners Naomi and Addison with their concerns and that they all agreed to have equal votes regardless of Naomi having the bigger share. They get distracted by the overly exuberant moaning of Ken's attempt at sperm donation. This is one problem Ken doesn't get to solve because he has a stroke and is rushed to the hospital where he is pronounced dead by the Chief of Staff of the hospital, Dr. Charlotte King (KaDee Strickland). Leslie takes issue with getting Ken's sperm, a little too loudly for the ER.

A big “how was your day, this was mine” type deal happens in the OCW's break room between Cooper and Violet. Addison comes in just in time for Violet to get a 911 page. Dell comes in to let Addison know she has a patient, her first patient at the OCW.

Back at the hospital, Sam and Leslie have a heated conversation with Charlotte about the legal rights of procuring Ken's sperm...Charlotte is one cold lady. At the OCW Lucy Henderson, a patient of Cooper's, is Addison's laboring mother to be, however Cooper doesn't do the gynee-squad (aka-OB/GYN team). But “Laboring Mothers Love Pete” is scrubbing in. At the hospital Naomi shows up, finds out that Charlotte has made Sam mad, and soon finds herself irked with the not-so-good Chief. Another crisis at the OCW, Dell wants to help Addison because he needs the hours for his mid-wife classes.

Paul, a management type at a mall-type department store, has called Violet about his sister Jenny, whose having a psychotic melt down right in the middle of the store. She's counting tiles on the floor. Violet removes one of Jenny’s cotton and surgical tape plugs from her ear and informs Jenny she is being charged by the hour, so Jenny might as well be able to hear Violet.

In the Birthing Room, Lucy is trying to explain to Addison and Pete that her father's mad at her because she messed up by getting pregnant. Dell steps in, still demanding to be able to help. Dell ends up noticing that during the actual beginning of labor that Lucy has passed out despite Pete's acupuncture treatment to help with the contraction pains. They stop the birthing because the breathing is distressed as well as the fetal heartbeat, putting both mother and baby in danger. At the hospital, Naomi is vehemently showing the legal proof that she and Leslie have every right to Ken's sperm. One problem Ken's ex-wife, Maria, has shown up calling Leslie a tramp and that she wants Ken's sperm for herself.

At the mall, we find Violet unsuccessfully trying to break through to Jenny, and ends up flat on her back after physically trying to get Jenny to look at her. Problem back at the OCW - the ambulance won't be in time, Addison has to perform a C-Section right there in a non-sterile environment. Addison extracts a beautiful baby girl and hands the baby to Lucy's dad who’s now not even remotely upset. He is still concerned for Lucy because his wife died giving birth to Lucy. The ambulance arrives to take mother, child, and grandpa to the hospital.

Cooper comes to help out Violet with Jenny. Violet attempts to question Paul about where in the store Jenny started to freak out. They go to the camping section and survey a video of a happy family camping. Turns out that Jenny and her husband took their son, who was dying from an inoperable brain stem tumor, camping just weeks before he went into a coma. Jenny took him off the ventilator and held him for four long hours while Jenny's son breathed on his own until he finally died. Cooper and Violet help Jenny understand that she did everything a great mother should've done and she is not to blame for her son's death. I cried while watching that, I remember a few months ago I had another cat that died (quickly thank God) from FIV complications-that nearly killed me, I don't even want to imagine what it would be like to loose a child, I gave life to, like that.

Maria lets go of Ken by allowing Leslie to have Ken's sperm, and that helps Naomi let go herself of her past marriage to Sam. It was a great day all around. Addison shuts her curtains on Sam and dances naked, again.

"Life" Recap & Review - "


Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Maty - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

Cop, Convict, Life

This is the greatest most original cop show ever! Well that’s not exactly true. It’s not true at all. I have to admit this show, I was looking forward to, is full of unoriginal cop clichés. Through all that muck there is something at the core of this show that will draw me back for a second and maybe third watch. That is Charlie Crews played by Damian Lewis.

I will confess that I am a crazy fan of the mini-series Band of Brothers. And Lewis’ work in the mini-series will make me a fan of his for life. So maybe I’m biased but I like what he is doing with this character. The isolation he went through in jail has affected the way he encounters people in the present and has made him an interesting character. I thought it was a realistic portrayal of a man who has spent almost a decade in prison and now has to relate to people again. I think the possibilities could go much further then the typical Cop with a special talent. To me anyway.

There is no doubt the writers are trying to get too much mileage out of the “I don’t understand modern technology” but how long can that last? They are going to have to start writing real stories. That is my real point.

The first show is a pilot and often times pilots have a different feel then the rest of the season because the writers have to do so much establishing the premise instead of storytelling. Now, great writers can do both, but how many really great shows are on TV right now? I think we are swallowing a lot more crap then greatness. What else can us TV lovers do?

I’m going to give LIFE another chance because I owe Damian Lewis the courtesy for all the hours of entertainment he’s given me. I have seen so much worse on TV that has been on years. I’m looking in your direction CSI Miami! Maybe to solve all our problems we just replace David Caruso with Damian Lewis and the world would be a much happier place.

I give the first episode of LIFE an INCOMPLETE.

"Bionic Woman" Recap & Review - "Pilot"

Bionic Woman

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

We open up to it being a really early and bad morning, 2am is an un-Godly like hour. I guess Sarah Corvis' (the first and original Bionic Woman, played by Katee Sackhoff) bionics must've all come online all at once. Probably before even waking up from her surgery, given her bloody face, blood dripping down off the ends of her hair, and most obvious her hospital gown, that I still can figure out how they managed to get it to stay shut in the back. The blood came from five doctor type guys, they had doctor lab coats on, and all of them dead. She's obsessed with being told by the men in her life (i.e. Jae Kim, played by Will Yun Lee) to say they love her. Sometimes right before they have to put a bullet into your gut and then, from what I am guessing, in your frontal lobe.

Jamie Sommer's (Michelle Ryan) severing up the drinks at her bartending job. She comes home with a not-so-happy look on her face to find her law-breaking, internet obsessed sister, Becca (Lucy Hale), dead asleep on the couch, it must be like 3AM and you know it'll be another two hours before Jamie is able to go to sleep. It's just after 8AM - what the hell is that God-Awful music blaring for? Oh, Becca is trying to hide the fact that she's online again. FYI: Don't dangle the laptop out the window and leave your ethernet connection in the room. The court order says you can have a computer, you just you can't get online.

The show takes place in San Fransisco. We are now looking at Dr. Will Anthros' (Chris Bowers) slide show on his lecture about Bio-Ethics (including bowling ball sized breast enhancements) that he and his college class will be exploring this semester. How the hell does a 39 year old Surgeon/Professor go out with 24 year old Jaime, much less have the time to even meet her in the first place? They are at dinner together. Blah! Blah! Jamie's pregnant, Will loves and wants to marry her and they discuss this on the car ride home...ah, yes finally the hit-n-run, sending Will and Jamie upside down across the intersection to hit a pole. They were hit by Sarah Corvis driving a big rig that used to belong to a guy she killed an hour before by snapping his neck.

Now we're all in some kind of secret facility where Will proves that Bio-Ethics mean nothing to him at all by performing the life saving surgery to replace Jamie's right eye, right ear, right arm, and both of her legs. In the accident, Jamie lost the baby. Jamie freaks when she first awakes, after Will explains the whole thing and she sees her legs for the first time. It's before the Antrotrobes (the secret behind bionics) have a chance to replace the skin over her legs - leaving the bionics exposed. Will ends up with a badly fractured wrist, after Jamie shoves him off her, with her bionic arm, into a plate glass observation window across the room. Somehow, that arms heals itself in like 3 whole days. Nurse gives Jaime a shot and it's night-night time again. Jaime re-wakens to find out it wasn't a dream, rolls back over depressed. Debating takes place among those that run this facility. Ruth Treadwell (Molly Price), who appears to be second-in-command of the facility and the head psychologist, goes and retrieves Jae Kim, the man that played house with Sarah Corvis and would be in-charge of training Jamie. They meet with Jaime and they all disagree, on whether or not it's advisable to have Jamie working for them as a solider. Also, it appears that Jamie's IQ is slightly higher than Jonas' (Miguel Ferrer), the head of the entire facility. Jonas questions Will's use of bionics for Jaime and Will responds "You would have done the same thing." Jonas tells Will about how his wife slowly died over an agonizing two year period, knowing he could save her by giving her bionics also, but he didn't because it wasn't part of the mission. Now that's the proper use of Bio-Ethics.

Will frees Jamie by helping her escape from the facility, Ruth agrees to gain Jamie's loyalty you must give her freedom, or at least the allusion of it. As Jamie is fleeing, her bionic legs activate. Cool graphics but it really didn't do much for showing the bionics themselves, and she goes from like 4 MPH to like 60 MPH.

Jamie gets home and it looks oddly sexual as she sits in the shower weeping. She gives props to Spider-Man by leaping from one roof to another across the street, almost not making it. She comes back home to find a pissed Becca who doesn't believe the lie (created by the group at the facility, that she went on an impromptu ski trip where Will busted his arm crashing into a tree). Becca demands the truth and Jaime says she's not allowed to tell her.

Jamie heads off and finds Will at his apartment. They have a conversation, they have sex, he gets shot after getting re-dressed. This is the cool part, Jamie uses her bionic-eye (that came online earlier when she was at work at the bar and met up with Sarah face to face who tried to help her through it) to look out through the bullet hole in the window into the rainy night to zoom in on Sarah, holding the rifle she used to shoot Will with. After rolling Will to safety, Jamie takes off after Sarah, and Jae Kim (searching for Sarah)runs up to the roof to find that Sarah can't shoot him - could this be because they still love each other!?

The show-down between Sarah and Jamie begins after a long old, don't need this crap diatribe. They both kick some serious bionic ass, but they get interrupted by a spot light on a helicopter. Sarah leaps from the building and disappears.

All of sudden, it's morning and still raining. Will is being loaded up into an ambulance as Jonas looks on. Jamie approaches Jonas and agrees to work with them but under her own terms. Yeah right! She's never served in the military before...walking dead!?

"Dirty Sexy Money" Recap & Review - "Pilot"

Dirty Sexy Money

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Shawn P - TwoCents Staff Writer

“The love of money is the root of all evil,” so says Nick George (Peter Krause) in the opening voiceover of “Dirty Sexy Money.” We watch as a plane wreck is pulled from what looks like the Long Island Sound but seems to be far enough away from the East River as to retain a natural water-like hue and was completely oil-slick and hypodermic needle free in the wide-shot. We flashback to learn Nicky’s mom went out for the proverbial pack of smokes when he was a wee lad because pops, a lawyer for the monied Darling clan, was a bit work-obsessed. Uh, hello? Leaving your family because the bread-winner is upwardly-mobile with a high-powered job? Sounds like the American Dream. Open letter to Mrs. George: Feeling neglected? Get a hobby. Flirt with the dry cleaner. Buy lots of flashy things you don’t need with all that scratch your better half is earning. Learn a foreign language and rub your caste-rising awesomeness in the noses of all the people you didn’t like from high school. Don’t run out on your maternal obligations. Think of the children!

Anyway, Nick pledges to never work for the Darlings and vows to never be like Dad, who in all fairness didn’t seem too bad to me. Flash-forward to Nick doing good works as a lawyer trying to save a playground for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy. The nuns love them some hopscotch. How come do-good lawyers never protect corporations from class action lawsuits? Nick’s off to Pop’s funeral (draw an inference to the crashed plane), where we meet the Darlings – Papa Tripp (Donald Sutherland), mama Letitia (Jill Clayburgh), daughter Karen (Natalie Zea) and her golfer hubby, politician Patrick (William Baldwin) and his brood, and Paris (Samaire Armstrong), who everyone calls Julia, the celebutante who babbles about the fun plane ride to the press and calls a reporter poor (which begs the question of what she’d call a burger-flipper). Inside the church we meet the Reverend Brian Darling (Glenn Fitzgerald), who manages to insult Nick with an “I hate you” in the middle of a condolence, which seems like something they’d teach you in seminary not to do, but ever since they stopped saying mass in Latin, obviously the bar’s being set lower.

After a short commercial break featuring the ubiquitous Feist iPod commercial (1, 2, 3, 4, I just can’t stand this song no more…), Nick’s wife (Zoe McLennan) asks him why he’s meeting Tripp for drinks. We get the answer when we see the Tripp family discussing (also while drinking) making Nick the family lawyer. I missed a brother earlier, apparently: Andy Dick’s sitting on the sofa, swilling a martini in his smoking jacket and some very strange detachable eyewear. It’s not really Andy Dick (but an actor playing Andy Dick named Seth Gabel), but that’s what I thought the first time he spoke, so that’s what I’m calling him from here on out.

Momma Tripp makes an impassioned plea on behalf of Nick to the group that somehow involves smashing a vase that probably cost more than the poor reporter makes in two months on the beat. It’s a moot point, since Tripp’s already in process of the hard sell. I think the scene was merely to work in Andy Dick’s smoking jacket, so fine by me.

Tripp makes his pitch to Nick over red wine. Red wine goes with job interviews, I guess. $5 million bucks, above and beyond salary, to do good works and close the deal. Okay. Sign. Me. Up. Nick sees it my way, and makes some perfunctory demands, then says he’ll do it for $10 million. Is that $10 million for good works, or in salary? Because sending me to Tahiti for Christmas would be a good work. Tripp says “DONE!” which makes me think Nick could have gotten more. Apparently an instinct for return on investment isn’t Tripp’s strong suit, which reminds me the old saw about the best way to become a millionaire (start out as a billionaire).

Nick’s wife (Mrs. Nick, I think) asks if they just won the lottery. Nick explains he sold out, so Mrs. Nick naturally asks about the charitable foundation windfall and not how much Nick is actually going to get in take-home pay. Because, I guess, love of money is the root of all evil.

Andy Dick immediately calls, and he’s wearing the hat from Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More” video. Definitely Andy Dick’s best work since Newsradio, even if it’s not Andy Dick. The costumes are worth the price of admission alone. Nick promises to help him on something not worth noting, to which Andy says “thank you Nick, you are the wettest.” I really need to get close captioning, I notice. Or maybe that’s just Andy being Andy.

Karen drops off the check for $10M in Nick’s office, her hubby in tow, then announces apropos of nothing that Nick deflowered her. I guess Hallmark doesn’t make a card for that particular occasion. Nick immediately responds he’s giving a cool million to the nuns. Nick, as a lawyer with knowledge of these types of things, you should really request applications for grants and have these requests vetted. I know they’re nuns, but I know of a least one person of the cloth who’s undeserving of charity because he blurts out inappropriate remarks during funerals. That’s right Reverend Brian, I’m looking at you.

Speaking of Reverend Brian, he calls in Nick to try to intimidate Captain Bly (don’t ask, only know that an eye-patch is involved) to admit a kid into the Maple Grove school. Apparently the good Reverend has a love child. And it’s at this point we learn Nick has a rocking Hall & Oates (“Rick Girl”) tune as his ring tone, which makes me love him just a little, but also kills my theory that Nick is a Nick Carraway reference, because Nick Carraway would probably have some Jazz Age standard on his phone. I should also state, for the record, that if his ring tone was Feist, I’d have to watch the rest of the show with mute on; I know it’s a good song, but, follow me here - I love pizza, but if I ate pizza for 2 minutes at a time 17 times an hour, I’d slit my wrists.

It’s Paris on the line, and she’s not happy with her Scottish-brogued director. Seems she’s in a play – from the set design, I’d say “Noises Off,” but she’s dressed like Hattie McDaniel in “Gone with the Wind,” so maybe it’s “Newsies,” which wasn’t ever on Broadway, but probably should be. I can’t make out a word the director is saying, but everything sounds cooler in a brogue.

Now Nick is bailing out Andy Dick from something at Chelsea Pier that involves him wearing a red velour jacket. Is it too early to give the costume designer an Emmy? Oh yes, Nick forgot to pick up his daughter.

Paris gets a pep talk from mom that leads her to immediately try to overdose on pharmaceuticals and Diet Soda. Tony Robbins she is not. We can’t see what was in the pill bottle, but it definitely wasn’t pop rocks. Nick escorts Andy Dick from his arraignment. Free Andy Dick!

Promo for “Big Shots” during this commercial break. Guess what I’ll be reviewing tonight? Ah, premiere week on ABC…

No Feist sighting in 20 minutes. Must be a something wrong with the satellite.

Andy Dick says dad is going to kill him for winning a yacht in a poker game. And Nick thinks his dad was the bad one? Nick gives him a pep talk, which doesn’t lead to a suicidal gesture, so maybe he should be the one talking to Paris, no?

Nick apologizes to his wife for missing the kiddie pick-up, to which she responds with, $10 million dollars! She doesn’t, but should have. It’s a party, and the entire cast is there. Letitia references Doug Henning, and somewhere a tear runs down Doug Henning’s cheek. Letitia’s playing the “remember when” game, which is the lowest form of conversation. She’s flattering Nick’s dad on his parenting skills, which devolves into a discussion on the cosmos coming apart. Tripp interrupts with “what are you talking about?” I hear that, Tripp. I hear that.

Golf Pro hubby gets a case of delayed jealousy, which washes away when he learns he can take the family jet on a golf outing. Nice. Meanwhile, Patrick’s talking politics when he gets called to the door to meet his part-crashing transvestite lover. Nothing to add there. I report, you decide.

Tripp announces his love for his wife, which gets a round of applause (congratulations, you love the woman you swore before God and the state of New York to love, honor, and obey). Andy Dick invited a horse to the party, because it’s a reminder of the racetrack the Tripp’s met at, and because he’s Andy Dick. Can’t wait for the deleted scenes on the DVD from this one. I predict the horse ends up in the velour jacket before the night is over.

Nick runs into Karen upstairs. She’s not happy with Freddy (Golf Pro hubby has a name, unlike Mrs. Nick or Mrs. Nick’s daughter). Karen is totally flirting here, between crocodile tears. I guess Golf Pro hubby is only Golf Pro boyfriend, so there’s an out for Karen. She kisses Nick on the cheek like he’s a dancer at the Crazy Horse II and she’s down to her last dollar, at which point Mrs. Nick walks in. Smooth move, Nick. Nick chases his wife outside, where Reverend Brian wants answers on Maple Grove. Nick says Bri-Guy has to acknowledge the kid, which leads to another “I hate you.” I guess Nick’s tolerance for frustration ends at one “I hate you” because now he’s tackling Brian and threatening a little ass kicking. Karen comes running down to scream that Paris needs a doctor (although I assume there’s Valtrex in any of the 20 bathroom cabinets in this mansion). It gets serious for moment, as Tripp and Nick huddle to discuss matters. Nick quits, because the love of money is the root of all evil, and there’s only so many shenanigans one can reasonably handle in a given night.

ABC lets us know Thursday’s “got it going on” in this penultimate commercial break. Duly noted.

Nick tells Patrick he can’t talk now, still need to smooth things over with Mrs. Nick, but he relents and jumps in a limo with the future Senator. Patrick asks Nick to break it off with his tranny hooker (Nick’s words, not mine). Nick asks if the tranny hooker (he says it again) is more of a man than Patrick, which spurs Patrick to take matters into his own hands.

Nick goes home to argue with Mrs. Nick. We learn Nick has a different ring tone for different numbers, and his ring tone for Karen is Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman.” He says Daisy, his secretary, set up his ring tones as a joke, which explains a lot, at least to me. Mrs. Nick says thank you, and I have to say you got me why that gets a thanks, and proceeds to answer the phone. Karen says we need to talk about your dad.

Karen says that Reverend Brian paid $10k to someone named Exley, not the LA Confidential cop, but an airplane mechanic. He also says Brian wasn’t happy about the affair Nick’s dad was having with Letitia. Nick’s in shock. I thought this was obvious for the last 20 minutes.

Nick learns that the helicopter wreck doesn’t contain his daddy’s body, and that it was probably an explosion that caused the crash. Was Nick’s dad a pilot? Was the pilot’s body found? The world may never know, because the cop says there’s nothing to do and that the DA wouldn’t be interested in Exley because of the information’s providence. Okay. That’s not what Law & Order leaves me to believe, but whatever. There’s a water-tight lock-box on the plane full of personal effects, because why wouldn’t there be? Tripp arrives to give Nick a hug, which is thoughtful, I’d say. Nick asks if he’s really asking if Tripp wants Nick back. Nick mentions the water-proof box and Tripp gets all shifty. Somewhere in that back-and-forth Nick took his job back. We’ll have to go the instant reply to figure out where.

Nick asks if the love of freedom, not money, is maybe the root of all evil while we watch Paris announce she loves her family. Maybe it’s the love of fame he posits while Andy Dick talks about Space Camp on his yacht. Or the love of virtue as Reverend Nick talks to his baby mama who immediately gives her kid away to the priest. Because there’s no red flags in that sentence! Or the love of vice, which takes us to the tranny hooker, who threatens to hurt him/herself if Patty leaves. Or the love of romance, where Golf Pro titillates himself with talk of Japanese golf courses. Or having too much of anything, where we see Nick, who announces he’s going to find out who killed his dad and make them pay. Wow, I wouldn’t have been able to match the dialogue to the scenes we saw at any point in that montage if you gave me a week and an answer key. But whatever, scenes from next week show the Tripps’ getting some public relations love. I mean they get worked over by someone in PR. I mean they go on a relations offensive. Nevermind what I mean, just tune in next week, we’ll get it straightened out then.

What's On Tonight? - Thursday Sept 27th

The Office Season 4 Premieres Tonight

Thursday is once again Must See TV! Tonight starts the 9pm showdown between Office, CSI, and Grey's - who will win?

ABC: Ugly Betty (season premiere)
CBS: Survivor: China (CLICK FOR PREVIEW)
CW: Smallville (season premiere)
FOX: Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?
NBC: My Name Is Earl (season premiere)

ABC: Grey's Anatomy (season premiere)
CBS: CSI (season premiere CLIP)
CW: Reaper (repeat)
FOX: Don't Forget The Lyrics
NBC: The Office (season premiere)

ABC: Big Shots (series premiere)
CBS: Without A Trace (season premiere)
NBC: ER (season premiere)

"Nashville" First Cancelled Program of 2007!

That's what E! is reporting!

"Nashville aired but twice. The show about twentysomethings trying to make it in country music was supposed to bring a Southern-style Laguna Beach vibe to Fox. Instead, it only brought low ratings. The show averaged just 2.5 million viewers in its two outings, placing 109th in the most recent Nielsen Media Research standings.

The show will be replaced on the schedule this Friday by a repeat of K-Ville, Fox's struggling, but more-promising new cop show."

Read the article HERE.


All Summer long, 8 of your favorite Office Fan Sites ran The Office Summer Scavenger Search! For 9 weeks a winner was selected each week. Those 9 were challenged to the HUNT OF CHAMPIONS for the past 2 weeks, having to search the internet to answer 20 very specific questions!

Of the correct answers we received, Amanda R from Ohio was selected as the Ultimate Office Fan!

Congrats go out to Amanda who will be receiving her major Office prize pack soon!

"Gossip Girl" Recap & Review - "The Wild Brunch"

Gossip Girl
"The Wild Brunch"

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Alicia - TwoCents Staff Writer

Who’s going to Chuck’s father’s Sunday brunch? Everyone, duh! If you’re “in,” you’re there.

In the cab (from the end of last weeks’ episode) flashback, we see Serena and Dan sit awkwardly. At Serena’s stop, not saying much, she quietly exits the cab. Dan waves and she waves back. In the proceeding scenes, Dan and Jenny go back and forth trying to figure out if Serena blew Dan off. On Serena’s side, she wonders the same thing about him as she sits debating him with her brother in his hospital room.

Blair calls Nate, who wakes up on a couch hung over in Chuck’s hotel room. Blair asks Nate to meet her at the brunch. He agrees, not really relieved. In the meantime, Chuck wakes up in the bed surrounded by women. He gets up sporting a black eye. He and Nate begin to talk about the incident with Dan.

Serena on her way to see Blair calls her and gets a voicemail. Serena asks Blair if they can talk again. On the other side, Blair, sees the message and without hesitation deletes it.

Dan heads over to see Serena wanting to figure out where they stand. Nate, still at the hotel, goes up to Serena’s room and finds Dan waiting for her. The tension between them is fun!

Serena finds Blair who is not happy to see her. Blair ends up blurting out they she knows Serena and Nate had sex. Serena is mortified and leaves.

Jenny enters Blair’s hotel room to ask her if Chuck has been talking badly about her. Blair says that he probably won’t because of the black eye. Blair intrigued about Jenny’s persistence to be in her “rich world” asks if she wants to help her get ready. Jenny goes as far to tell Blair she would disavow Serena if it meant Blair would be her friend.

Nate and Dan talk about Serena’s commitment issues, as Chuck comes out to see Nate. Chuck flips out threatening to “kick his ass.”

Dan and Serena end up running into each other. They coyly agree they want to see each other again. As they talk, Serena’s mom comes back and tells her to go get ready for the brunch. Serena only agrees to go if Dan goes.

At the brunch, Nate asks Serena if they can meet in Chuck’s hotel room to talk. Serena reluctantly agrees. But, before Nate can go up to meet Serena, Blair blocks him wanting to have sex in Chuck’s hotel room.

They go upstairs and run into Serena. A fight between her and Blair starts. Blair ends up running back downstairs to tell Dan about Serena and Nate.

Blair bluntly tells Dan every dirty detail. Dan is visibly sad about what he hears. Chuck then makes a rude comment about Jenny. Dan pushes Chuck and causes a scene. He says sorry to the crowd and bolts.

Serena follows him, but Dan won’t have it. He says they live in different worlds and she agrees. They part on a somber note.

The second episode was written in pure Josh Schwartz fashion. Laughs, chaos, fights, and mystery. Stay tuned…those who live in Gossip Girl’s world are just getting started!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Reaper" Recap & Review - "Pilot"


Original Air Date: September 25, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

We open up on Sam (Bret Harrison) getting up before noon, taking a shower, and being harassed by his Stanford-rejected little brother. His mother is weepy and wants to him to have the best birthday ever. His dad on the other hand, is concerned but tells him to go out in style. Sam's best friend, Sock (Tyler Labine), shows up and rightly so lays on Sam's baby brother, telling him that he (Sock) almost went to Community College himself and there's nothing wrong with it.......since baby bro got rejected from what? The 4th best college in the nation.

Sock is telling Sam to wear puke resistant clothes because they are so going to get wasted tonight, it being Sam's 21st birthday and all. A black dog, that's actually smaller than my kitten that's not even six months old yet, starts barking and jumping up and down. That is until that ass Sock opens his door into it on purpose, wanted to punch Sock for that. They head in to the hardware store they both work at, Sam notices a shopping cart goes to retrieve it, but instead, inches away from it, the cart rolls away from him.

In the staff meeting the stupid manager doesn't get Sock's reference to a snake waiting in the grass waiting to pounce, offends the Jewish employee, and generally makes a bigger jerk of himself than usual. Andi (Missy Peregrym) gives Sam a small package, that Satan himself (Ray Wise) labels “not gay at all”, for his birthday present which turns out later to be a bracelet that means “strength” and she thought of him when she saw it.

Sam keeps seeing all these places on fire everywhere he goes, on TV that is. He saves Andi from being crushed by an A/C unit but he wasn't close enough to push it away physically. He's convinced now he's got some kind of telekineses going. Andi finds Sam taking a rest-ped and they have a conversation, that is until a pack of dogs starts snarling at them, Sock saves Sam by chasing the “bitches” out the store.

Sam goes home claiming sick, but ends up with the devil in his back seat causing him to run into a construction trash dumpster. He gets home to find out that his parents had sold his soul to the devil before he was born. He heads out and slams some drinks back. He gets home to find Satan there explaining that Sam is to be a bounty hunter for him. Sam's job is to return escaped souls back to Hell. To help him, the Devil gives him a special vessel to handle the job. The vessel? A Dirt Devil! Later Sam walks into his room except it becomes a deserted hockey arena all except Satan, Sam, and the Zamboni operator-who ends up as a blood puddle all over the ice, apparently he wasn't all the great a person himself - he beat his wife. The point of all this? The Devil doesn't accept failure.

Sam, Sock, and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) head out to take care of an escapee from Hell. They end up with more than for what they bargained for, when this former arsonist is actually a man of fire and Ben ends up in the hospital with scars on his forehead. Stupid Sock bought a Sharpie pen in the gift shop saying that Ben would want them to give him eyebrows. Sam barks at Andi at the hospital, hurting her feelings.

Sock and Sam go to the court house to see Sock's ex, Josie, to help them understand why the escapee is burning the places he is burning, he's an arsonist after all.

They go to their work (WorkBench - think Home Depot) to “suit up” and re-charge the batteries on the Dirt Devil mini-vac, ha ha I get it. Then, they head to the school that's having a Halloween party to stop Mr. Firebug. Sock almost got it between the legs if it wasn't for Sam using his telekineses to make a fireball sending that refugee flying. Anyway needless to say, they capture him and return him to a portal to Hell - the DMV - hell on earth.

Sam decides to continue with his “Reaper” duties. And I'll continue to watch.

What's On Tonight? - Wednesday Sept 26th

Bionic Woman Premieres Tonight

Get those DVR's ready! Grey's spinsoff and it's Bionic Wednesday on NBC!

ABC: Dancing With The Stars
CBS: Kid Nation
CW: America's Next Top Model
FOX: Back To You
NBC: Deal or No Deal

FOX: 'Til Death

ABC: Private Practice (series premiere)
CBS: Criminal Minds (season premiere)
CW: Gossip Girl
FOX: Kitchen Nightmares
NBC: Bionic Woman (series premiere)

ABC: Dirty Sexy Money (series premiere)
CBS: CSI:NY (season premiere)
NBC: Life (series premiere)

Chatting with Conan



(Mondays – Fridays, 12:35 a.m. ET – 1:35 a.m. ET)

Tuesday, September 25 – Actor Jamie Foxx, actress Heather Graham, comedian Mike Birbiglia

**Wednesday, September 26 – Actor Ted Danson, comedian Patton Oswalt, musical guest Devendra Banhart

Thursday, September 27 – Actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, actor Ed Helms, musical guest Bjork

Friday, September 28 – Actor Seth Meyers (NBC's "Saturday Night Live"), musician Bret Michaels, musical guest Jose Gonzalez

Monday, October 1 – Actor Jerry O'Connell, filmmaker Ken Burns, musical guest VHS or BETA

Tuesday, October 2 – Journalist Ted Koppel, Actor Jason Schwartzman

Wednesday, October 3 – Actress Tina Fey (NBC's "30 Rock"), musical guest Ani Difranco

Thursday, October 4 – Actress Connie Britton (NBC's "Friday Night Lights"), musical guest Bloc Party

Friday, October 5 – Actor Fred Willard, musical guest Animal Collective

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