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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap & Review - "A Change Is Gonna Come"

Grey's Anatomy
"A Change Is Gonna Come"

Original Air Date: September 27th, 2007

Amanda - TwoCents Staff Writer

"Change is inevitable," says Meredith Grey in the beginning voice-over. Change is right. To start, our beloved interns are now residents. Twenty odd new interns are underneath the characters, including Meredith's half sister, Lexie (Chyler Leigh). Callie is the Chief Resident, which peeves Miranda Bailey. Burke is gone, Meredith and Derek are on the rocks, and Addison is gone. Alex is also in denial of missing Rebecca, the Jane Doe that he fell for. George decides to be an intern again.

Lexie and Meredith meet. Meredith is wheeling in a patient from the multiple car pile up, and Lexie is in her way. In a very tactless, abrupt, Meredith-style confession, Lexie admits to Meredith that they are sisters. As the show cuts away to commercial, the look on Meredith's face shows confusion, resentment, and just plain shock.

After the commercial break, we see one of the car accident victims ... eating cotton balls? Um, hello? There were at least four or five interns in the room, along with Alex and Callie. Everybody was so engrossed in the man's shattered kneecap to not notice the man eating cotton balls?

Cristina gets put onto the "zombie guy's" case. Cristina also finds out about Lexie and Meredith being related. Meredith is put onto the case of the pregnant woman with the severed arm. She also ends up in a small "triangle" with Lexie and Derek. "You're the girl from the bar," Derek says to Lexie. "No, I'M the girl from the bar," butts in Meredith, then storms away. Derek also finds out about Lexie and Meredith. We see Callie and George in an awkward moment. I feel like everything about George in this episode is awkward; George is the second time around intern and is just trying to find his way, both with his career and his love life. Callie announces to the curiosity of the audience that she is not pregnant ... yet. Izzy, being the compassionate person who fights the most to save any patient, decides to save the deer's life for the boy.

Izzy has progressed. She has no reason to have hope, with the death of Denny and being rejected by George, and yet, she has hope.

The first commercial comes on, and I can't believe it. The recognizable sound of a Regina Spektor song is coming out of my TV for a JCPenny commercial. When has it become hip to use new, indie music the nearly nobody knows in commercials? I only recognized it because I listen to Regina Spektor.

In this short section before the halfway point, we find out that "zombie guy" is actually internally decapitated. We also see a scene that involves the Chief and Bailey that is full of anger on Bailey part, but the Chief only wants what is best for her. Derek announces officially that Burke is gone to Cristina. The first layer of Cristina's mask is pulled away and the underlying hurt from being left at the alter crosses her face.

Cristina cannot handle all the love in her patient's room either. She walks out, watching the family with a sad, pensieve look upon her face. Cristina is the opposite of who Izzy was in the beginning of last season. Izzy was a complete wreck, wearing her heart on her sleeve and Cristina is hiding it all. George and Izzy also have a run in and argue about their feelings.

After the next set of commercials, Izzy saves the deer after giving her little speech on hope. She then lets into her interns, calling them the lamest ones of the bunch. George handles the birth of the baby when Meredith's patient's arm is being reattached. We also see a passionate moment from Cristina in the surgery room, telling her patient that he needs to live for love and his family. There's a bit with Alex and Bailey versus Callie in another surgery. George and Lexie have a scene in the baby ward, where George admits to her that he failed his internship. She makes him feels better about it.

More commercials. Total commercial breaks? 5.

Bailey and Chief have it out again, where the Chief informs Bailey that he thinks she will prefer being a surgeon. Another highlight is when Alex and Cristina are sitting together. Alex admits to missing Rebecca and Cristina admits to missing Burke. Meredith and Derek officially break up ... but as always with these two, it leads to more. George informs Izzy that he loves her too. What does this mean for the pairing? "Sometimes change is everything," Meredith concludes.

This episode is a good setup for the rest of the season. It links new people together (Alex and Cristina, George and Lexie, McDreamy and McSteamy) and has new feuds as well (Alex and Callie, Bailey and the Chief). The show hasn't lost its spark, even though the interns have become residents and there are new characters that we must grow fond of. It sets the tone for the season; its going to be a season of change.

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