Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TwoCents and Five Questions With...

...Miss Piggy, actress

The long-awaited and brand-spanking new Muppets Christmas special, A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa, finally hits the airwaves tomorrow, Wednesday December 17th, at 8:00 EST on NBC. We were lucky enough to sit down with Miss Piggy (in all her glamorous, karate-chopping glory) and ask a few questions about her return to the small screen, working with the star-studded cast, and (of course) the frog.

TheTwoCents: Miss Piggy, how are things with you and Kermit these days?

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  1. TheTwoCents: Miss Piggy, how are things with you and Kermit these days?

    Miss Piggy: Oh, oh, what a surprise question. I never get that. Things are going marvelously, thank you. Yes, things are as fab as ever. And Kermit himself is as solid as ever. He’s been going out to the gym. I started making him go out to the gym and he’s really toned up. I have to say that. I think he’s up to three pound weights.

    TTC: It’s been awhile since all of you did a television special - a new television special. What made this the right time to come back and do something for all of us?

    MP: Well, you know, Christmastime is a wonderful time of year. It’s a time of giving. And I felt what’s such a way for me to give this Christmas than to give the gift of moi in a Christmas special. So that is what I did. And if the world feels inclined to oh, repay the favor I’m registered everywhere. Okay, so don’t hesitate. Just walk into any store. I’m probably registered there. You can get me something.

    TTC: So in A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa, the Muppets go off to the North Pole to hand deliver some letters to Santa. Have you actually ever visited the real North Pole? Can you tell me a little bit about what it’s like if you have?

    MP: No, I hear it’s frickin’ cold up there. But no, no I have never gone there. And as a matter of fact, we didn’t go there in the special either. It is a TV show and we just did it on - we just decorated the set. But it was still frickin’ cold! It was - oh my gosh, it was so cold. It was - you know, we shot this - we didn’t shoot it too long ago. It was not that hot outside, yet we had the A/C going - blasting throughout. Oh!

    TTC: Do you have any other behind-the-scenes stories while you were shooting the special you’d like to share with us?

    MP: You know, Nathan Lane, I saw a little bit of his performance and I just have to say he really needs to kick it up a notch. He is so subtle that I just - I’m not so sure that people are going to really get what he’s going for. And I’m - you know, I don’t think that’s just in our special. I think across the board he could probably -- in everything he does -- just, you know, make a few - you know, raise those eyebrows a little bit higher, you know, (mug) to the camera a little bit more. You know, I hope he reads this because it would really benefit his career, I think.

    And Jane Krakowski - I didn’t share too many scenes with the others, but I shared a scene or two with Jane. And, you know, I gave her some advice. I told her, you know, she’s talented and I think she’ll go far. And she does look a little bit like me. But she does need some advice. And so what I told her was that she should gain, you know, like 200 or 300 more pounds. And I don’t think she bit it. No. You know, look, it’s cutthroat out there. It’s cutthroat. You know, we’re always going out after the same parts. If she’s dumb enough to take that advice, that’s her problem.

    TTC: You have mentioned in the past that one of your holiday traditions is to trim the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve with Kermit. Do you have any other special holiday plans this year?

    MP: Well I’m going to be watching the special with Kermie. Of course, naturally. We’re going to tape it. We’re going to TiVo it. We’re going to DVR it. And I think we’re going to have - we’re actually going to get a stenographer and have it - yeah, and have them write it all down as it’s happening. And then we’re going to enjoy all those different iterations again on Christmas Day.

    Don’t forget to tune in to NBC tomorrow, December 17th, at 8:00 EST to witness this new holiday tradition. And if you don’t, Miss Piggy will find you!


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