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Heroes - Recap & Review - "Duality"


Original Air Date: 15 Dec 2008

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

We have a whole lot to recap, so what do you say we just get to it? This recap is going to be just a tad bit longer than usual, but that’s because (I’ll go ahead and say it) this was a GREAT episode!

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  1. We have a whole lot to recap, so what do you say we just get to it? This recap is going to be just a tad bit longer than usual, but that’s because (I’ll go ahead and say it) this was a GREAT episode!

    Nathan finds Arthur dead and Peter explains that Sylar did it. Nathan is very insistent, saying that he has to carry out ‘their plan’, because it’s what’s best for the world. Peter points the gun at his brother, but instead of shooting he knocks him out. He’s determined not to let the formula get injected into people at will. Together with Knox and Flint they start trashing the lab and destroying all of the formula they can. The Fly interjects that it’s highly flammable, but Flint isn’t concerned about that at all. Meanwhile, Nathan wakes and is confronted by Knox. After some banter from Nathan about how Peter always lets people down, he tries to kill Knox but isn’t strong enough. Tracy saves the day by freezing Knox and breaking him apart. A vat of the formula spills all over The Fly and his skin starts to clear up. Nathan confronts Peter and tries to fight him, but Flint has other ideas when he sets fire to the lab and traps Nathan. Feeling like he has no other choice, Peter injects himself with the last vial of the formula and saves his brother by flying out of the burning building. Nathan asked why his brother saved him, and when Peter says ‘because we’re brothers and I love you’, Nathan sadly says that isn’t what he would have done before flying away. After the fire, Mohinder catches a ride with Tracy and they ride off into the metaphorical sunset.

    Daphne, Ando and Matt are all deciding how to save Hiro, but Ando still thinks he needs a power to save his friend. Daphne speeds to Pinehurst, grabs a vial right out of Mohinder’s hands and speeds back, handing it over to Ando. He injects himself and nothing happens. He can’t move through time and space to save his friend, but through trial and error, they realize if he touches someone, he can amplify their power. If he touches Matt, he can hear the thoughts of every person in the city, and if he touches Daphne, she can move faster than the speed of light, which means that she can travel back in time.

    Hiro manages to climb up onto the rooftop of death and asks the younger version of himself to take him to their father’s safe. Once there, Hiro takes the formula but Kaito catches him. Hiro explains that the formula needs to be destroyed, but Kaito refuses and instead tries to kill him. Just as the death blow comes, Ando and Daphne speed in and save Hiro, leaving two halves of the formula behind. Once in the present time, Hiro tells Daphne that she can make up for her past if she gets the formula and destroys it now. She does just that with Hiro tagging along. At Pinehurst, Tracy has the formula in her hand, but when she calls Hiro Pickachu, he punches her and Daphne takes the formula before she and Hiro speed off together.

    At Primatech, Claire, Angela, Noah and Meredith are all ready to head to Pinehurst when the lights go out and all of the security gates come flying down. Sylar’s already there, and he’s killed all of the security guards. He announces over a loud speaker that he killed Arthur and that he’s going to make everyone finally realize that deep down, they’re all monsters too, just like him. He makes sure that they all know they aren’t hunting him. He’s doing all the hunting. Meredith and Noah go together, and Claire and Angela run to the library. Claire says that she would like to give Sylar a nice spanking (I’m sure) and when he calls, he tells her that she either kills Angela, or he kills her father. She swears that she’ll hunt Sylar down if he hurts her dad, and then Sylar waxes almost poetic: “From cheerleader to stone cold killer. Who’s the monster now?” She shoots the phone. Point taken, Claire.

    Noah and Meredith go to Level 5 and let all of the inmates out, including the Puppet Master. Noah’s plan is to use them as bait to get Sylar to come out. Somehow, Meredith ends up by herself and Sylar is there, ready to take her down. The Puppet Master is there to save her (because she’s his to kill), but not even his powers can hold Sylar. He kills the man, then stabs Meredith in the heart with adrenaline. The drug makes her unable to control her powers and when Noah goes to save her, he ends up locked in a level 5 cell with her. Sylar gloats that Noah will have to kill her; what will he tell Claire? Speaking of the cheerleader, she’s watching this whole thing on a monitor and grabs Angela so that they can go save the day. Sylar manages to intercept though and makes Claire choose to save either her grandmother or her father. She runs to level 5. Noah tells Meredith to press her palms to the glass in order to weaken it so that he can shoot through it. She does so, and the glass weakens but not enough. Claire takes a running jump and breaks through, but Meredith won’t leave. Her powers are too out of control, but Claire promises to come back for her.

    In the library, Angela confesses that she isn’t Sylar’s mother; she wanted him to work for the company as a killer because she’s a monster too. He screams, wondering if there is any good in the world and she tells him that she knows who his real parents are. Now he knows that she’s telling the truth, and she tells him that if he kills her, he’ll never know. While Sylar is preoccupied, he never hears Claire sneak up and stab him through the back of the brain with a piece of glass. He goes down and she runs to save her mother. The power of fire is too out of control through, and Claire is forced to leave her. Angela, Noah, and Claire all watch as Primatech burns to the ground.

    End of Volume three!

    Volume four: Fugitives

    3 weeks later, DC

    Nathan is in a car with a man who has a file on all the people with abilities. Nathan is asking the man to help him round up all of these people into a facility where they can't hurt anyone. And he's requesting this of the President. Who is...hey, a black guy!

    To be continued in February 2009!

    So, what did you think? How can the writers kill off Sylar? I know that a lot of you lamented that after last week’s episode he wasn’t scary anymore; now he’s dead. Do you have any regrets? (Do you ever think that he’s really dead?) I was sad to see Meredith go, but who’s to say she’s dead either. The prospect of Volume Four looks good, and with some original staff members back in the writers room, my hope is rekindled. Do you plan on giving Fugitives a chance? Leave me your TwoCents in the comments, or feel free to shoot me an email! Until February!

  2. i will definitely be giving "fugitives" a chance. this was a great episode.

    i don't care how awful sylar gets, i still love him, and i really hope he isn't dead.

    when hiro punched not-nikki, i cheered. 'bout time.

    nathan sucks. sucks.

    can't wait for january!


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