Friday, September 28, 2007

"Ugly Betty" Recap & Review - "How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Ugly Betty
"How Betty Got Her Grieve Back"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

Uh, No habla Espagnol, what am I watching. It's Betty, Henry (her ex-boyfriend who left her because he might have knocked up another woman), and that supposedly knocked up woman but they all are dressed funny in a funny atmosphere ..... Oh! It was a dream! Betty fell asleep in front of the TV again according to her nephew Justin. Phew! I thought Ugly Betty turned into a cheap Spanish Soap Opera for a moment. I can't understand Spanish and I don't think I could've kept up with the subtitles for that long. I almost ditched the show altogether, thank you very much.

Anyway, there's no cereal and no milk because Betty has run ragged trying to keep everything at Mode and home running smoothly. She forgot to go the store to pick up the groceries last night. Justin is carted off to day camp on an empty stomach.

Eeekkkkkk!! How does a woman blow up like a balloon in like three weeks. Amanda must've been living off pure sugar from the contents in her drawer. Marc discovers the ugly truth by leaning over the desk and pulling the drawer open himself. Marc needs Fashion Rehab himself, so I don't know what he is getting all snarky about. It turns out that Kristina found an old, hidden, secret birth certificate of Amanda's showing that Fey is Amanda's bio-mommy. But, who is the bio-daddy? Gad-zooks it could be anyone, but dear God not Bradford Meade, not after all the times she's slept with Daniel......*shivers in disgust*.

Hilda is held up in her room with Santos, he's gotten up and taken a shower, but he shouldn't have with the bandages wrapped around his stomach. Hilda tries on her wedding dress for Santos, as Santos reads his wedding vows to Hilda. One problem, Santos died in that convenience store hold-up...three weeks ago. Hilda is just now saying it out loud, she's devastated, but she's accepting it, now.

There are certain things a child should never be lied to about.....however, after Amanda sees her parents with another couple, all in their bathrobes....I think Fey giving Amanda to them as a baby, is the least of her problems.

Willy's found her favorite fashion evil twin, Justin....and they both subscribe the Coco Channel's believe of “..taking off the last thing you put on”. Later, Willy doesn't fall for Claire's ploy to get her out of Mode so she can meet up with Bradford. Poor Marc got hurt, after begging not to be, by Claire's newest best friend, you know - the one that escaped with her and calls her 'fish' all the time.

Guilt-ridden Daniel cannot bring himself to go into Alexis' ICU room, where she lays in a coma. But, he helps Betty say good-bye to Henry, by taking her to symbolically bury all the things she's collected during her relationship with Henry. Daniel decides to bury his pills with all of Henry things...because he blames himself for putting Alexis in the hospital in the first place. Daniel finally goes in to say how much he is sorry for getting Alexis hurt. Alexis comes around...except, she has amnesia and doesn't remember changing from Male-to-Female and is under the diluted believe that she's still 'Alex'.

I'll be watching next week, even if it is to see Rebecca Romijn feel herself up and act like an adolescent male about it.

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