Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Bionic Woman" Recap & Review - "Pilot"

Bionic Woman

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Gargy - TwoCents Staff Writer

We open up to it being a really early and bad morning, 2am is an un-Godly like hour. I guess Sarah Corvis' (the first and original Bionic Woman, played by Katee Sackhoff) bionics must've all come online all at once. Probably before even waking up from her surgery, given her bloody face, blood dripping down off the ends of her hair, and most obvious her hospital gown, that I still can figure out how they managed to get it to stay shut in the back. The blood came from five doctor type guys, they had doctor lab coats on, and all of them dead. She's obsessed with being told by the men in her life (i.e. Jae Kim, played by Will Yun Lee) to say they love her. Sometimes right before they have to put a bullet into your gut and then, from what I am guessing, in your frontal lobe.

Jamie Sommer's (Michelle Ryan) severing up the drinks at her bartending job. She comes home with a not-so-happy look on her face to find her law-breaking, internet obsessed sister, Becca (Lucy Hale), dead asleep on the couch, it must be like 3AM and you know it'll be another two hours before Jamie is able to go to sleep. It's just after 8AM - what the hell is that God-Awful music blaring for? Oh, Becca is trying to hide the fact that she's online again. FYI: Don't dangle the laptop out the window and leave your ethernet connection in the room. The court order says you can have a computer, you just you can't get online.

The show takes place in San Fransisco. We are now looking at Dr. Will Anthros' (Chris Bowers) slide show on his lecture about Bio-Ethics (including bowling ball sized breast enhancements) that he and his college class will be exploring this semester. How the hell does a 39 year old Surgeon/Professor go out with 24 year old Jaime, much less have the time to even meet her in the first place? They are at dinner together. Blah! Blah! Jamie's pregnant, Will loves and wants to marry her and they discuss this on the car ride home...ah, yes finally the hit-n-run, sending Will and Jamie upside down across the intersection to hit a pole. They were hit by Sarah Corvis driving a big rig that used to belong to a guy she killed an hour before by snapping his neck.

Now we're all in some kind of secret facility where Will proves that Bio-Ethics mean nothing to him at all by performing the life saving surgery to replace Jamie's right eye, right ear, right arm, and both of her legs. In the accident, Jamie lost the baby. Jamie freaks when she first awakes, after Will explains the whole thing and she sees her legs for the first time. It's before the Antrotrobes (the secret behind bionics) have a chance to replace the skin over her legs - leaving the bionics exposed. Will ends up with a badly fractured wrist, after Jamie shoves him off her, with her bionic arm, into a plate glass observation window across the room. Somehow, that arms heals itself in like 3 whole days. Nurse gives Jaime a shot and it's night-night time again. Jaime re-wakens to find out it wasn't a dream, rolls back over depressed. Debating takes place among those that run this facility. Ruth Treadwell (Molly Price), who appears to be second-in-command of the facility and the head psychologist, goes and retrieves Jae Kim, the man that played house with Sarah Corvis and would be in-charge of training Jamie. They meet with Jaime and they all disagree, on whether or not it's advisable to have Jamie working for them as a solider. Also, it appears that Jamie's IQ is slightly higher than Jonas' (Miguel Ferrer), the head of the entire facility. Jonas questions Will's use of bionics for Jaime and Will responds "You would have done the same thing." Jonas tells Will about how his wife slowly died over an agonizing two year period, knowing he could save her by giving her bionics also, but he didn't because it wasn't part of the mission. Now that's the proper use of Bio-Ethics.

Will frees Jamie by helping her escape from the facility, Ruth agrees to gain Jamie's loyalty you must give her freedom, or at least the allusion of it. As Jamie is fleeing, her bionic legs activate. Cool graphics but it really didn't do much for showing the bionics themselves, and she goes from like 4 MPH to like 60 MPH.

Jamie gets home and it looks oddly sexual as she sits in the shower weeping. She gives props to Spider-Man by leaping from one roof to another across the street, almost not making it. She comes back home to find a pissed Becca who doesn't believe the lie (created by the group at the facility, that she went on an impromptu ski trip where Will busted his arm crashing into a tree). Becca demands the truth and Jaime says she's not allowed to tell her.

Jamie heads off and finds Will at his apartment. They have a conversation, they have sex, he gets shot after getting re-dressed. This is the cool part, Jamie uses her bionic-eye (that came online earlier when she was at work at the bar and met up with Sarah face to face who tried to help her through it) to look out through the bullet hole in the window into the rainy night to zoom in on Sarah, holding the rifle she used to shoot Will with. After rolling Will to safety, Jamie takes off after Sarah, and Jae Kim (searching for Sarah)runs up to the roof to find that Sarah can't shoot him - could this be because they still love each other!?

The show-down between Sarah and Jamie begins after a long old, don't need this crap diatribe. They both kick some serious bionic ass, but they get interrupted by a spot light on a helicopter. Sarah leaps from the building and disappears.

All of sudden, it's morning and still raining. Will is being loaded up into an ambulance as Jonas looks on. Jamie approaches Jonas and agrees to work with them but under her own terms. Yeah right! She's never served in the military before...walking dead!?

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