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"The Office" Recap & Review - "Fun Run"

The Office
"Fun Run"

Original Air Date: September 27, 2007

KP - TwoCents Head Writer

Right off the bat we find out one of our burning questions - what's the deal with Michael and Jan. Michael sits and eats his breakfast that Jan made for him. Well, it's really just a bowl of cereal and umm, Jan didn't prepare it, but she did buy the milk! Michaels heads off to work, leaving Jan still asleep in the bed, and while talking to the camera in his car pulls into the Dunder Mifflin Parking lot and BLAMO!! Drives right into Meredith! No, not her car - HER!

After the musical opening we see our friend Omi back as Sadiq the IT Guy, just as he promised in his interview with us! Pam has a virus on her PC because she tried to purchase a celebrity sex tape! This really is the new Pam! Jim tells the camera that he dumped Karen in NYC right after the interview and she refused to leave her job - the next day her desk was empty. Jim is single and looking. Cut to Pam telling the camera that they went to dinner a few times so she could help Jim get through his breakup. They are good friends. Does anyone really believe this? NOT KEVIN!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" he says. A GREAT Kevin scene, with some Oscar thrown in. Kevin is SURE they are hooking up!

Cut to Michael walking into the office to tell them the bad news (in a way that really makes Stanley steamed) that Meredith is in the hospital with a crack in her pelvis but she's going to be ok. Michael admits that he was the one who hit her and the Pam just says "Oh, Michael.."

Pam is organizing people to go see Meredith at the hospital. Kevin "bets" she'll ask Jim to go. Angela says she can't go because she needs to go home and take care of her sick cat named Sprinkles. The other cats won't keep her company because there is "bad blood - cliques!" Pam attacks Angela saying she's the head of the Party Planning Committe and should doing this! What's with Pam? Angela agrees to go and asks Dwight to go do the 37 things needed to tend to this sick cat. Michael suggests planting a tree in memory and Pam yells at him talking over him giving her own ideas. What the?

At the hospital Michael does his thing. You know - knocking out her IV, trying to climb on her for a hug, demanding she forgive him. Kevin shines again as he slow claps for the nurse putting the IV back in. Creed does his thing - he asks what kind of drugs Meredith's on!

Dwight returns and, without a shade of compassion, tells Angela that Sparklers, oops, I mean Sprinkles is dead. AND she's in the freezer because of the smell. Sprinkles is the last straw for Michael. He's now convinced that the office is cursed and who does he blame? Yeah, that's right - Toby!

After a really uncomfortable religion discussion in the conference room (including Creed's thoughts on Cults, a great line by Sadiq and Michael trying to think up cool looking animal gods to worship), Dwight talks about being a farmer, you have to help animals without the will to live to end their lives. Meredith tells him to not unplug her!

Dwight returns from the hospital to inform Michael that Meredith had a rabies shot, so it was good she was in the hospital. So Michael, of COURSE, now believes hitting her with his car was a GOOD thing and sends them all home to rest. Pam drives away, alone and Kevin (hiding in his car to watch) finally admits maybe they aren't. It's a shame because PB&J (Pam Beesly and Jim) are good together. A nice shout out to JAM fans! However.... under a voice over of Pam saying she's not seeing anyone, she pulls up to a curb and who gets in the car? Jim of course! He leans over for a litle smootch and they are off!

Michael announced his Fun Run for the cure of rabies. Including T-shirts and write bands ("Support the Rabid") which you can buy on's store. Angela shows us pictures of her with Sprinkes. Then the film crew gets Jim and Pam into the conference room to make them address the car kiss! Jim and Pam both try to play it off and then the new bold Pam blurts out.. "because we're dating". Some really silly happy smiles and the JAM fans are happy!

The run was the last 20 minutes. Deydration, carb loading, Pam and Jim walking hand in hand, Dwight and Angela fighting, Andy's chaffing, Kevin running in his shirt and tie, Creed/Oscar/Stanley getting a cab to go for drinks, Toby running it as a real race, appearances by some favorites such as Bob Vance and Billy Merchant! A fun race!

A GREAT returning episode! I'm always afraid I'll be let down with things I really enjoy watching but The Office has yet to do it!

My question to you all - do you like the stronger Pam? Or do we miss the shy Pam?

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  1. I liked the new stronger Pam. And with the exception of one storyline in the season opener, I really enjoyed this episode. It was funny until we learned that Dwight killed Sparkles. To give viewers, especially pet lovers, a mental image of a cat trying to claw its way out of the freezer, went too far in my opinion. Not only is it inhumane, but it will also give pet haters more ideas about ways to torture animals. I hope the animal rights groups lash out at NBC for this.

  2. Agreed, expect the part about Sparkles, which was hil-ar-i-ous. Grow a sense of humor and store it where you currently have your three year's supply of Meow Mix and your back issues of Cat Fancy. In my mind's eye, we'll get to see Sparkles in the freezer on the DVD deleted scenes.

    Admission: I don't hate animals, really.
    Admission: I can tell reality from fiction and I recognize that conflict and bad acts are integral to comedies and dramas.

    Hey, no cats were harmed in the filming of this episode. When I only want to watch good people doing good things, I'll turn on re-runs of Bob Villa fixing a house, which always helps me fall asleep...


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