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"NUMB3RS" Recap & Review - "Trust Metric"

"Trust Metric"

Original Air Date: September 28, 2007

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So, last time we saw the NUMB3RS crew, our "friend" Colby (Dylan Bruno) was found to be a double agent. Don Epps (Rob Morrow) and the crew had to deal with this betrayal personally and professionally.

13 Ships - 16 Miles From Shore - 3 Drugs - 2 Identities

Don is still trying to figure this out and can't stop watching the video interrogation where David (Alimi Ballard) blows his top and tries to attack Colby. Cut to David losing his mind in a pool hall throwing the tough guys around asking if anyone knows some mystery man on a picture he has.

Professor Charlie Epps (David Krumholtz) is actually teaching a class. We don't see this often. Amita (Navi Rawat) and Charlie has a nice kiss - also something we didn't see a lot of lately. Amita fills us in that Charlie hasn't been doing a lot of contract work for the FBI - thus the teaching and kissing.

It seems Megan (Diane Farr) and Larry (Peter MacNicol) are still together, I'm glad to see Larry's trip on the Space Shuttle didn't change that. However they aren't at college, Larry is in a place for meditation and relaxation with Monks, turns out Megan has been doing the same - taking a lot of leave time from work. Having to deal with Colby and her secret work for the Dept of Justice.

Don seems to be the only one still working. He's pouring over the Colby interrogation again and again until Dad (Alan) finally shows up. Alan (Judd Hirsch) lets us all know it's been 5 weeks since the end of last season.

At the Northcom Regional Confinement Facility a 'lawyer' gives Colby the plan that something will happen during transfer, slips him a key, and other plans. Colby wants to make sure the lying for 2 years wasn't for nothing. Yup, the ole stop the convoy trick. Colby has a gun, his friend and fellow traitor (Dwayne - Shawn Hatosy) has one now too. They've escaped!

Charlie has been working on a mathematical process that describes the analysis of friendship dynamics. Don gets the word that Colby has escaped and can't even find his keys. Alan thinks Charlie should help. Colby texts "where are you" to someone on the cellphone he took from the guard.

Megan, David and Don are back together to figure this one out. Charlie and Amida are back at the FBI, and they've even called back Larry from the monastery. The whole team is back - well, except for Colby of course. Megan wants them to delve in to how they feel about this before they can do good work. Don says he feels like it's his fault. Colby texts again - and then Charlie's phone rings... it's Colby!

Charlie gives the phone to Don. Colby spills that he's been working for a guy named Agent Michael Kirkland Counter Intelligence out of D.C. They have been using Colby to give specific info to Dwayne in order to stay with him and find out who Dwayne was answering to in China. And everything was going through the Dept of Justice (DOJ). See a pattern here yet? Problem is Colby can't get to Agent Kirkland anymore (thus the unanswered texts). Side note - Don is actually starting to understand Charlie's math! In doing so, he knows where Colby will come out of hiding. He catches up, but they escape again and of course Don blames himself.

Megan and David show up to find Kirkland. Yup, he's dead. Very dead. Needles all around him. He wasn't killed, he was being tortured and died of a major heartattack. Megan doesn't know what to think (DOJ anyone?). Colby and Dwayne show up on a large freighter and come face to face with Batman! No, it's Val Milmer. Who, with information from the formerly alive Agent Kirkland, knows Colby is a triple agent. Here come the needles. They are about to interrogate Colby the way Jack Bauer likes to. This guy is serious.

Charlie's math has the FBI looking for Chinese freighters. They find the car at a lot of a freighter. It's a govt car! Signed up by Mason Lancer - Special Assitant to the Dept. Attorney General. Yeah, you guessed it - it's Val Kilmer. Don asks point blank. Do we think Colby is a traitor? According to Charlie's Trust Metric, it matches what's in their hearts - they all belive in Colby. (Well, David is still a little unsure.) Kilmer is now in "I'm going to kill you" mode with Colby, but here comes the calvary. Helicopter, speed boats, all kinds of stuff. Reminds me of that big scene in Police Academy 3. Dr. Death Kilmer injects Colby with some of the Potassium Chloride. Before he can push the plunger all the way down, Dwayne shoots Kilmer, one of Kilmer's guys shoots Dwayne, Don shots that guy, David takes out the needle and starts CPR on Colby...

According to Megan the Doctors said Colby's vital signs are getting better, but David sure doesn't feel better about who Colby really is.

This show is smart, witty and has a nice caring feel among the character, I look forward to another season!


  1. Did anyone read the Vanity Fair article on Kilmer? He's mental, yet awesome.

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