Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Gossip Girl" Recap & Review - "The Wild Brunch"

Gossip Girl
"The Wild Brunch"

Original Air Date: September 26, 2007

Alicia - TwoCents Staff Writer

Who’s going to Chuck’s father’s Sunday brunch? Everyone, duh! If you’re “in,” you’re there.

In the cab (from the end of last weeks’ episode) flashback, we see Serena and Dan sit awkwardly. At Serena’s stop, not saying much, she quietly exits the cab. Dan waves and she waves back. In the proceeding scenes, Dan and Jenny go back and forth trying to figure out if Serena blew Dan off. On Serena’s side, she wonders the same thing about him as she sits debating him with her brother in his hospital room.

Blair calls Nate, who wakes up on a couch hung over in Chuck’s hotel room. Blair asks Nate to meet her at the brunch. He agrees, not really relieved. In the meantime, Chuck wakes up in the bed surrounded by women. He gets up sporting a black eye. He and Nate begin to talk about the incident with Dan.

Serena on her way to see Blair calls her and gets a voicemail. Serena asks Blair if they can talk again. On the other side, Blair, sees the message and without hesitation deletes it.

Dan heads over to see Serena wanting to figure out where they stand. Nate, still at the hotel, goes up to Serena’s room and finds Dan waiting for her. The tension between them is fun!

Serena finds Blair who is not happy to see her. Blair ends up blurting out they she knows Serena and Nate had sex. Serena is mortified and leaves.

Jenny enters Blair’s hotel room to ask her if Chuck has been talking badly about her. Blair says that he probably won’t because of the black eye. Blair intrigued about Jenny’s persistence to be in her “rich world” asks if she wants to help her get ready. Jenny goes as far to tell Blair she would disavow Serena if it meant Blair would be her friend.

Nate and Dan talk about Serena’s commitment issues, as Chuck comes out to see Nate. Chuck flips out threatening to “kick his ass.”

Dan and Serena end up running into each other. They coyly agree they want to see each other again. As they talk, Serena’s mom comes back and tells her to go get ready for the brunch. Serena only agrees to go if Dan goes.

At the brunch, Nate asks Serena if they can meet in Chuck’s hotel room to talk. Serena reluctantly agrees. But, before Nate can go up to meet Serena, Blair blocks him wanting to have sex in Chuck’s hotel room.

They go upstairs and run into Serena. A fight between her and Blair starts. Blair ends up running back downstairs to tell Dan about Serena and Nate.

Blair bluntly tells Dan every dirty detail. Dan is visibly sad about what he hears. Chuck then makes a rude comment about Jenny. Dan pushes Chuck and causes a scene. He says sorry to the crowd and bolts.

Serena follows him, but Dan won’t have it. He says they live in different worlds and she agrees. They part on a somber note.

The second episode was written in pure Josh Schwartz fashion. Laughs, chaos, fights, and mystery. Stay tuned…those who live in Gossip Girl’s world are just getting started!

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