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Survivor – Recap & Review – One of Those 'Coach Moments'

Survivor: Tocantins
One of Those 'Coach Moments'

Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Seriously, how many Hidden Immunity Idols are there? Don’t be fooled, like one of the castaways was in this episode. It makes for great television, but someone is going to look a fool. Actually... you know what? I’m OK with that.

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  1. The Top 11 Things I Learned from Survivor

    Tribe Timbira
    Brendan: The REAL leader of the tribe, Brendan is getting sick of Coach and his arrogant craziness (which, when combined, is so annoying I can’t even put it into words). But, he did point out one positive outcome in keeping coach around: he is predictable, and in this game, that is a good thing.

    Sierra: She, too, is over Coach. She is tired of feeding the fire that is his ego. The only problem with her annoyance with Coach is that she expresses it which, in turn, puts her on Coach’s radar.

    Debra: Was she IN this episode? She sure didn’t do much… except say that the beans tasted “funny” (see Coach below).

    Tyson: He had the best line of the night… when, during the Immunity Challenge, he was able to finish his tasks before JT, he offered to jump tribe lines and help and a perfectly condescending way: “I’ll come over and do it for you if you want…”

    Erinn: Poor Erin, since the secret cross-tribal alliance is set and they have both idols, none of the four needed to go back to Exile Island. So, Erinn got picked by Joe to go. Then guess what happened? They started a little secret alliance of their own, sharing the info to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idols (which are gone, but whatever). It will be interesting to see what she does when she figures out that either Brendan or Sierra has the one hidden at her camp.

    Coach: Stupid Coach Move of the Week: he likes his beans cooked a certain way, and when the others don’t cook the beans that way, he complains. So they let him cook the beans and what happens? He doesn’t fully commit and ends up burning up about 1/3 of their supply. Apparently, it’s a 50s sitcom: all beans should be cooked to his liking and someone else needs to do it.

    Tribe Jalapio
    Joe: When he was sent to Exile Island, Joe picked Erinn to join him cause she’s “cute.” Nice. He got the clues and found the Idol. What? I thought Taj already found it? I’ll get to that later. Another thing Joe did – he promised Sydney she’d go to the merge. Hmmmm….

    JT: While looking for an empty bag to go fishing, JT found the poorly hidden Idol that belonged to Taj and Stephen. Stephen played dumb and told Taj that they should let JT in on the secret. So she told him about it, which told JT that she trusted him. Then, he turned around and did a wee bit of scheming with Stephen about sending Taj home… he admitted “I’m going to hell.”

    Stephen: I like the cross-tribe alliance, but this yahoo is getting sneaky. Because the idol is in his pants pocket, he says he owns it. I don’t feel the same. He also tried to talk JT into voting Taj out… the woman who got him where he is. Not cool. The one thing he did that I liked was talk Taj into fashioning a fake Hidden Immunity Idol for Joe to find when he got back from Exile. Smooth.

    Taj: She made a fake Idol for Joe to find… and he totally took the bait. Then, she almost had a mutiny on her hands: Joe and Sydney decided to vote for her, and her alliance with weaselly little Stephen almost blew up in her face. But in the end, she only got the two votes from Joe and Sydney. She needs to not be so trusting in the future, or she’ll get in trouble.

    Sydney: To my friend Jeff, I apologize. He was only watching the show for Sydney… and now she’s outta here, and I’m sure Jeff will stop watching.

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? I’m I the only one who wishes Taj would have chosen JT over Stephen in the first place? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy Jeff a condolence card.

    Next Week: The Dragon Slayer

  2. DAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN ITTTTTTTTT! Someone tell me how this season turns out. I'm done!


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