Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some Criminal Minds Writers Not Returning for Season Five

This week in the Criminal Minds world, we have lost some of our own. Letters of goodbye are slowly trickling out over at Criminal Minds Fanatic Blog, informing us that some of our beloved writers will not be returning to the show for season five. Some are citing budget cutbacks, while others simply state that they are moving on.

Holly Harold, Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin are the most recent to make the announcement. Before them, we heard from Deb Fisher (Natural Born Killer, Birthright, et al.) and Andrew Wilder (L.D.S.K., Elephant's Memory, et al.), who have both been long time fan favorites and with the show since season one.

To the writers we've loved and lost, you will be greatly missed. Thanks for the good times.

...Or maybe I should say gruesome times. Either way, thanks. We wish you the best in whatever life brings you next.

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  1. This makes me incredibly sad, because while I won't miss Harold's writing much, Fisher and Wilder are both extremely talented and have enriched the series so much. Who knows, maybe Harold would have improved with time.

    I would like to see what the powers that be have to say on the official website. And I hope we don't continue to get goodbyes. TV shows stopped filming during the writer's strike; I can't imagine they'll do much better if they're down to a skeleton crew.

  2. So far, I haven't seen any new goodbye letters since posting this, but I'm still holding my breath.

    I feel exactly the same way, though. If you've read my reviews, Harold was certainly not a favorite of mine, but she barely got a chance to even try to prove herself as a long-term writer, and either way it's sad to see someone who works on a show I love so much leave. I sincerely hope that they at least let Bruner give it a few more shots, as Bloodline is still one of my favorite episodes of the season so far, and it would be a shame not to see more from him.

    I am the most bothered by the loss of Wilder and Fisher, though, and I hope they don't continue to let writers go who have been such important players from the very start of the series. It's sad.

    I am definitely awaiting an official statement, but so far, CMFB is the only one who seems to have the story. Considering their connection with the show, I completely trust it, but I would love to hear from CBS.

  3. This news makes me sad.


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