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Dollhouse - Recap & Review - Needs


Original Air Date: Apr 3, 2009

Angelique – Associate Staff Writer

Everybody has needs... apparently ‘dolls’ have needs too. Paul wakes up from a confusing and strange dream. He was dreaming that Caroline showed up at his door telling him that he has something that she needs and how she has something that he needs. And that they should help each other.

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  1. Everybody has needs apparently ‘dolls’ have needs too. Paul wakes up from a confusing and strange dream. He was dreaming that Caroline showed up at his door telling him that he has something that she needs and how she has something that he needs. And that they should help each other.

    The theme of this episode obviously is needs, and in a way we find out what the needs are of some of the dolls. Since the dolls where affected by the drugs as well as the regular staff even though at first they believed that the dolls wouldn’t be affected since the way their brain works isn’t the same as a normal brain. Adelle wants to find out how to prevents something similar from happening again since it is a threat to the dollhouse. Adelle has called a meeting with the handlers because they have been seeing changes in the dolls. And changes in the dolls threaten them, or at least they threaten the dollhouse. Which is Adelle’s main concern, if the house is unstable another situation like the one with Alpha might arise. During the meeting Adelle tells the handlers that they should tell Dominic if they see a change in their actives, and that they will be taken care of and if needed they would be possibly send to the attic.

    She wants everyone to be on the lookout for strange unauthorized behavior. Topher has a plan, but Dr. Saunders isn’t happy about it since it involves messing with the medication the actives are receiving and their sleeping patterns which is when they are most vulnerable. Eventually we see that Dr. Saunders is the one who comes up with the plan which is put into motion.

    That night the group of Dolls wake up, completely disoriented in their as Echo puts it ‘five star floor coffin’. They know their old names and basic information but other then that their memories are still blank. Within seconds it is clear that they are the persons they where before they became dolls but other than that they don’t remember anything. In a matter of minutes the strangest ideas about the room where they found themselves are flying around.

    The doors to the room open and they notice that there are others around, who seem happy or at least content with the whole situation. They agree to stay silent, blend in till they can figure out where they are and why they are there and how to escape. Echo, Sierra, Victor and November are planning to escape from the dollhouse first chance they get. Originally there where 5 of them but ‘Mike’ was captured and he received a treatment.

    Sierra and Victor run away together, they make it to a level above the Dollhouse where they wait for Echo and November to join them. As they are fleeing through the hallways of the building they make some startling discoveries. November aka Mellie finds out that she has a daughter named Katie. And Sierra finds out that a couple of men came for her with guns and took her to the Dollhouse. A guy named Nolin was the one who took her.

    They escape and make it to the garage, Victor retrieves the keys to one of the SUV’s and when they are about to escape Echo gets out of the car and tells the others that they just escaped from a peoples’ warehouse. She tells them that she wants to go back inside and deal with it once and for all. Victor, Sierra and November escape as planned, they first go after Nolin first. Sierra says that she knows where to find him, however they have been driving around for a while. November retrieves some of her memories and decides to separate from the others and tries to find her daughter.

    Sierra succeeds in finding the man who put her in the Dollhouse, it was a man who couldn’t handle that she didn’t want sex with him. That was his main reason to send her to the Dollhouse.

    Meanwhile at the Dollhouse Echo has cut the power, and she made her way to Topher’s office. She wants answers, she wants to know about the Dollhouse, the chair and the treatment. She forces Topher to take place in the chair, when Adelle steps in stops them.

    No matter how you put it and no matter in what state of mind both Sierra and Victor seem to be connected. Adelle claims that Caroline made her own choice and that Adelle merely offers her a way to deal with life when she wasn’t able to deal with it herself. Topher claims that the dolls memories will be restored once their contract is up and that they will receive a great deal of money for their hard work. But then again how do you remember that your contract is fulfilled when you don’t have memories. To me that sounds like an empty hollow promise.

    Dr. Saunders figured that the dolls who where acting out needed closure. She figured that if they gave it to them that they would be able to return back to their normal ‘doll’ state after a treatment. So everyone has their own needs, November needed to deal with her past the death of her daughter. Sierra with the man who hurt her and put her in the dollhouse program. Victor has a crush on Sierra and he needed to get the girl. Echo on her turn wants to safe everyone in the dollhouse from an anonymous future. Adelle gives her the opportunity to lead all the dolls towards the exit of the building. Once they completed their need they lost consciousness and where picked up by handlers so that they could return them to the dollhouse and give them their treatment.

    So in the end all is well in the dollhouse, Adelle is still in charge and able to do whatever she wants. After all the dolls won’t remember what happens to them either way.

    I guess that this episode showed us what we wanted to see, I mean putting people in a confined space, taking away their memories and lives. All we want to see is them kicking the people who put them their to the curb and escaping and in a way that is what Joss Whedon gave us. And is say that in his own twisted way he gave us what we wanted and managed to capture the deviousness behind the whole idea of a dollhouse as well. And that in my opinion gave us again an episode which topped the last.


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