Monday, April 6, 2009

The Tudors - Recap & Review - Episode 3.1

The Tudors
“Episode 3.1”

Original Air Date: April 5, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Welcome to London, 1536. We begin with our King marrying Jane Seymour. But what else does season three of the Tudors have in store for us? Keep reading to find out!

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  1. Now with his new marriage to Jane, both of his other daughters have been deemed illegitimate. Thus, the new queen needs to crank out some kids fast. Seems like Spain is anxious to have daughter Mary back in the King’s good favors and the new queen seems to be semi into it. The King details the awesome coronation he is planning and the Queen brings up him forgiving Mary. He walks over to her, and whispers in her ear, to never bring Mary up again. Clearly, the King knows what he wants and doesn’t want to talk about it.

    Soon we meet some new guy with an eye patch- Sir Francis Bryan who is also dispatched to visit daughter Mary. The King is playing hardball and wants her to sign a document that basically has her revoke the Catholic Church, and her mom and dad’s original marriage, and confirms her illegitimacy (and any right to the thrown).

    Mary’s last hope was the Spanish Ambassador, but now that there is a new Queen, Spain basically doesn’t even want to help Mary anymore. A few people tell Mary that the King may just put her to death if she doesn’t sign. And she finally decides to sign. She is obviously not happy about it though. When the King gets the signed document he wants a secret meeting with him and the queen at Mary’s residence. The king seems to receive Mary well- gives her money and says she should call her father- not majesty.

    After his visit to Mary, Sir Francis wastes no time summoning a new girl at court to his quarters- he asks straight up if she will be his mistress. She replies that she is already engaged, and she tells him, so he asks if her fiancé can give her gifts like the pimp necklace he gives her. She plays coy and says she hasn’t decided yet. OH yeah he gets some booty!

    The separation from the Roman Catholic Church continues in England under Secretary Cromwell. Abbeys are raided in Northern England and looted by King’s commissioners. Some of the locals are very unhappy at this and one of the local leaders holds a rally with a lot of common folk who all have some weapons and stuff. The people are pissed that their holidays are revoked, abbeys are looted, etc, and they are talking about serious rebellion. The leader who is speaking is- at first- not really into a rebellion. But he prays on it and decides to help lead the rebellion. They start handing out weapons and rebellion patches (with the Cross on it-of course) and they begin their pilgrimage, as they call it.

    Meanwhile, Jane’s brother gets a fatty promotion which is always good. Cromwell also gets promoted for his awesome job rooting out the Catholics (or so it seems). Cromwell’s promotion basically makes him the 2nd most powerful man in England- 2nd only to the King himself. But then again he also doesn’t know there is an uprising brewing and that’s about to throw a major monkey wrench in his promotion party. Some of the king’s commissioners get to London to tell Cromwell of the rebellion. The King is pissed- the King has Cromwell write a declaration demanding the rebellion stop. Cromwell is embarrassed of course- this kind of ruins his promotion victory- and the rebels are getting ready to march on and fight. And they’ve got a pretty big common army. The rebels take Lincoln and begin their march on York.

    The King appoints his friend, Charles, commander of the royal army and instructs him to ride against the rebellion and crush it. The king tells Cromwell that if his army does not succeed he will destroy everything in the north to punish the rebels, and he will destroy Cromwell, too.


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