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Survivor – Recap & Review – The Strongest Man Alive

Survivor: Tocantins
The Strongest Man Alive

Original Air Date: March 5, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

My Dearest Timbira Tribe: How are things? I have a favor to ask. Could you please vote out Coach as soon as you get a chance? That would be awesome. And while you’re at it, could you make it a spectacular blindside? Thanks! Heart, Rachel.

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  1. The Top 13 Things I Learned on Survivor

    Tribe Timbira
    Debra: She didn’t get much screen-time this episode, but declared a no-competition day “Relaxing Day” at camp. Whatever... you just TRY to relax in the Brazilian Highlands, missy!

    Brendan: He was officially voted “Tribe Leader,” also known as “Guy with Bullseye on Back.” Oh, and remember the cross-tribe alliance with Taj? Too bad Brendan didn’t get a chance to clue Sierra in on the plan. Oops.

    Sierra: Not knowing anything about the cross-tribe alliance, when Sierra was chosen to go to Exile Island, she didn’t know to pick Stephen. Luckily, she picked Taj to go again. If she had picked anyone else, it would have been disastrous. Taj was able to explain the plan and Sierra said “I just got goosebumps.” Me, too!

    Tyson: The that things that defined Tyson this episode are as follows: (1) He could care less who is the “leader” of the tribe, (2) he made his buff into a loincloth and paraded around camp, and (3) he want’s to vote out Erinn just to see a Tribal Council freak-out.

    Erinn: Girl ain’t fittin’ in. Seems that Erinn went through the Breakup of the Century just before coming on Survivor, and that breakup damaged her so much she can’t properly communicate or connect with the other tribe members. This is going to be a problem. The one thing going for her? She can’t stand Coach.

    Coach: Mad that Erinn said Brendan is a better leader than himself (he is, you idiot!), Coach decided to target Erinn for elimination. And since she hasn’t really bonded with her teammates, she could have been in real danger. Good thing Timbira won Immunity this time around.

    Tribe Jalapio
    JT: I really like this guy! First off, in the Reward Challenge, he tied Rupert’s record of 240 pounds of weight piled up on his shoulders. Rupert! Then, as he took advantage of the Reward itself (a raid of the opposing tribes campsite), he was smart about it and only took one bag of beans and one water can. That way, if the tribes ever get mixed-up, any Jalapio members who go to the Timbira camp won’t be without food and water. PLUS - that move also made him look kind-as-all-get-out to Timbira. Smooth.

    Joe: The only memorable thing Joe did this week was go on the raid with JT. That and flirted up a storm with Sydney.

    Spencer: He mentioned that he is worried about the toll Exile Island is taking on Taj (she’s been there three times now). That’s really all he did this week. That and flirted up a storm with Sydney, too.

    Stephen: Thinking that he was going to Exile Island (all part of the plan, my pretty), he was shocked when Sierra picked Taj. That’s really all he did this week. That and (say it with me, kids) flirted up a storm with Sydney.

    Taj: After explaining to Sierra the whole cross-tribe alliance thingy, Taj figured out that the Hidden Immunity Idol was hidden by Tree Mail. She didn’t have time before Tribal Council to get it, though, but it’s OK – she isn’t in any danger. Yet.

    Sydney: Sandy is getting on Sydney’s nerves. Actually, Sandy is getting on everyone’s nerves, but so is Sydney. Actually, Sydney is getting on the girl’s nerves, not so much they boys, what with the hotness and all.

    Sandy: She is just tacky and annoying everybody, so it’s no surprise when she is voted out. Well, no surprise to everyone but herself. She thought that Sydney was going to go home, but we’ve got to keep around some eye-candy for the fans at home. (Jeff – I’m looking at you!)

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? Are you as excited as I am for this cross-tribe alliance? Seriously, how delusional is Coach? Give us your Two Cents... We’ll help with Coach’s psychiatric co-pay.

  2. Good riddance, Sandy. Can I trade you and almost everyone else on the show for just ONE MORE WEEK with Carolina in her bathing suit?


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