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Ghost Whisperer - Recap & Review - Delusions of Grandview

Ghost Whisperer
"Delusions of Grandview"

Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2009

Lynn – Senior Reviewer

Sam spends the day with Melinda to try and understand the whole ghost-whispering thing. They visit a mental hospital that was renovated and turned into an elementary school, where Mel finds that some of the patients have yet to leave.


  1. For Melinda to investigate the ghosts haunting the school, she and Sam act as soon-to-be parents who ask to take a tour of the school.

    They enter one classroom of kindergarteners who form a circle around one of the ghosts we saw earlier and begin to sing a song in French with her. The teacher is clueless, telling them that she didn't teach them the song.

    Eli managed to get the records from the mental hospital the ghosts are from. Melinda identifies the woman she saw as Greer Clarkson, who wrote in her therapy journal about how she drowned her baby. Eli says the symptoms are of postpartum psychosis. She died years earlier, although her cause of death isn't listed in the file.

    Back at the kindergarten, a student has written on the board "I will be quiet when I am dead." When the teacher goes to get the principal, she comes back to find the children have disappeared.

    Melinda and Sam are heading for the school when they hear about the missing kids. However, just a few minutes later, they're found in the village square. Melinda sees they're singing with Greer again, and confronts the ghost, asking why she led the students to the park. Greer says she doesn't want to hurt them, but she's trying to "keep them away"--to protect them.

    Melinda and Sam venture into the tunnels, which can lead directly from the kindergarten classroom to the village square. Melinda has a vision of Greer in electroshock therapy, and Dr. Byrd, who gave it to her. The electrocution is what killed her.

    Mel is afraid she's scared off Sam with her seizure-looking vision and the tunnels and all of the ghost-seeing.

    He assures her that he'll stick around. As they research more on Greer Clarkson, they find that her son is still alive, even though the records say she drowned him. They go to visit him. He says that she told her husband to take her to the asylum, even though she didn't do anything. She only had "dark thoughts."

    Eli checks and finds that there's no mention of Dr. Byrd in the hospital records for the last 20 years it was open, which was when Greer was admitted. He also explains to Delia what electroshock therapy does: it suppresses the cognitive part of the brain. So maybe Dr. Byrd wasn't real.

    Ah, but he was! At one point. Delia and Eli find a picture of Dr. Byrd from 1922, looking the same as he did in Melinda's vision, which took place sometime after 1956. They conclude that Greer's mind was rewired from the therapy and therefore she could see Dr. Byrd's ghost, and he was just seriously messing with her head (e.g. making her think she drowned her kid), by whispering in her ears.

    Melinda and Jim go back to the tunnels, where they find Greer. Greer explains she's trying to protect the children from Dr. Byrd, and what he tries to whisper in people's ears. Even after Greer realizes she didn't really hurt her son, she says she can't go into the light because of her friends in the tunnels: the other ghost patients from the beginning of the episode.

    Sam gets frustrated at this point with Melinda, asking why she just has to do this, and why the ghosts just can't cross themselves into the light. Melinda tells him he's just done trying to understand. And then she bursts into her explanation about how Sam isn't Sam, but Jim, and that's why the memories he had weren't making sense. I was kind of relieved she finally told him, but I agree with what Eli said later: mainly, it wasn't the right place or time. Sam doesn't believe her, and he leaves.

    Mel comes back to the tunnels with Eli, where Greer leads them to the other ghosts of patients, where they defy Dr. Byrd and go into the light. Hooray!

    Back at Mel's house, Sam tells Melinda he thinks she whispered in his ear, like Dr. Byrd, while he was in the hospital after the accident and she was always there. He goes on to say (phrased delicately) that he thinks she's crazy. Mel tells him to leave, and he does.

    This episode made me sad, but next week's episode looks promising, at least. So, what did you think? Share your two cents!

  2. the end when Sam is telling her that he thinks Melinda was whispering in his you think that crazy-Byrd is the one getting into Sam/Jim's mind? Byrd is going to do some crazy sh#@, I think!

  3. what was the name of the song???


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