Monday, March 23, 2009

The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Alright Guys, We're at War! (India)

The Amazing Race
Alright Guys, We're at War! (India)

Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2009

Rachel – Sr Managing Editor

A flight to India, painted elephants, a red phone, kicking camels, honking horns, wild monkeys… my typical Saturday night? Nope. Just another episode of The Amazing Race!

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  1. The Top 7 Things I Learned on The Amazing Race 14

    Tammy & Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: Talk about sailing through the leg! After the train-wreck that was Romania, the siblings finally have their act together, and even though Victor gets more annoying as the season goes on, they blew through all the tasks that led them to the Pit Stop at the Jaigarh Fort outside of Jaipur, India in 1st place.

    Mel & Mike [Father/Son]: At the Road Block, Mel was chosen to water and feed some camels, which sounds simple enough, right? Well, it was a very physically demanding task, and Mel started to really FEEL all of his 67 years. Mikey thought, perhaps, this would be the end of their tenure on the Race… but what’s that? Mel beat ALL The other teams at the Road Block? Hooray for Mel!! The got to the mat (and Phil) in a solid 2nd place.

    Kisha & Jenn [Sisters]: The sisters ran a pretty solid leg themselves, picking “Shakers” from the Detour choices. They put on traditional India costumes and make-up and danced around with a band as they tried to collect 100 Rupees. On a side note – I bet it was difficult begging for money in such a poverty-stricken country. Kisha (or, as Phil says: “Kisher”) and Jenn arrived at the Pit Stop in 3rd.

    Margie & Luke [Mother/Son]: This was a heart-wrenching leg for my horses. First, at seeing the complete destitution and poverty in India (children eating garbage, etc.), Luke broke down. He has such a tender heart. Then, at the Detour when they picked “Shakers,” the producers cut the music the audience heard and Margie and Luke talk about living in a world with no sound. Luke spoke about how his ears were “broken” and Margie talked about what an inspiration he is to her. At the middle of the pack, they got to the Pit Stop in 4th.

    Cara & Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: The redheads also got a little emotional at seeing the desperate situations some of the people in India are living in. Then the honking started. Apparently, everyone in a car in India honks all the time. It just about drove Jamie crazy. Then, after the Detour, they couldn’t find their cab driver and assumed he drove off with all of their possessions. When he showed back up, boy did they give him a tongue lashing! They got to Phil in 5th.

    Mark & Michael [Brothers/Stuntmen]: The brothers were the only team to pick the “Movers” option at the Detour, and it almost spelled their demise. First of all, they had to move these HUGE barrels of hay from one part of town to another. Did I mention that the barrels were strapped to bikes? Did I mention that the barrels were stacked up “two stuntmen high?” Did I mention that once they got to the delivery location, they had to search through all the hay to find a gold elephant no taller than this paragraph? Yeah. Luck is still with these two, as they arrived at the Pit Stop in 6th… just steps ahead of Christie and Jodi.

    Christie & Jodi [Flight Attendants]: Arriving last at the Pit Stop in Siberia, the friends faced a Speed Bump heading into this leg which would make it even that much harder to remain in the race. The Speed Bump itself was very cool: They got to paint an elephant for a traditional Indian parade at a temple. But in the end, they got to Phil in last place and were eliminated from the race. Farewell, sweet flight attendants. We enjoyed our time with you!

    What do YOU think? Did the right team go home? Who is your pick to win? How cool is Phil? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll convert it to Rupees and give it to the best dancer here in the office.

    Next Week: Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla??? (Thailand)


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