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Desperate Housewives - Recap & Review - A Spark. To Pierce the Dark

Desperate Housewives
A Spark. To Pierce the Dark

Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2009

Annette – TwoCents Reviewer

“Life is full of nasty shocks…” So says Mary Alice at the beginning of this week’s episode. A few of our housewives get some little shocks, unfortunately, one housewife gets a very big shock.

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  1. “Life is full of nasty shocks…” So says Mary Alice at the beginning of this week’s episode. A few of our housewives get some little shocks, unfortunately, one housewife gets a very big shock.

    The drama over the faxed newspaper article continues. The newspaper office finally sends it to Edie, but surprise, her fax machine has no paper. When she finally does get paper, Mrs. McClusky invites her over for a drink, so still no fax. (At this point I’m wondering if she’ll ever get it, and as some reviewers have remarked – why fax? Anyone ever heard of e-mail?). In perfect timing that could only happen on television, she gets the fax (40 minutes into the episode) and sends Dave a text message (“I KNOW EVERYTHING. COME HOME NOW. EDIE”), which he gets just as he’s pulling the trigger on his rifle with Katherine in his sights. The phone ring startles him, and the shot goes wide hitting a tree. The trio decide to head home. When Edie confronts Dave, he tells her everything and when she tries to call Mike to warn him, he begins to strangle her, but stops just before he kills her. She runs out of the house, jumps in the car and takes off and nearly runs down Orson who’s pulling off a ski mask (???). She swerves, loses control and hits a telephone pole. She survives the crash, but when she gets out of the car, she steps into a puddle and the live power line hits the car. Zap – Edie goes down. But, we see her fingers twitch at the very end and “to be continued…”

    So why, do you ask, is Orson in the street in the middle of the night with a ski mask on? Well, he finally tells Bree that he’s stealing because he feels emasculated by the success of her business. To save their marriage, Bree decides to sell, and then Orson gets even creepier, telling the buyer that her sole ambition now is to be Mrs. Orson Hodge. (So, I know we time jumped 5 years ahead this season, but when did Orson revert 50 years?) After speaking with Andrew, Bree changes her mind. She tells Orson that he may need to steal, but he’s not going to steal her company. So later that night he goes off in a snit and tries to break into someone’s home. Unfortunately, that someone is a little old lady wielding a mean baseball bat. He flees and runs out in front of Edie’s car.

    The story of Lucy continues (but no Jessie, unfortunately). Turns out, she’s kind of a bitch – making everyone work nights and missing important family time and then flipping out on Lynette for touching her “imported figurines.” (Wait, didn’t psycho Kathy Bates from Misery have a figurine collection? We know how well that turned out…) While Gaby and her daughters are visiting Carlos in the office, Lynette sort of encourages the girls to play with Lucy’s figurines (and by encourage, I mean she pushes them into Lucy’s office). Lucy wigs out, assumes the girls belong to the Hispanic cleaning lady and starts screaming at her. When Carlos sees how she treats other people, he decides maybe she’s not right for the company after all. Looks like we’ve seen the end of Lucy and as Lynette said to Lucy: “Don’t forget your little animals.” (Brilliant! You gotta love Lynette’s resourcefulness.)

    At school, Susan bumps into her ex Karl. He’s just enrolled his son Evan. During art classes, he draws a disturbing bloody murder picture and Susan is concerned (rightly so). When she and the principal talk about it with Karl he flips out tells Susan “bite me” and she ends up throwing paint in his face! After drawing a second disturbing picture, Susan talks to Karl again – turns out his wife (Evan’s mom), walked out on them Evan’s expressing his anger. Susan admits that she always wanted that to happen to Karl after he did it to her and Julie, but after seeing his pain, she just feels bad for him. Another nice moment for Susan (since when is she such a softie sage housewife? First Jessie, now Karl).

    And let’s not forget about Gaby, because she’s certainly upset that Carlos might be forgetting about her. He’s been working so much lately that she makes several attempts to seduce him. (Another scene of Gaby in her lingerie – is there some kind of skin square footage quota the writers are trying to meet? Or did the wardrobe crew find a big sale on lingerie?). Carlos is tired, doesn’t want to have sex – so he tricks her into letting him tie her up (kinky!) – then leaves her there so he can get some sleep in the other room. (Gaby took this pretty well – don’t you think readers? Instead of flipping out, she just asked him to scratch her itchy nose!)

    And my favorite line of the show: Mrs. McClusky to Edie when she finds out Dave went camping: "How fun! Enjoying the great outdoors, gutting a bunch of teenage kids on prom weekend, good for him!"

    OK everybody, time for your input. The rumors have been all over the internet that Nicolette Sheridan is leaving the show – so is she really dead? Her fingers twitched at the end, so is she alive, or was it just a spasm from the electrocution? Are Mike and Katherine going to find out about Dave? Is Dave going to make another attempt on Katherine’s life? Tell me what you think about Bree and Orson. Should they even stay together considering how horrible they’re being to each other? Does anyone see a re-spark for Karl and Susan? Let me know!

  2. ok, so how funny was it when Gaby and Tom were trying to do some gossip-talk? I was thinking ...this would be great since he is staying home now, for him to be inthe ladies-group of gossip! Would be a great spin.
    As for Edie..I hope to God she told someone..anyone...about Dave. Wouldn't you? I mean , if I found out something like that, I would run to a neighbor and say something.
    As for Orson, just when you were understanding where the storyline was going with his problem, it still turns into something I don't like!
    I was surprised they brought back karl, but kinda glad, now that he is done filming Harper's Island. Re-spark?...We will have to wait and see.

  3. I still don't get why Edie called him home ~ you don't get the psycho-killer to come home! You call your girlfriends to come help you pack & you get out of that house before his trip is over. Then you have a massive gab-fest & tell your girlfriends EV.RY.THING.

    (I would vote that she's not dead, but apparently the Powers That Be are pissed about her CLEANING OUT her dressing trailer ... I would say they aren't writing her back in any time soon)

  4. I had not heard that she was cleaning out her trailer! I think that's a pretty good sign there won't be anymore Edie.

    I guess the reason she called Dave home was because she wasn't really sure what he was up to. Only after he confessed that he wants Mike to pay did she really freak out. I thought it was pretty dumb she tried to call Mike right in front of Dave. The smart thing would have been to leave the house and find Mike and tell him in person. Hopefully Edie told someone, but she's not on great terms with everyone, except Mrs. McClusky, but since she always suspected Dave, she probably didn't tell her either.

    I loved the Gaby/Tom scene. It didn't occur to me until that scene that Gaby is the last "housewife" left. Everyone else is working now!

  5. Bella
    when you say "cleaning out her trailer" do you mean she was taking her wardrobe home without permission???
    just curious


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