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Survivor – Recap & Review – The Poison Apple Needs to Go

Survivor: Tocantins
The Poison Apple Needs to Go

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Imagine, if you will, a mud football game played in two feet of water during a rainstorm. How about knocking over a termite hill and eating anything that tries to scurry away. This episode of Survivor had both, plus a possibly game-changing twist was revealed... If you're sent to Exile Island, you can trade tribes! I only hope someone takes the produces up on their offer. I guess we’ll have to keep watching.

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  1. The Top 15 Things I Learned on Survivor: Tocantins

    Tribe Jalapio
    Joe: The episode started with Joe needin’ some protein. The answer? Knock over a termite hill and go at it. Some of the tribe mates joined him, but the rest ran for the hills when Joe and Spence shared a grub. There was much dry-heaving (it’s all they could do – they’re starving!).
    JT: When secret came out about Taj (see below), the Alabama good ole’ boy said that he definitely needs the million more than her. He also settled into a sort or Mentor-Mentee relationship with Stephen as he taught the city kid how to tie a not on the fishing line they won in the Immunity/Reward Challenge. More on that challenge later.
    Spencer: Starving, Spence dug into the termites and grubs. Then he said that Sandy was next to go. That’s all I remember about him.
    Stephen: He admitted that he is a little “smitten” with JT because he’s such a manly-man... the complete opposite of himself. He feels so awkward in the wilds and JT has taught him how to rough it. And then, surprise, surprise: he scores the winning basket in the Immunity/Reward Challenge. Hooray for nerds!
    Sydney: She also scored during the I/RC, which was that brutal water-polo game gone wrong. Let me tell you, there was A LOT of pixelization going on, and I’m not even sure if that is a word!
    Sandy: This is one tough broad. During the I/RC, she simply held on to Erinn’s bikini top so she couldn’t move. Nice. And she had no worries: they won the challenge so she is safe for another few days.
    Taj: Her little secret: She is the wife of Eddie George, former NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner. She recognized that this little piece of information might put a target on her back because she doesn’t need the money. Her answer to that: I need to win. She may have her chance: in a game twist, a person from both tribes got sent to Exile Island to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol. More on that later.

    Tribe Timbira
    Jerry: He just flew under the radar this time, making observations and listening to all the wheeling and dealing going on. His astute observation after watching everyone try to orchestrate a blindside on everyone else: “Things are heating up a little bit.”
    Brendan: He caught two luck breaks in this episode and played them well. First, Sierra confided in him that there is a Hidden Immunity Idol on the beach in order to get his help to find it. He did help, but they didn’t find it. His second break came when, upon losing the I/RC, he was chosen by the other tribe to go to Exile Island (read: Exile Sand Dune in the Desert). He then chose Taj to join him and the game-changing possibilities were revealed: when they got to EI, there were two urns: one with a clue and one with nothing. He luckily got the one with the clue and learned that there was yet another HII at his camp (and, therefore, at the other camp as well). He and Taj made an alliance to share info to help one another find the HII. And when he got back to camp, he told them about the two urns, but that Taj got the one with the clue and didn’t share. Smooth.
    Tyson: As word spread through the tribe that Benjamin wanted to vote out Candace before Sierra, he thought that wasn’t right. He is of the mindset that one should keep the strong players around at the beginning and then switch to the “mind games” once the tribes merge. I tend to agree with him.
    Erinn: She agreed with Tyson, too, mostly because she had bonded with Candace and hatched a plan to vote out Benjamin.
    Debra: The newly emerged tattle-tale of the tribe, Debra went straight to Benjamin and told him some were planning to vote for him. But her best moment of the night? When she caught Sierra and Brendan digging for the HII on the beach and they told her they were planning a huge bonfire for fun... she bought it! Priceless.
    Sierra: Worried that she was next to go (and rightly so), she searched frantically for the HII but didn’t find it before Tribal Council. But at TC, she said one of the most honest and refreshing things I’ve heard yet this season: she said that her tribe’s vote at the beginning of day one was valid and that she totally understood. Someone took her Big Girl Pill!
    Benjamin: OK – so apparently he wants to be called “Coach.” Whatever. I’ll change the list next time (can you tell I’m over him?). And what was with him carrying his jacket over his shoulder to vote at TC? Did he think he was on a GQ shoot, or something? OK. I feel better. Wait – did I say he is the Creepy King of Clichés? OK, now I’m finished.
    Candace: After much scrambling to get Benjamin (I’m sorry, “Coach”) voted out, she decided to just go with the majority of the tribe and vote for Sierra. Little did she know that the majority of the tribe (in fact, everyone else) was going to vote for HER. Apparently, being negative and bossy doesn’t play well in this game. Who knew?

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? Should we start a drinking game linked to a cliché coming out of Coach’s mouth? How cute is the little hetero bromance between JT and Stephen (well, it’s more Idol Worship, but I haven’t used the word “bromance” for a while)? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put in to CBS’s pixel fund..

  2. haha I love it- "coach" how ridiculous. Fancast is hosting a live chat with each new booted contestant every Friday at 12:30pm PST/ 3:30pm EST. Chat away!

  3. Dammit! So next week when Sydney gets kicked off I'm done!

  4. Poor, poor Jeff.

    Hey - I'm cute... maybe you could keep watching so you can read my recaps? Huh? Huh? :)

  5. Will there be pictures of you soaking wet in your challenge clothes along with each recap? I could be persuaded...


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