Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Brothers of Nablus - Begs the Question

In this week's episode, the Connor (or should I say Baum?) home is burglarized, the culprit taking cash, credit cards, IDs, and even food. This act propelled the group into a game of cat-and-mouse resulting in the discovery that the robbery was not some grand scheme invented by SkyNet, just a random act of violence. Unfortunately, these relatively "innocent" criminals were repaid by a not-so-random act of violence via Cameron because "they know where we live." Which begs the question(s)... Have you ever been robbed? Did you get the stuff back? Were you able to confront the guilty party? What would you have said if you could? Leave your answers in this weeks "cathartic" comment section.

Next Week: Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

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