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How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – “Happily Ever After”

How I Met Your Mother

Happily Ever After

Original Air Date: 3 November 2008

Rachel – TwoCents Senior Staff Writer


After a bad break-up (we’re talking leave-you-at-the-alter bad), Ted is fine. Seriously, guys. He’s fine. And it is this “fineness” that is unnerving to the gang. Why won’t he cry on their shoulders? Or binge eat? Of even show one shred of sadness? I mean, really, the wedding was just yesterday. Yesterday!

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  1. For two weeks, this goes on. Ted being “fine” and the gang furious that he isn’t furious. He claims this is “the way we do it in Ohio,” pushing down the feelings and simply moving on. Lily reminds him he lives in New York now and needs to throw his feelings in people’s faces. No luck. Ted is determined to forget the whole thing.

    One night, the group goes out to dinner at a place Lily suggests in the “white zone,” a place where Ted is less likely to run into Stella. The problem? Stella is the one who introduced the place to Lily and, wouldn’t you know it, Stella shows up to get some take out. Under the table (yes, they are hiding from her), the gang tries to convince Ted to confront her. He reminds them of the people they would never want to confront: Gasser, Becca DeLucci, and Dad.

    Gasser is a kid Lily went to high school with whose social life she ruined by passing off an unfortunate bodily noise she made as his. Plus, she coined the nickname “Gasser” which stuck. Poor kid. (And by the way, I have NO Idea how they got Alyson H. looking so young! It was Willow all over again!)

    Becca DeLucci was a convict (you read that right) that Barney had visits of the conjugal kind with until he hit on another inmate. Yeah, she says when she gets out, she is going to hang his eyeballs from her rear view mirror. Nice.

    And Dad? Well, he belongs to Robin. This, by far, was one of the best cameos on the show ever! It was freaking Victor from The Young and the Restless! And why does Robin not want to see her dad? Well, he wanted a son and when she came along, he raised her as if she was a boy.

    As Robin’s bottled up emotions come to the surface, Ted realizes that he has major unresolved issues and will only be able to fully move on once he talks to Stella. Too bad this decision took so long to make: Stella has left the building. As the group chases her in a cab, Ted realizes that she has moved to Manhattan to live with Tony, even though she was going to make Ted move to New Jersey. New Jersey! This really gets Ted mad, much to the joy of the gang, and he confronts Stella.

    “You picked the wrong guy.” His speech was heartfelt and well written and flowed perfectly from his lips. But it’s not what happened. What really went down is that as he approached Tony’s house, he saw the happy family and understood why she made the decision she did. Only then was he a peace. "And that kids, was the perfect ending to a perfect love story. It just wasn't mine. Mom was still out there -- waiting for me."

    What do YOU think? Are you a confrontation person or an “Ohio-style” type? Will you miss Sara Chalke? How cool was the Victor cameo? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to buy some tapas.

  2. Eric Braeden was a really cool guest star, hope they bring him in again although its not likely Robin will be reconciling with her dad anytime soon. It was nice to see why Robin is the way she is, and why she makes a good bro hehe!

    Sometimes confrontation is required to understand why someone did something. In this case, Ted got his answer by just seeing the 3 of them together and happy, so he didn't need a justification for her not choosing him. Had he not chased after her, he wouldn't have realized this, so maybe confrontation is the better way than suppression!
    Enjoy the tapas Rachel!


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