Friday, November 21, 2008

ER – Begs the Question – "Age of Innocence"

In this week’s episode of ER, there was some seriously gross meatball surgery going on. What’s worse? It involved an eyeball. Nasty.

Which begs the question… As we count down the final episodes of the show, what it the grossest thing you have seen on ER? I can’t handle all of the random projectile vomiting, myself, but that is understandable. How about the butcher knife in that guy's head? Or Romano getting his arm cut off by the helicopter?

Drop the grossness in the comment section below and we'll cringe together.


  1. ER had an episode (when Abbie was still a nurse ... and on the show) where a woman lost her unborn baby due to a cord accident. That was the first time I had ever heard of that happening. It was completely disturbing to me.

    The episode where Romano lost his arm was karma & disgusting all in one moment ... and you so saw it coming, but you couldn't stop it so you were just squirming in your seat helpless to close your eyes. *shudder*

    Any scene where eyeballs are affected makes me queasy.

    Luca bashing the guy's head on the ground.

    Carter & the little resident chick who was killed - their stabbing & then laying on the floor in blood ... gnarly.

    A kid came in with a coat hanger (or some other innocent household object) that he had fallen on & it went in his mouth & stabbed him through the roof of his mouth ... I almost hurled on that one.

  2. GREAT list!

    That mouth-roof-impaling was just awful!

    Yeah - The Carter and Lucy stabbing was very disturbing.

    Ah, ER... thank you for being so cringe-worthy!

  3. My husband just thought of a great one:

    When a guy with frostbite came in and the nurse tried to put the pulse/ox sensor on his finger and his finger broke off! Ahhh!


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