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30 Rock - Recap & Review - "Gavin Volure"

30 Rock
“Gavin Volure”

Original Air Date: November 20, 2008

PG Ignacio – Sr. Staff Writer

This week’s guest star on 30 Rock is Steve Martin. Martin plays a wealthy man that suffers from agoraphobia. His method of socialization is by way of inviting guests to his mansion for dinner parties. He invites interesting people whom he believes represent different parts of society. Tonight he has invited Jack, from the business world and historical fiction, and Liz, from the entertainment industry. John McEnroe made a cameo, representing two groups of people, art collectors and yellers.

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  1. During dinner, Gavin (Steve Martin) clearly shows an interest in Liz and decides to call her the next day to invite her back to his mansion to spend the day. Liz is torn by the idea, because she doesn’t really want to get into a relationship with anyone. She wishes she could meet a guy and just be 12 years into the relationship. Where she describes it is the kind of thing where you just sit on the couch together making fun of what’s on television and when you go to bed you don’t have to worry about the guy trying any funny business. Jack urges her to go because he is a huge fan of the rich guy…and Jack wants to invest in Gavin’s new company which he was informed about during dinner.

    Liz goes to spend the day with Gavin and has a great time. She asks him exactly how would a relationship work with his condition and he describes Liz’s dream relationship. Too good to be true, right? Exactly. This is Liz Lemon we’re talking about. Nothing is ever normal for her. When it is time for Liz to leave, Gavin locks his butler in the other room and discloses to Liz that he is not agoraphobic, but he is actually on house arrest for tax fraud and the butler is a U.S. Marshall. Gavin asks Liz to run away with him and just as he sprints out the door, another U.S. Marshall tackles him from behind. In disgust, Gavin complains, “I miss counted the men.”

    Back at TGS, Jack has talked Kenneth into investing the $4,000 he keeps in a tin can into Gavin’s new company. Kenneth is excited to be involved with something Jack, his hero, is a part of. When Jack goes to check on how the investment is doing, at the same time Liz is finding out that Gavin is a fraud, Jack’s financial advisor lets Jack know that there is no company and the account the money was put into was closed. Oops, bad investment. When Jack goes to confront Gavin, Gavin escapes out the bathroom window. Where did he go? To find his love of course.

    I have to add this other story line in quickly before I get to the end of the is recap and review. Tracy Jordan has noticed some odd behavior from his sons after his recent financial success with his adult video game hitting the market. Tracy starts to believe his sons are going to murder him for his money. So, Tracy uses one of the products that spun-off his adult video game, the life size Tracy Jordan sex doll, to act as a decoy at his house to see if his sons try to murder him. When Tracy tries it out and hides in a closet, one of his sons enters the room in the middle of the night and shares his fears to the doll that Tracy will get so rich he will leave his wife and sons to find a new family. Tracy comes out of the closest (a real closet, no metaphor here) to tell his son he has nothing to worry about.

    So, back to the set of TGS. Jack has paid Kenneth his lost $4,000 by making it a sign-on bonus for becoming the floor’s emergency manager, because no one else would volunteer for the job. Liz and Jack believe they’ve seen the last of Gavin, but he shows up on set. He asks Liz again to run away with him, but she refuses. Jack confronts Gavin as well to turn himself in, but he flees to the top of some scaffolding on set, threatening to jump. As he looks down on everyone, shouting out incoherent blabber, he is tackled by Tracy on the scaffolding. Thinking he had everyone in his sight when he was up there, he didn’t notice that Tracy used one of his life size dolls as a decoy. Liz: “He miscounted the men.”

    Another very entertaining and well written episode. There was very good humor poking fun at the rich elitists of the world and a political jab here and there. My favorites lines were:

    “Toronto is just like New York, just without all of the stuff.” – Gavin to Liz when he pleads to her to run away with him.

    “Liz’s Big Ben sized biological clock.” – Jack referring to Liz’s desire for a relationship and child.

    “Sex dolls save lives and bring families together.” – Tracy’s decoy talking to the viewer at the end of the episode, that turns out to be a fake “The more you know” PSA.

    So, what did you think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents here. See you next week!


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