Friday, October 10, 2008

Survivor – Recap & Review – “It Was Like Christmas Morning!”

Survivor: Gabon
It Was Like Christmas Morning!

Original Air Date: Oct 9, 2008

Rachel – Two Cents Senior Staff Writer

If you want to see one of the most lethargic Immunity Challenges in Survivor history, watch tonight’s game of water lacrosse. Sounds like it could be exciting, but trust me, it was awful. Jeff touted it as one of the worst performances on the show… ever. And the stupidity of some of the players didn’t stop there: it spilled over onto the rest of the episode. Will they ever learn?

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  1. The Top 15 Things I Learned About the Castaways of Survivor: Gabon

    1. Ace [Kota] started out in the Kota tribe but after a crazy turn of event and tribe re-alignments, he became part of the minority in Fang.
    2. Bob [Kota] was ranked number three in his tribe, but picked third-to-last in the school-yard pick. I guess his buff bow-tie scares people.
    3. Charlie [Kota] stayed with his tribe, and did nothing to stand-out to me.
    4. Corrine [Kota] also stayed with Kota and flew under the radar the rest of the episode.
    5. Crystal [Fang] is holding a lot more power than I think even she knows.
    6. Dan [Fang] switched to Kota and… that’s about it.
    7. GC [Fang] is a problem. He talks too much, which isn’t inherently bad, but when the talk is trash talk, people are going to get annoyed. Like me.
    8. Jacquie [Kota] switched to Fang and worked her rear off in the Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately for her, the new Fang tribe is stupid and they voted her out because she was a threat. Hey Fang: remember how you have to win things as a group for the first few weeks of Survivor? Yeah, well, you just voted out one of your strongest members. Have fun with that.
    9. Sugar [Kota] was last man standing at the school-yard pick for new tribes and got sent to Exile Island for the ENTIRE SHOW. Good thing she found the Immunity Idol last time she was there… this trip she was able to hang out in the “Comfort” zone of the hut in a hammock eating fruit. When she returns, she’ll become a member of Fang.
    10. Kelly [Kota] switched to Fang mostly because she was ranked last in her original tribe. There is a reason for that, Fang. Pay attention!
    11. Ken [Fang] made one of the dumbest, then smartest, then dumbest decisions in Survivor history: He chose the bottom-ranked Kelly in the school-yard pick (dumb) in order to sway her into his alliance (smart) but then realized she was a deadbeat yet kept her in the game anyway for numbers (dumb).
    12. Marcus [Kota] has his sights set on Susie or Randy to go next, depending on their performances in the Immunity Challenge. Nothing like playing god.
    13. Matty [Fang] was embarrassed by the awful (read: lazy) performance of Fang at the Immunity Challenges. So was Jeff. Frankly, so was I.
    14. Randy [Fang] switched to Kota and (surprise, surprise) scored all three of Kota’s goals to win the Immunity Challenge.
    15. Susie [Fang] switched to Kota and decided to just keep her head down and work hard and maybe she stay in the game a bit longer.

    What do YOU think? Are Ken and GC annoying you as much as they are annoying me? Did Fang make the right decision at Tribal Council? Who should go next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to buy Fang a clue.

    Next week: “This Camp is Cursed.”


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