Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"King of the Hill" Recap & Review - "Doggone Crazy"

King of the Hill
"Doggone Crazy"

Original Airdate 1-6-08

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

The Hill’s come home from Bobby’s baseball game to find their house ransacked. They call the police, but can’t find anything missing – in fact not only is nothing missing, but the tv remote has even turned up and Lucky had been looking for that for days.

In the middle of the night Ladybird awakes the entire family by attacking the couch cushions. Turns out it was the Hill’s dog who ransacked the house. Hank takes Ladybird for a walk and during a thunderstorm Ladybird bites Hank.

While Hank is getting his hand bandaged, his doctor advises him that Ladybird has to be registered on the list of Arlen’s vicious dogs. It’s just a formality unless she bites someone else, then she’ll have to be put down. Hank doesn’t want that to happen to his precious Ladybird so he goes to see a dog whisperer who takes Ladybird to a retirement home to be with the elderly residents.

Another thunderstorm is about to start and Hank is worried that Ladybird is going to bite one of the retirees. Ladybird runs off down the hall and disappears. Someone calls animal control and they close in on Ladybird as the storm starts outside. Ladybird has made her way into the rec room and Hank gets to her just in time to save her from being killed. Turns out she was going deaf and that’s why she’s been acting so weird lately.

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