Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"American Dad" Recap & Review - "Franny 911"

American Dad
"Franny 911"

Original Airdate 1-6-08

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

Roger the alien ruins Stan’s study and Stan flips out on him. Francine comes to his defense as always, but this time Stan has had it. Francine assures Roger that Stan will get over it, but he doesn’t.

Francine and Roger hatch a plan to have Roger kidnapped so Stan can come to his rescue. Francine uses Stan’s CIA voice disguiser to call Stan and demand $1,000 ransom. Stan doesn’t come to Roger’s rescue however, even when they lower the ransom from $1,000 to whatever change Stan has in the change jar by his bed. Francine gets fed up with Roger too while she has him held for ransom. She eventually confronts Stan who knew it was her all along since her cell phone number showed up on the called ID when she called in the ransom demands.

Stan and Francine lay down the law and if Roger doesn’t start being nice he’s going to get kicked out of the house. Que the Roger being nice montage, but it doesn’t last long because Roger goes all E.T. and turns white and he’s dying. As it turns out, aliens from his planet are incapable of being nice and if they attempt to be nice they die.

Stan and Francine decide to let Roget be himself and Roger goes off on Steve who’s decided he wants to become the next Kevin Federline and be a backup dancer. Roger is healthy again in no time and everything is right with the world.

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