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"The Unit" Recap & Review - "Pandemonium"

The Unit
“Pandemonium, Part 1”

Original Air Date: September 25, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

When we last left the fine soldiers of the “Unit”, the Unit was shut down and under investigation. Bob Brown (Scott Foley) was being coerced into working against his Unit Team for the CIA. The point? To get behind Jonas’ (Dennis Haysbert) possible sketchy past. Jonas goes off on the run by himself. (Insert your own Jobu voodoo doing it himself joke here.)

We pick it up with Bob searching in Mexico for Jonas and Col. Ryan (Robert Patrick) in hearings defending the missions of his Unit members. Specifically an assassination attempt in Malaysia. By the way, the guy who brought on the accusations just blew up in his car outside the court building.

Jonas is shaving his head, sporting a goatee and listening to Spanish – he’s turning into Pedro Cerrano right before our eyes! The Unit underground is communicating through morse code and all kinds of stuff to get the word out, but BAM an assassin stops the flow of information. Jonas JUST gets a message in time to run. He’s in the scope of a sniper rifle. Whose? Bob Brown’s of course. He doesn’t get to use it though, because Charles Grey (Michael Irby) escaped with Jonas last season and stops Bob.

Side note– Unit has a cool new theme song this year!

Bob admits he was sent to kill Jonas and they welcome him back after some kind of ancient lie detector with rice krispies. Bob and Charles are given a list of PO Boxes where Col. Ryan had sent his log books with every Unit mission. They need to find those logs.

Jonas goes off to find a CIA female former partner (Mariana) of his who may know what’s going on. Doorbell. Yeah, it’s not a plumber – it’s an assassin. (Now insert your own LandShark candygram joke here). They escape because, well, mostly because all very highly trained assassins on TV can’t aim a gun worth a damn. Just ask Cobra Commander. His people stunk! They could never hit anything.

P.O. Box #1 – empty. The post office – not empty. CIA agents swarm, but Bob and Charles escape. Because, much like with guns, highly trained CIA people on TV can’t fight hand to hand worth a damn.

Col. Ryan is separated from his wife and she has a new post in London. Col Ryan is sure she sold out the Unit to get that diplomatic job. Bob’s wife Kim (Audrey Marie Anderson) is packing up the kids to visit Texas. This doesn’t sit well with Tiffy (Abby Brammel) or Molly (Regina Taylor).

Molly visits with Hector (Demore Barnes) while Tiffy visits with Mack (Max Martini) they are heading towards divorce. Molly and Tiffy blow up at each other over their dedication to the Unit.

Bob calls the CIA for Mariana’s info – but she’s driving around Panama with Jonas. She reveals that she was around the assassination to get a document, a map or something, that the Malaysian man was using to blackmail the US Government!

Back at the hearing it’s evident that the set up is huge. They have pictures of Jonas in Washington D.C. setting the car bomb. Photoshop at its best!

Mariana and Jonas arrive at the “safe” house. And what happens at the safehouse? Mariana gets shot and killed. Hmm, not too safe huh? Should have been predictable when Mariana said they can only get the secret document from the safety deposit box if she’s in person with her ID and the key.

Jonas calls in that he’s dead. CIA arranges a pick up. Bob finds out he’s dead. Jonas arrives ‘home’ as the impersonation of his killer. He shows up in Texas – who is in Texas, Kim Brown of course!

Hector found out Jonas is “dead” and cracks, he’s ready to cooperate fully with the authorities. He demands to be brought to DC to give his testimony. (Yeah, I’m thinking that’s all the plan.) Tiffy shows up to visit Mac and the MP has no record of Mack ever being there.

Jim goes into the bank to pretend to be Mariana. Jonas leads her through the subterfuge. Until he’s interrupted by a local policeman questioning him for a jewelry store robbery. Jonas has to pretend to carjack Kim to get out of there. Jonas gets away with whatever that was in the safety deposit box. Cut to the airport hangar where Bob takes out the CIA assassin.

Jonas, Bob and Charles are back together. The map from the safety deposit box has a specific location. They need to get there. Flash to DC where Tiffy and Molly are meeting with Col. Ryan’s wife. They want answers on Jonas’ ‘death’ and Mack’s disappearance from the prison records. Back to the boys who found a boat and are scuba diving looking for whatever this map pinpoints. Jonas dives in and finds…people, lots and lots of dead people! Then the words we all love in TV…


This show is well acted, well written and well overlooked by many. I hope you tune in to keep this show on the air!


  1. There are some questions about the story maybe someone can answer.

    1. Why did Jonas let Bob go after Bob admitted he was sent to kill him?

    2. How was there a passport with Jonas' photo but the safehouse assassin's name in the passport? It was taped behind some wall picture.

  2. Great questions.

    1. That confused me too. I even rewound the DVR a few times to re-listen. I think it's because Bob admitted that he knew he wouldn't kill him? Maybe?

    2. Jonas obviously got some help with documents because they had a fake ID for Kim to use too at the bank.

  3. The reason Jonas let bob go was because he gave him a "chinese lie detector test" (i think thats what he called it.) Saying that if Bob was lying he would not have enough spit to spit out the dry rice.


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