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"Heroes" Recap & Review - "Four Months Later"

“Four Months Later”

Original Air Date: September 24, 2007

The Jillyrees - TwoCents Staff Writers

Cairo, Egypt- Mohinder stands in front of an audience explaining that a dangerous plague is threatening to wipe out the “Heroes”. The audience looks like they are in Las Vegas waiting for Keno numbers. As Mohinder leaves the lecture hall, he is stopped by a man who knows too much about him. He offers Mohinder a job and asks him out to lunch..

Honduras - A Hispanic brother and sister are running from the police. They duck off into a small building and have a conversation in Spanish. They are running to America. As they run off, a wanted poster with their pictures hangs on a wall, citing them both with murder.

Costa Vista, CA - Claire Butler (Bennett) and her father walk outside Claire's new school. HRG tells Claire not to stand out because The Company is still looking for them. He gives Claire a car, and in her excitement, she runs across the parking lot and almost gets run over by SOME GUY. I bet he will pop up later.

Feudal Japan - Hiro is in a field with solders all around him, as seen at the end of last season. The solders shoot their arrows at Hiro, and he is forced to freeze time. He sees Kensei, his childhood hero and time defying victim of Hiro's sword thief from the first season. Hiro unfreezes him and rescues Kensei.

NYC – Matt Parkman is in the middle of a hostage crisis. He breaks down the door, shoots a random person, and faces two people, both claiming to be the hostage. He uses his Jedi Mind Trick to read their minds, and shoots the hostage taker. Bells start ringing....it is a training exercise. They ask Matt how he knew who the real hostage. Didn't you see last season? He can read freakin' minds!! He mumbles something about eye contact and voice tone. The guy in charge pulls Matt aside and gives him his NYPD detective badge.

Claire is sitting in science class. She is bored and decides to burn her hand. Just then SOME GUY sits down beside her. I knew he would be back. He looks right at Claire and whips out his best line: “Are you a robot or an alien?” Where does he think he is, a Star Trek Convention? Claire is starved for attention, because she actually falls for it.

The Wonder Twins pay some dude to stick them in the back of a crowded truck to get them closer to the border. Driver wants girl twin to ride up front, but boy twin refuses.

NYC - Parkman picks up a girl at school...it is GPS girl from season one. It turns out that Parkman is divorced and has adopted GPS girl. GPS's teacher stops Matt and insinuates he sucks as a father because GPS is drawing creepy pictures, all featuring the helix from last season. Matt gets a look on his face that he knows what's going on. She's seeing HWSNBN again...

Captain Sulu is sitting outside in NYC waiting for Ando to bring him a paper. As Ando walks towards Sulu, he bumps into someone who looks familiar. Sulu and Ando give their opinions on where Hiro is and if he will ever come back. At that moment, a picture falls out of the newspaper. It is really a torn picture of Sulu with a red helix drawn over his face. Sulu tells Ando he will die in 24 hours unless Jack Bauer shows up. (OK, I made that part up).

Nathan Petrelli's apartment (he's ALIVE!) Mama is boxing up Peter's things. Nathan comes in, they exchange words. It is evident that Nathan is no longer Mom's favorite. Nathan throws Mama out. She finds a picture taped to the wall. It's the other half of the Sulu picture with a red helix drawn over her face. Coincidence? I think not.

Japan...It turns out that Hiro did NOT save Kensei, as the real Kensei gets upset that his understudy ran away. Kensei takes off his mask to reveal not a Japanese warrior, but a goofy looking white guy.

HRG is at his new job at Copy Kingdom. He is assistant manager, and is being chewed out by the manager. You know this because his badge says “MANAGER”. He gives a Dwight Schrute-esque tirade about the rough and tumble world of paper. HRG fights off the urge to crush manager and walks off.

In Egypt, Mohinder has lunch with “Knows Too Much Guy”. KTMG works for a company that tracks down “heroes” and either teaches them or...WAIT!! This is THE COMPANY!!! Mohinder can't go work for them!!. Mohinder asks about money for the work, and KTMG turns a spoon into gold. If I could have any superpower, this whole “turn anything to gold” thing would be it.

Claire is now at gym class. Since she promised Daddy she would be a good girl, Claire does nothing to stand up to the b*tch squad, and the guy from before flirts with her a little.

Matt Parkman's apartment. GPS girl is having a nightmare, and Parkman is reading her dream. GPS girl wakes up in a sweat. She says super bad guy can see her, but she won't tell Parkman where he is. Why doesn't Parkman just read her mind?

Claire is now alone in the gym. Since no one can see her, she does a back tuck off the platform and breaks her leg, but no problem, though, as she just snaps it back together. Just at that moment, THE GUY walks into the gym and almost catches her. Is this guy everywhere???

The manager at HRG's work jumps all over him for taking too long a break. After awhile, HRG blows up and breaks manager's finger, telling him that he will work how he wants to, and manager will shut up about it. Manager shuts up.

Sulu and Ando are on the only rooftop in NYC. Ando refuses to leave Sulu's side even though it is very dangerous. Sulu orders Ando to find a sword, so Ando leaves. As he is leaving, he bumps into Mama . What follows is a very important conversation, perhaps the most important conversation of the entire series: There are only nine left. Names. Stuff.. Whatever it was, it made Mama mad, because she slapped Sulu. He says he is going to Japan. Somewhere, Kirk cries.

Back to Japan.- Hiro worries about changing the future while Kensei worries about not being drunk enough. People from a burned village walk by, and one of them takes the the Super Sword. Her father had made it and given it to Kensei in exchange for protecting the city, so she is taking it back. Hiro tries to change Kensei's mind, but gets punched out instead. Not seeing it coming, Hiro does not freeze time,.

Butler? House - LoopyMom is quizzing the kids about their day, and sounding more and more xanaxed. The phone rings, and HRG leaves the room. Mohinder!!! He announces that he is in with The Company, and HRG laughs an evil laugh. “IT'S A TRAP!!!!”

Claire's bedroom. Claire calls Nathan, but he is a useless, old shadow of himself. As he hangs up the phone, he looks in the mirror and sees some creepy, burned face looking back at him. I guess he had a few too many. As the camera pans out, THE GUY is floating outside Claire's window. He is a Hero too - SuperStalker!

Cut to Ireland?? Three Irish guys are walking through a storage pier looking for a bin. They find it, but instead of the iPods they are expecting, they find a groggy Peter Petrelli handcuffed inside. When they question him, he nuclears one of them back. When they ask who he is, he shows off his newest Hero power – amnesia.

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