Friday, April 17, 2009

Survivor – Recap & Review – The Biggest Fraud in the Game

Survivor: Tocantins
The Biggest Fraud in the Game

Original Air Date: April 16, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Ever had one of those days where you’re so stinkin’ mad that you can hardly form sentences? Well, let me apologize in advance for the possible mistakes in the grammar of this review. To quote Marge Simpson, “I’m really cheesed off!”

And don't forget to check out what happens after Tribal Council at The Ponderosa, the camp for the Jury Members.

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  1. Coach: Vote! Him! Off! Rarely have I felt such animosity towards a castaway (the last one being Johnny Fairplay) but I genuinely do not like Coach. He is arrogant, delusional, condescending, egotistical, and perhaps certifiably crazy. I know it, the other castaways know it, Jeff Probst knows it. Why are they letting him pull the strings? Aarg! That is really all I have to say about him… at least all that is fit to print.

    Debra: Once again sailing under the radar, she might get far in the game by simply laying low and letting the strong pick each other off one by one. Debra did get to go on a Reward with Brendan and JT (white-water rafting and a picnic) which was cool.

    Erinn: She approached JT for the possibility of an alliance (along with everyone else on the show) because she really hates her old tribe. I don’t blame her – Coach was in her old tribe.

    JT: This boy is popular. And I think I have officially decided that I want him to win the whole thing. Everybody was tripping over themselves to get his vote. I’m not 100% happy with the decision he made, but I trust in his judgment and hope that his all-around good guy demeanor doesn’t come back to haunt him.

    Stephen: OK... I knew he was a total weasel. So why am I surprised that he didn’t stick with the Exile Island alliance and vote for Coach? I guess I shouldn’t be. Weasel.

    Taj: Oh, Taj. You broke my heart. I had such high hopes for the Exile Island alliance of which YOU were the mastermind. And now? The first chance you get, you stick a knife in the back of your teammate. That is NOT cool. I don’t think I’ll be speaking to you for a while.

    Tyson: Last week, Tyson set up the potential blindside of Brendan and the back-up plan of splitting the votes with Sierra in case Brendan played the Hidden Idol. That plan finally played out… and Tyson won Individual Immunity again.

    Sierra: The OTHER plan was that Sierra, Brendan, Taj, Stephen, and JT blindside Coach. Oh, how heavenly that would have been!!! Sierra stuck to the deal, thank you very much, but I fear she is next on the chopping block. Jerks.

    Brendan: Why didn’t you play the Hidden Immunity Idol??? Brendan became the 8th person voted out of the game and the 1st member of the Jury. Hello, Ponderosa!

    What do YOU think? Are you as mad as I am? Is Coach an actor hired by CBS? Did the right person leave? Who will be sent packing next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll invest in anger management.

  2. Big sigh. Coach is crazy. Absolutely crazy. Everything he says is crazy and I would have a hard time not laughing every time he speaks.

    I am so upset that Brendan got blindsided. I adored him. He was smart, funny, didn't like Coach and was nice to look at. It is crazy to keep Coach in the game, especially when his ally is second time Individual Immunity winner Tyson. Tyson's got a crazy gleam in his eye too.

    I've used the word crazy almost as much as Coach says dragon or dragon slayer. I love that he started off last week saying, "You might want to call me the dragon slayer" and now he's all "I am the dragon slayer." Dude, no one's going to call you the dragon slayer, except maybe Jeff, at the reunion show, in a mocking way.

    AH! I need that anger management. Oh, Brendan. :[ At least I get to see your pretty face every week still. Stay scruffy. It works for you.

  3. Kara - A resounding "Amen, sister!"


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