Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Office - Recap & Review - Michael Scott Paper Company

The Office
Michael Scott Paper Company

Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

We just left off with Michael getting new office space in the same building as Dunder Mifflin. The episode starts off with Michael unveiling the new office- and we’re treated to new opening credits with scenes of the Michael Scott Paper Company gang. Ok, let's see how Michael and his Dream Team can work together!

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  1. Michael plans a pancake luncheon which he hopes will get people to come and check his new company out. Ryan doesn’t seem to be doing any work- at all. Michael needs copies made but of course he is the boss so he can’t (read: won’t) and neither Pam nor Ryan wants to do it. This leads to a bit of a tiff. Pam eventually gets so fed up with it that she goes back to Charles to ask for her old job back… in fact, she asks for a job- any job- but Charles says no.

    Michael’s pancake cookout is a complete bust. Aside from Creed and Meredith, only one person shows up. Creed doesn’t even like the pancakes. But it turns out that the sole guy from the pancake luncheon- Russel- gives Pam a call back and wants to buy some paper. They sell him about twenty boxes of paper and this is just the pick me up that Michael and Pam needed to get through the day.

    Meanwhile, at Dunder Mifflin, there is a new receptionist named Kelly (who is pretty hot). Kelly Kapur decides to hang out by Jim’s desk and anytime Charles calls for Kelly (the receptionist) she’ll go in and say “Charles, you wanted me” until he finally does. Not a bad plan, actually, but Charles gets annoyed quickly and begins calling them “Kapur” and “Erin” instead to avoid future confusion.

    Andy and Dwight are apparently best buddies now- they are going hunting together after work today. Dwight explains that he hated Andy but began to study him and those studies blossomed into a friendship “as they often do”. We’re treated to a pretty funny mini-montage of Andy-Dwight clips during Dwight’s explanation. Dwight starts to hit on the new receptionist… but right after he spits his game (which was surprisingly not bad for what I would expect from Dwight) Andy and the receptionist bump into each other.

    Dwight and Andy agree they don’t want to let her get in the way of them being BFFs now, but pretty soon Andy and Dwight are playing the banjo and guitar (respectively) in the kitchen when Kelly walks in and observes them. Pretty soon Andy and Dwight are both trying to outdo the other for Kelly.

    Charles asks Jim for a “roundup of his clients” and it sounds pretty important. Jim doesn’t really know what Charles means by a “roundup” but is afraid to ask for clarification- so he does nothing for a few hours trying to figure it out, even asking for advice from Kevin and Oscar. Jim finally delivers with the roundup but it turns out Charles doesn’t even want to see it- he wants Jim to fax it to the distribution list- and Jim, again, has no idea what the means. Poor Jim!!

    Ok, readers, this episode was stronger than the first I thought. Between the new Michael Scott Paper Company building and the Andy-Dwight Shenanigans! Let’s hear it- what are your two cents?


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