Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Office - Recap & Review - Dream Team

The Office
Dream Team

Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2009

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

As you may recall, Michael and Pam have left Dunder Mifflin to start The Michael Scott Paper Company. See how things turn out on their first days on the job!

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  1. Pam arrives for her first day at Michael’s condo and of course he’s in a bathrobe and so nervous that he cooks fifty pieces of French Toast. Slowly but surely Pam convinces Michael to overcome his nerves and start their work beginning with getting Michael dressed. The day starts out on a downer though when Michael finds out his condominium complex will not let him run a business from his condo. Now, on top of everything else, they’ll have to find office space to lease.

    Michael wants to form a sales dream team so he recruits- successfully- his old friend Vikrum from the telemarketing business he worked at during the Jan days. Soon Michael makes a stealthy visit to the bowling alley to try and recruit Ryan (who know cleans bowling alley shoes) despite Pam’s many objections. Ryan jumps on board too- and steals bowling shoes for Pam and Michael, too.

    Next on the list is a meeting with an investor. As it turns out the investor is his grandmother and the investment club at her retirement home. Michael’s mom seems to be a pretty serious investor and even she isn’t impressed in Michael’s impromptu pitch- she turns him down. Pretty soon Vikrum bails out realizing that Michael has no idea what he is doing. Pam, Michael and Ryan get back to his place and Pam has a bit of a freak out- she can’t believe she actually went with Michael. Michael gives a pretty decent pep talk (at least for Michael) and Pam calms down a bit.

    Michael calls Billy- the landlord from Dunder Mifflin- and they get a room in a building at one of Billy’s properties that looks like it was used to store cleaning supplies. But Michael and Pam seem to be OK with that. Turns out, not only is it still one of Billy’s properties, but it’s the same building that Dunder Mifflin is in!

    Meanwhile, back and Dunder Mifflin, Jim continues to make an awful impression on Charles. Dwight, of course, loves every moment of this! Andy begins to pretend he is a soccer fan to bond with Charles who is a huge soccer fan. Jim explains that kissing up has never really been his thing- he’s always preferred to do mediocre work half heartedly.

    Pretty soon everyone in the office is pretending to be a soccer fan so Jim takes it a step farther and says he plays soccer. Dwight is all over this and suggests that Jim and Charles kick the soccer ball around after work and Charles thinks that’s a great idea! Pretty soon they have a soccer game organized for after work.

    Our soccer game begins and nobody even knows what positions there are let alone what position they want to play. Jim is going to try to coast by. Soon Charles has the ball and launches a screamer towards Phyllis which hits her square in the face (and, I’m sorry, but it was hilarious).

    Well, readers, that was the first new episode from Thursday. I’m on to catch the next. I have to admit, this episode wasn’t really that funny, save the few Jim-Dwight-Charles moments.


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