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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This (China)

The Amazing Race
Having a Baby's Gotta Be Easier Than This (China)

Original Air Date: April 26, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Razor suits, Chinese foot torture, medicinal tea, and a leg of the race that never ends. We're down to the Final Four, people! Grab your passports and strap in for a fight to the finish!

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  1. The Top 4 Things I Learned from The Amazing Race 14

    Cara & Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: They have never come in first. Never ever. So with some lucky breaks, and a hilarious Road Block (a medicinal foot massage that is so painful, the contestants are crying through their absurd laughter), this just might be their leg to win. Lo and behold, they meet up with Phil at the mat in Beijing… but something is fishy. He informs the girls that they are, indeed the first to arrive, but guess what? The leg is not over! Oh, my, its one of THOSE episodes! He gives them their next clue and the screen cuts to black and the ominous phrase “To Be Continued…” We don’t even now what happened to the other teams! Here’s my guess on the order they will get their net clue…

    Margie & Luke [Mother/Son]: After a touchy leg last week (what with all the fighting with Kisha and Jenn), Margie and Luke have decided to take no prisoners. They are in it to win it, and are buoyed by the knowledge that the other two teams are pretty much on their side of Beijing Brawl ’09. All three teams are over Kisha and Jenn. I’m still of the mindset that the whole things was a huge miscommunication, but whatever. One cute little moment occurred when, during the afore-mentioned Road Block, Luke and Tammy sat next to each other holding hands enduring the pain together. Awww!

    Tammy & Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: At the Detour (Sync or Swim), the siblings chose Sync: to jump form a 3-meter diving board and hit the water at exactly the same time… a shout out to the synchronized diving even at the Beijing Olympics earlier this year. After about the 19th try, they decided to bag it and switch to the Swim Detour. This one had them swimming four lengths each of an Olympic-sized pool in those fancy Razor suits worn by Michael Phelps when he broke all those records. They didn’t have to beat any records themselves, they just had to finish. Do they? Why, yes, they do.

    Kisha & Jenn [Sisters]: Still a bit flustered by the fight and the alienation they felt from the other teams, the sister struggled through this leg. To compound matters, both have a fear of the water (Jenn especially) and can’t really swim. The Detour threw them for a loop and they switched back and forth a few times. Jenn spent most of the episode in a hallway crying out of sheer fear. I really felt sorry for her, to be honest. After calming down a bit, Kisha talked her into “finishing strong” and the two doggie-paddled their way through the detour, convinced they were in last place. Are they?

    What do YOU think? Who will be eliminated next? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll pay for some swimming lessons.


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