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Ugly Betty - Recap & Review - The Sex Issue

Ugly Betty
The Sex Issue

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2009

Karen - Sr Staff Writer

OK, so let’s just say that this episode is all about who is getting some, who is not getting some, who wishes they were getting some and who doesn’t want some but ends up getting some. Confused?

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  1. OK, so let’s just say that this episode is all about who is getting some, who is not getting some, who wishes they were getting some and who doesn’t want some but ends up getting some. Confused? Read on…

    Hilda has a nice guy (Archie) who is into her but she is not really into Archie. Betty is mad, because she is into Matt, but Matt I not taking her hints and therefore she is still “dry in Betty-county” as Amanda would say. So Amanda & Marc give her a lesson on how to be sexy. Oh Good God! Wilhelmina is not sleeping well since Conner has left, so Marc fixes her up with a nanny at night so she can sleep. Are you still with me?

    So here is what happened to Betty:
    The sexification happens at Betty’s old apartment. Marc & Amanda show her how to use sound, smell, taste, touch, sight and style to seduce Matt. Now I have to admit, Betty is looking pretty good when Matt arrives. She does all the things that M & A showed her to seduce him, but he gets a bit freaked out and runs back home. He actually says ”it not you, it’s me”. Jeez!
    So Betty tells M &A it didn’t work. So when Matt cancels lunch, the 3 amigos go spying to see what he is really doing. Ok, so I have to say the background 60’s music is perfect…kinda like from the Austin Powers movies. We find out Matt is meeting his therapist, Ellen. They go to her office and it is revealed that Matt has been with many, many, many girls! He did it as a way to connect to people because he was lonely. He promised Ellen he wouldn’t be with anyone until he really connected with them first. Then he panicked when Betty brought up the whole sex issue thing. Betty feels a bit strange knowing this bit of info about Matt.
    Later, Matt asks her back to his apartment, but Betty feels like just another number. He tells her this will be the first time fro him that he will be with someone he really cares about. She falls for it, and heads up to his place.

    After she meets her sexy nanny, she tries to seduce him. Of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be Willie! He turns her down and tells her that she needs to get closure on Conner.

    Hilda agrees to go out with Archie again, only to break up with him. But before she tells him, in walks his ex-girlfriend who wishes she never broke up with him. She did this all at dinner… how dare she! This makes Hilda think maybe there is more to Archie than… Scooby-doo, I mean …than meets the eye. So the next scene is Hilda and Archie in the salon chair getting down and dirty. Archie goes home mad after Hilda tells him that she was going to break up with him before the ex came onto the scene.
    The next day Hilda and Betty talk, the ex comes in and says she wants Archie back. Girl-fight ensues and Archie has to stop them. He admits he liked it and he and Hilda make up.

    What did you think of the episode? Did Marc & Amanda crack you up?
    Leave me you 2 pennies…

  2. Marc, Amanda and Betty following Matt was hilarious! Loved the split scenes and music.

    My one beef with this episode was the whole new night nanny thing. How could someone not know who was coming into their home to take care of their child? That was a bit of a stretch for me.

    I also thought Betty looked great when she tried to seduce Matt! She looks good in black (as long as it doesn't have a huge pink bow on the butt!)

  3. hee hee, pink bow on but, lol!
    I know about the did he even get in the place without her knowing? They sure don't think things thru realistly.

  4. I justified him being there by rationalizing that there must have been a day time nanny to let him in. But what the heck time did he get there that she was already sleeping? If they had just had a scene with Marc telling her there was a new nanny beforehand instead of explaining why he was there after the fact it would have all made much more sense.

  5. I gotta say my favorite part was when Marc and Amanda were giving Betty the makeover...hilarious!! And whenever Marc came out wearing the blonde wig...too funny!! I swear if Michael Urie ever left the show...I think I just might have to stop watching. He is so hi-waitforit-larious!!

  6. ok, but were either of you just a bit creeped out by the fact Matt has been with so many women? And would you just go and sleep with the guy? In today's world...I think maybe a HIV test should be taken! because if you were with that many people.....I'm just sayin'

  7. I was totally!! I absolutely agree with you, and I can't believe she went through with it, I would have never gone through with it,not when he's been with that many women.

  8. I thought for sure that was going to be a deal breaker. I was totally creeped out by it. I couldn't be with someone like that.

  9. THANK YOU! I knew I couldn't be the only one who felt that way!


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