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Castle – Recap & Review – Hedge Fund Homeboys

Hedge Fund Homeboys

Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

To commit the perfect crime, one would have to get away with it, right? But no matter how air-tight one thinks the alibis are, nothing is perfect. There is always some detail overlooked. In this case, it takes a writer to notice that detail. Yeah… we’re awesome.

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  1. TwoCents TwoMinute Recap

    A senior at New York’s prestigious Redding Academy is found dead in a boat on the lake in Central Park. As Beckett dig into his past, yet another trail of theories come to light.

    Theory 1: Donny’s dad worked for a investment firm that just went under (how topical!) and they lost practically everything. Donny was having a hard time leaving the ver Gossip Girl life behind and he fell in with the wrong crowd and began dealing drugs. His murder was probably a drug-deal gone bad, right? One of his BFFs even ID’d your typical bad-guy drug-dealer as the gunman… a perfect resolution to the mystery. Too bad it comes about 15 minutes into the episode. The BFF lied.

    Theory 2: OK, how about this… the BFFs were also in the park that night partying with Donny. They had a game they liked to play… a very white-bread Russian Roulette (no bullets). But this time, someone left a bullet in the gun and Max accidentally shot Donny. Poor Max… it was an accident and his friends all covered for him. But the guilt got to be too much and he went to the park by himself and committed suicide. Case closed, right? We’re only 30 minutes into the episode, people!

    Theory 3: Spencer was the one who bought the bullets… maybe he knew there was one left in the chamber. Or maybe it was Amanda… Amanda and Donny used to date, but broke up a month ago. Maybe she wanted him dead? There are entirely too many suspects and theories here to keep straight!

    Theory 4: THE WINNER! Brendan was jealous of Donny (and was partaking in his “sloppy seconds”)… he loaded the gun, told Amanda to film the “game,” and told Max to “shoot” Donny. Then, when Max started putting all of the pieces together, he killed Max and made it look like a suicide. Bratty rich boy.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Moments
    1. I loved Castle’s reaction to watching Donny’s murder on tape. In that moment, the reality of the situation hit him… this wasn’t a book he wrote, these were real teenagers who got killed. “It’s not too often you get a murder caught on tape.” He then went home to check on his own teenage daughter, Alexis. How sweet!
    2. Alexis’ confession to Castle about jumping the turnstile in the subway. “If THAT’S the worst thing you’ve done, I’m a very happy man.” I love the father/daughter banter.

    TwoCents TwoFavorite Quotes
    1. “Good morning, Mother… you’re dressed early. “I have class.” “I believe that’s a matter of some debate.” –Castle’s early-morning banter with his mom.
    2. The screen-saver on Castle’s laptop: “You should be writing.” Indeed.

    What do YOU think? Is every episode gonna be like this (“He’s the murderer!” “No – SHE’S the murderer!” “Wait – it’s HIM!”)? How long do you think it will be before Castle and Beckett end up in bed together? Are you still liking the show? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put it into a prep school scholarship fund for AbraHAM, out TwoCents mascot!

    Next Week: Hell Hath No Fury


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