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The Big Bang Theory - Recap & Review - The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

The Big Bang Theory
The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2009

Theresa – Staff Writer

Move over, Penny! There's a new queen bee in the building and she's making the boys her drones! It's a TRAP! (Imagine Sheldon squawking that with a giant squid head...)

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  1. Move over, Penny! There's a new queen bee in the building and she's making the boys her drones! It's a TRAP! (Imagine Sheldon squawking that with a giant squid head...)

    And after all Penny's done for them. First, she kills a spider for them, and then, to ease Sheldon's distress over erroneously steamed dumplings, she mentions that someone in the building is moving out. Oh wait... should she not have told Sheldon that?

    While Sheldon devolves into a frantic trance of all the horrible new-neighbor possibilities, it is suggested that Howard take the apartment. However, his mother guilts him.. maybe... into staying at home. I think he mostly guilted himself, for the free food. Unfortunately, the woman who does move in is a much much worse prospect for Penny than Wolowitz ever was.

    New neighbor Alicia makes a good impression on Sheldon because she is a non-dancer who is pro-area rugs. She makes a great impression on the other three, because... she's hot. However, when Alicia passive-aggressively mocks Penny's sloppy outfit and steals Leonard for tech support, it's on like Donkey Kong.

    Strategy 1: Penny in a knockout blue mini-dress. Counterattack: Alicia's recurring role on a soap opera after just 3 months in L.A. Advantage: Alicia.

    Strategy 2: Penny memorizes a physics joke for the guys that that ends up insulting them. Counterattack: Alicia coyly defers to Leonard's technical knowledge. Advantage: Alicia.

    Strategy 3: Penny bribes the boys with Chinese food and Battlestar Galactica. Counterattack: Alicia is dressed up to play a dead hooker, AND offers Chinese food. Advantage: Alicia.

    Strategy 4: Penny tries to reason with Alicia not to take advantage of the boys. Counterattack: Alicia goes for the throat, telling Penny that she's the one who takes advantage. Counter-counter-attack: CATFIGHT! And a winner is Penny!

    Personally, I absolutely loved the premise of the gradually geekified Penny fighting for the boys. I only wish there would have been a bit more dialogue acknowledging it. I also enjoyed the scene where Penny drops in on Sheldon to lament being tossed aside. As I was watching, I thought that in any other sitcom, this would have been the scene where a vulnerable Penny is drawn to the boy paying attention to her. Not so in BBT World, as Penny's just angry and an asexual Sheldon simply wants to talk about bees. It's refreshing to see the characters in this show break the formulaic mold, even though I am a theoretical Penny/Sheldon shipper.

    So let me know what you all thought of this, and all the little Sheldon moments I couldn't fit in (air-whiteboard!). Leave your Two Cents in the comments!

    Best Lines:
    Howard: Penny, let me take this opportunity to tell you you are looking particularly ravishing today.
    Penny: Not with a thousand condoms, Howard.
    Howard: So there IS a number!

    Sheldon: I never met them, that's what made them perfect! There were no awkward hellos in the hall, there's no clickety-clacking of high-heeled shoes on hardwood floors. They may as well have been a family of cats, just jumping around from drape to drape. Without that annoying ammonia-urine smell.

    Sheldon: Hold on, you honestly expect me to believe that social protocol dictates we break our backs helping Wolowitz move, and in return, he only need buy us a pizza?

    Penny: How can I explain this... they don't know how to use their shields.
    Alicia: Shields?
    Penny: Yeah, you know like in Star Trek, when you're in battle, you raise the shields... where the hell did that come from?!

    Raj: I like Green Lantern, I'm just saying it's pretty lame that he can be defeated by the color yellow.
    Sheldon: Only the modern Green Lantern is vulnerable to yellow.
    Leonard: Golden Age Green Lantern was vulnerable to wood.
    Raj: Great, so I can take them both out with a No. 2 pencil?

  2. I swear if this show doesn't win at least 3 Emmys, I will loose all faith in the voting system (Writers, Sheldon & either Penny or Leonard - either one would make me happy).

    I can't remember the line now but Raj telling Sheldon that it's not just pizza, they get their choice between an IPod and something else - Sheldon blurts out that he knew it! And then gives his vote for the real thank you gift.

    Still, nothing beat "What up MoonPie" yet.

  3. Haha, it was a PS3 or a mountain bike - that was a very funny exchange. But as you said, certainly no "What up, MoonPie?", lol.

    I really hope the show gets recognized this time around for awards.

  4. could someone explain the physic joke that Penny told


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