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WCG Ultimate Gamer - Recap & Review - Move it or Lose it

WCG Ultimate Gamer
Move it Or Lost it

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2009 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!)

Thomas Nikl – Associate Staff Writer

Jamal returns from defeating Alyson in the last elimination challenge. The team is less than excited to see Jamal and he tries to take the attention off of him by bringing it to the teammates that Dante had approached him and three other players about forming an alliance. Jamal has, albeit, bent the truth a little about how this all went down earlier. How will the rest of the gamers react? Continue reading to find out!

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  1. The gamers decide to hit up a club in Los Angeles- Ciji notices Dante flirting with other girls and it upsets her a little bit which boggles my mind because Ciji is gorgeous and Dante is a tool. Meanwhile, the host- Hanna- walks in and announces that their real life challenge is starting now! What game could they possibly be playing? Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)! So for the real life challenge they’ll be dancing in front of some famous judges!

    The gamers go up in teams of three and dance their hearts out and then a winner is selected. Swoozie wins the first round, Jamal wins the second round, and Robert wins the third round. For the record, however, Ciji and Chelsea rocked some crazy sexy moves on stage. Now it’s time for the finals and they will all be dancing to three different songs of three different styles. And the winner is… Swoozie! He wins the real life challenge and a phone that he can use to call someone from home.

    The gamers get home but everyone is too tired to practice so they all go to bed- but Dante and Robert have a little pow-wow to vent a bit about Jamal’s shady tactics. Ciji and Geoff are trying to contemplate ways to get Dante gone. Ciji approaches Jamal- a possible winner today- that if he wins he has to put Dante in the elimination challenge if Ciji throws it to purposely be in last. When it all comes down, Ciji’s competitive side comes out and she competes- to hell with Geoff!! Then Dante and Ciji get a little heated at the results meeting.

    Finally we get our results. The last place finisher- and person up for elimination- is Geoff. Amy starts crying again at the news of this and I am really not sure. Swoozie is in first place because he won the real life challenge and came in 2nd in this challenge, even though Robert won the overall DDR competition. Ciji immediately approaches Swoozie and Geoff and offers to put herself in but Swoozie wants to think about it. Dante tries to apologize to Ciji and she is having none of it. Ugh Dante is such a wiener. Swoozie talks to Mark and Jamal about going into the elimination- mostly because he is confident they can defeat Geoff. Ultimately, Swoozie decides to pick himself!

    Geoff seems to practice all night long while Swoozie relaxes in the hot tub with his fellow gamers. We’ll see if Geoff can pose a threat to Swoozie in the actual gamer competition. Swoozie starts having second thoughts about his decision to put himself in the box. They head down to Samsung Stadium for their elimination challenge. Geoff gets out to a small lead but Swoozie starts to really hit his groove while Geoff is having problems staying on the beat. In the end, Swoozie basically decimates Geoff.

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  3. If you're going to take jabs at Dante, don't do it because you're jealous Ciji wants in his pants.

  4. I take jabs at Dante because he's weak sauce with a side of whiny baby.

    And Ciji is HAWT.

  5. LMAO I just now read this. To whoever wrote that last anonymous comment... Editing is key. Believe what you want, but that's not necessarily the truth. :D

    To Thomas... THANKS! ;)


  6. Star-

    Thanks for coming and chiming in personally- That's awesome. But I'm still waiting on that call from ya... (kind of an ongoing thing I put in all my WCG Ultimate Gamer blogs... you'll have to go read 'em to find out.)


  7. I'm actually reading them all at work now. It's break time. Don't worry... we'll talk soon! ;)

  8. I'll look forward to my phone buzzing in the near future and I will cherish your winking emoticons forever. :D

  9. Anonymous-

    While I appreciate your feedback you've really got to watch with the foul name calling. There's a fine line between pointing out that you dislike someone and being completely tasteless about it. And I'm not just saying that because you're talking about Ciji who we all know I have a huge crush on.

    Please keep the comments more polite. There are ways to express dissent without being foul.

  10. Alright i understand that and can respect it, but also.. We should also talk about the respect of other people.. Calling dante a tool and weak sauce would also be counted as a personal attack... Would it not? Understanding the foul name calling is one thing, but utter disrespect for someone is also something.. And Ciji.. Yes.. Maybe she may be one of the so called "Hawt girl gamers" of our gamer generation, but thats no excuse to bash on the other gamers because you disagree with her.. Love your recaps... But honestly hearing about dante crying every five seconds is annoying... Because i think the tasteless part of this is coming from the excessive dante bashing..

  11. Hi Anonymous-

    You are always free to post dissent or disagreements and your honest opinions here- I don't even mind if you comment on the gamers on the show themselves. I was just asking that you use more PG language to do so.

    Thanks and keep on reading. I always want to hear different perspectives on the show and the gamers!



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