Monday, March 30, 2009

The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla??? (Thailand)

The Amazing Race
Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???

Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2009

Rachel – Sr Managing Editor

Gorillas and rickshaws and fainting, oh my! And no Road Block? Huh?

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  1. The Top 6 Things I Learned on The Amazing Race 14

    Tammy & Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: After some sabotage (see below), the siblings struggled through the Detour and even abandoned their rickshaw way early, only to be forced back to retrieve it. They arrived at the Pit Stop in a default 1st place (again, see below) and won a trip for 2 to Oahu.

    Cara & Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: They came in 2nd? What? Yep. The cheerleaders, who annoy my brother-in-law to no end and who think that if you talk to a person like they are a 4-year-old all language barriers will crumble, struggled through with a flat time on their rickshaw (see below) and got to Phil in 2nd place.

    Mark & Michael [Brothers/Stuntmen]: So, I used to like this team… “the Tweedles,” as the other competitors calls them. Then, they got all mean and sneaky (and a touch racist, if you ask me). At the Detour, they chose “Two Miles” in which they had to use a rickshaw to get to the next clue in a park across town. Pumps were provide with each rickshaw to help with the tires, but when the brothers got there first, they took all the pumps and put them in a box, purposefully sabotaging the other teams. Then, they paid a cab driver to show them the way to the park, which was specifically against the instructions in the clue. They got to the Pit Stop in 1st place, but got slapped with TWO 30-minute time penalties for being jerky. Thank you Phil! When their time-out was up, they slid into 3rd place.

    Margie & Luke [Mother/Son]: Come on, team Mom/Kid! Lets do this thing! My team fought through the pain on this leg… it was so hot in Thailand. Did I mention the Pit Stop was in Thailand? Well, it was. And it was hot. And Margie fainted into Phil’s arms. But, really, who wouldn’t? They came in 4th. Oh, and an elephant sat on Luke. Whatever.

    Kisha & Jenn [Sisters]: Back in India, Kisha rolled down the window of the cab. Big mistake. The sisters were heartbroken at all the little kids who rushed the cab and stuck their little dirty hands into their faces begging for anything. It really got to Keisha, who is a middle school teacher in the real world. Well, they made it to Thailand and ALMOST got 4th, but their cab driver (the great evil on every season) dropped them off at the wrong entrance to the temple. They got to the mat in 5th.

    Mel & Mike [Father/Son]: Nooooooo! My other favorite team eliminated? Oh, cruel world! The really cool thing about these two was their philosophy that, in the long run, the race itself doesn’t matter. It is the journey they are on together, the building of their relationship that counts. And I agree… BUT IT’S A RACE! Farewell, my friends. I’ll miss you.

    What do YOU think? Could you BELIEVE Mark’s racists comments? Did the right team go home? Who will win? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put it towards Mark’s sensitivity training.

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