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Survivor – Recap & Review – Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Survivor: Tocantins
Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Are we at the beginning of one of the most strategic moves in Survivor History? Are we witnessing something that has NEVER happened on the show before? Have the final four (two from EACH tribe, mind you) already been decided? Man, I hope so (she says while rubbing her hands together)! This is gonna be good!

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  1. The Top 14 Things I Learned on Survivor

    Tribe Jalapio
    JT: I’m really liking JT. He might be my horse to win the whole thing. He’s a good old boy who tells it like it is in that soft Southern drawl. He’s keeping his nose down, doing a ton of work, and quietly leading his tribe to success... and I don’t even think they know he’s doing it! Well, played, JT! He’ll be around for a while.

    Taj: She is my second pick to win the whole thing. What a SMART lady. First, when her tribe wins the Reward Challenge, she once again sends her secret ally, Brendan, to Exile Island. He, then, picks her to come with. Some of the other castaways are starting to get suspicious, but she knows it, so she and Brendan decide on a plan: They will each bring one other person into the alliance and send those two to EI next time. The four of them will work together to find the Hidden Immunity Idols at each camp, and then, when there is a merge, they will be a solid four who will knock out everyone else one by one. No one will know what hit ‘em! Man, this just might work!

    Stephen: Although he doesn’t know it yet (stay tuned), Stephen is going to be one of the four mentioned above. If he plays his role (Aw, man! Exile Island? Dang!), he could be part of the biggest strategic move in Survivor history!

    Joe: Back to this episode, the Reward Challenge was a doozey. The teams had to move, blindfolded, through a maze to retrieve enough water and corn to raise some flags at the other end of the maze. One tribe member was the “caller” who led them through everything. Joe was that person for Jalapio. Talk about complete organized chaos! They shot through that maze and accomplished those tasks like a well-oiled (and not blindfolded) machine, and that was thanks to Joe’s leadership. Way to go! They won bedding, a tarp, a huge umbrella, and some chairs. Nice!

    Spencer: Was he even IN this episode?

    Sydney: She was part of the reason the Immunity Challenge was as close as it was. Two castaways had to roll these huge cubes from one end of a field to the other when said cubes were then used to build a stairway (to heaven?). When it was her turn, she and Stephen had a very hard time, losing almost all the momentum they had built. She needs to start having a better showing in challenges, or she’s gonna be sent packing soon.

    Sandy: After a night under the dry, safe tarp, Jalapio felt great! They had slept better then they had the whole game and were ready to take on the world. The creepy thing was Sandy all snuggled up to the other male castaways and then saying, in reference to her bed-head, “I know I’m a sex kitten this morning. There’s no doubt in my mind.” Um... OK.

    Tribe Timbira
    Debra: Like, Joe, Debra was the caller in the RC. Unlike Joe, she did a horrible job. They weren’t even close. When the tribe got back to camp, the blame game started and she did all she could to get the target off her back, even by coddling Jerry, who had been feeling ill, to draw attention to his weakness. She may not have done that on purpose, but I think it was still bad form. If she was that concerned, she could have gone to Jerry in private to ask if he was OK or if she could do anything. Instead she offered him ever luxury in front of everyone because “He is SO sick, ya’ll!”

    Brendan: My third nominee for winning it all, Brendan and Taj are making me SO happy! And to make things even better, after he and Taj get the second clue to the location of the hidden IIs, he goes back to his cam and finds his! Hooray! So, now, he just has to pull in one more person to make the cross-tribe alliance of four complete... but who will he pick?

    Sierra: Yes! The girl who everyone thought was weak enough to vote her out fresh off the truck; the girl who built the Timbira campsite by herself; the girl who has been kicking butt in every challenge! She is our lucky number 4! Man, I am so excited, I can hardly type. Htho ianlkh rhap. See?

    Tyson: Dubbed “Assistant Coach” by Coach (Ugh!), Tyson is starting to work the strategy. He talks a lot, and is always wheeling and dealing... that could be his downfall. But if his main purpose is to attach himself to the strongest player, he has failed miserably. I don’t think I would want to be associated with Coach in ANY way at this point. Dude is crazy.

    Erinn: Speaking of talking a lot... since she had aligned herself with Candace who went home last week, she felt like there was a target on her back. Rightly so. But when they returned to camp after the Tribal Council, she started spinning this yarn of how she wasn’t really friends with Candace, she was this secret little spy, doing the dirty work in order to get rid of Candace. What? Girl is a BAD actress. The cool thing was this: everybody saw it. She is definitely on the short list to go home soon. Her one redeeming quality: she hates Coach.

    Coach: This idiot is KILLING ME! He thinks he is the most amazing person on the planet... even telling Jeff that, while on the truck ride to the starting point of the game, he looked everyone from his tribe straight in the eyes and told them telepathically what supplies to get off the truck. Nice trick... too bad you’re CRAZY! The best moment of the night was when, at Tribal Council, Jeff asked Jerry who should be the tribe leader. The camera zoomed in on Coach, who puffed out his chest... then Jerry said Brendan. The look on Coach’s face was awesome! I won’t go into the nonsense he blathered after that to try to convince the tribe that HE should be leader. Note to Timbira Tribe: vote this guy off NOW!

    Jerry: They didn’t listen to me. Jerry, who had been having some physical problems (if you can’t eat one of the only two things offered in the game, you know you’re in trouble!), was unanimously voted out of the game. Goodbye, Jerry!

    What do YOU think? Did the right person leave? Are you as excited as I am for this cross-tribe alliance? Seriously, how crazy is Coach? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put some money on that Final Four.

  2. Finally! I guy is kicked off the show! Thank you! For a couple episodes there I was worried this season was going to turn into a sausage fest.


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