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Ugly Betty - Review & Recap - Things Fall Apart

Ugly Betty
Things Fall Apart

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2009

Karen- Sr Staff Writer

Things really do fall apart this episode. Wow, what a rollercoaster ride we went on this week! Conner is just an evil, evil man. And Betty had to deal with some reoccurring feelings that she has for Henry. Lets get started, shall we?

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  1. Things really do fall apart this episode. Wow, what a rollercoaster ride we went on this week! Conner is just an evil, evil man. And Betty had to deal with some reoccurring feelings that she has for Henry. Lets get started, shall we?

    Betty and Marc are at YETI and their assignment is to learn their company’s budget and then do a presentation on it. Matt offers to help Betty, but she turns him down saying that she and Marc can do it. As they walk back to the office, Marc tells her that it was Matt’s way of asking her out. (Betty didn’t know) He also asks if it will be awkward going down to accounting since Henry isn’t there….her former LOVE-AH (as Marc would say). She says she is over him.
    As they arrive in accounting, Betty is clearly uncomfortable. She learns from another accounting employee, that Henry was the one that was good at budgets, and that he is on Facebook. He has a new girlfriend and posted pictures of his trip to Peru.

    When Betty goes through the budget accounts she fins out that the quarterly amount is off by millions (with an s). She brings it to Conner’s attention who just blows her off, but we find out that HE is the one transferring it to his account.

    Betty ends up talking to Marc and Amanda, why she does that, I don’t know. They keep bring up Henry and tell her to start going out and post them on FB so Henry can see that she has moved on , too. So, she calls Matt and asks him out. All the while, Conner is handing her things to sign for Daniel, who is out sick.
    While out with Matt, Betty gets a “friend request” from Henry. When Matt asks if everything is ok…she gives him an earful about her and Henry. At the end of the rant, he holds her hand to warm them and she gets up to leave, but he admits he left his wallet at home and asks her for money. She has to go to the ATM (which makes me ask…why couldn’t he go to an ATM?) As Betty is ready to withdraw money she views her balance. It is over $100,000! What the…..I smell a set up.

    Betty goes to accounting, and finds out her name is all over it as the authorizing person. Betty is in the elevator with Conner. She finds out he is behind it all. He has it all figured out to make it look like her and Daniel are behind it. He tells her that if she tells anyone, he could ruin other people’s lives that she cares about, too. Holy crap! He is evil. Betty is freaked out!

    Matt tells Betty he understands she is not over Henry and that it is ok. She tries to deny it, and says it complicates things, because they are in class together. He would still like to give it a try.

    Conner tells Wilhelmina that he stole money from the company and wants her to run off with him. He did it because he can’t stand Daniel, especially because he took Molly from him. Willie actually thinks about it.

    Meanwhile, Betty tells Daniel (who is still sick). He doesn’t know who to trust and tell. Gee, if Henry was still there, he would be the go-to-guy...hell, he would have caught it long time ago! Oops, did I say that out loud?

    Claire says all the Meade accounts are cleared out, and nothing is left. They chase down Willie at the airport (private jet, of course). Police (that Willie called) arrive and we find out Conner is not there. He calls Willie and says he is disappointed and still loves her. Wilhelmina was NOT going to join him. Now let me just say, Willie’s outfit is out of this world!
    Betty hands her a coffee and Willie tells Betty that he made her choose him or her career. She says you have to make a choice. Helloooo…I think Betty remembers this same situation happening to her. Maybe, just maybe, she regrets her choice and doesn’t want to be like Willie, she would rather have someone to love and not have work ALWAYS be the priority. She wants a personal life.

    As Daniel drags himself into the office, Molly is waiting for him. She tells him they have no future, because she has cancer. Daniel is just distraught over the news.
    Betty gets on FB and looks at the screen that shows Henry’s request to be friend. She actually has to think about it? She hovers the curser over “ignore” for a second before deciding to hit “accept”. How in the world could she even think about ignoring Henry? Jeez!
    Then Betty meets Matt for drinks. Now, did anybody else notice that when it showed Matt alone at the bar, and the bartender brought over his drink…he forgot his wallet…again! What’s up with that?

    So here are my questions to you:
    Does Conner just get away with the money?
    Where does that leave Mode?
    Is Willie actually going to raise that baby, herself?
    Is Betty really over Henry? Do you think he will be showing up?

    Circular hallway: high heeled shoes covered in flower pedals

    Thanks for listening

  2. I don't think she's over him...not by a long shot. I think he'll be back whether at the end of the season or next...but I think Henry will be back!! Cause I think if she were really completely over him, I think she would've probably ignored the request to be his friend on FB so that she can move on with her life,(I mean why would she put herself throu that,seeing pics of him and his new gf) but she didn't she confirmed which means deep down she still loves him and NOT completely over him like she kept telling Matt and Marc and everyone who would listen including herself.

  3. I agree, it was very evident that she still has feeling for H, which is only relistic. I mean she did spend a lot of time with him and they did love eachother. You don't just let go that easily.
    How about Amanda this eps? She had some great lines. I love the way she talked about Matt, and he was right there! Classic to what she use to do to H.

  4. Yeah, that was funny!! He's like..I'm right here. I also loved when Betty realized she left Matt and she called him and she called him Henry..yeah she's over him...I DON'T THINK SO!!!


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