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Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2009

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A body in a bag gets dumped down an garbage disposal in a hotel. The man responsible for the body dump leaves the hotel in a hurry. He tells the desk clerk that he is checking out and when she asks him for his name he states that he is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

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  1. A body in a bag gets dumped down an garbage disposal in a hotel. The man responsible for the body dump leaves the hotel in a hurry. He tells the desk clerk that he is checking out and when she asks him for his name he states that he is Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

    Ziva and McGee arrive at work, Tony is already there preparing the ‘DiNozzo Defibrillator’, a drink that has been passed down the DiNozzo family for generations. Much to the amusement of his fellow team members he was forced by Vance to lead around some visitors from Japan. He is trying to get rid of his hangover when Gibbs comes in and asks him for his alibi.

    Once again Tony is being accused of murder, the desk clerk shows him the forged signature. Of course since Tony was with the Japanese people he has the perfect alibi on his whereabouts. Ziva and McGee take every chance they get to tease Tony until he finally leaves. In the parking lot he is stopped by a man, Renny Grant.

    Renny Grant was accused for embezzlement, he was put in jail for three years. He spend his days well and search for evidence to clear his name. It was Tony’s first case as boss when Gibbs was in Mexico, Tony calls it an open and shut case. But Gibbs points out that they never found the money so it isn’t really an open and shut case. Tony questions Renny and he hands Tony an USB stick with information which will clear his name. Gibbs tells Tony that he is lead on the case since it was his case to begin with.

    Tony is happy he like being in charge and pushing the others around whenever he gets the chance. He starts giving them assignment the minute he catches sight of his team mates. He even goes as far as to give Gibbs an assignment. At that moment Ziva asks Gibbs whether he is planning on going back to Mexico.

    Since Gibbs isn’t leading the case he hands his phone to Tony when Abby calls him that she has found something. Tony goes to Abby’s lab with a CafPow! Abby tries to ignore the fact that Tony is standing in front of her, impersonating Gibbs. Abby intends on calling Tony Gibbs since she can’t take it if Tony taking over Gibbs’ job means that Gibbs has once again left for Mexico. Tony tells her that he is there because of rule 38. That is when Gibbs relaxes and starts calling him Tony.

    With every minute that passes it becomes clearer that Renny Grant was indeed innocent. He knows that he has to face Renny, he apologizes to him for putting him in jail. He asks Renny if he can prove that Lieutenant Grady was the one who embezzled the money. Renny tells him that he already proved that he was innocent, he is astounded that Tony asks him to prove that it was lieutenant Grady.

    Abby is able to match a fingerprint to a former co-worker of Renny, Navy Commander Carl Davis. They find him handcuffed to the bed, bruised and bloodied with a broken nose. His wife claims that he likes to be handcuffed, she is taken into custody. They search the house and find pictures of Cal Davis with a different woman in Hawaii. It turns out that he was in Hawaii so there was no way that he could have killed Grady. Abby has asked the hotel for another soap dispenser for comparison only to find out that they use a completely different soap dispenser. It was planted in the hotel room. At the same time McGee finds out that there was a third person transferring the money to a bank account.

    Tony leaves for a secret meeting with Palmer in the garage. Palmer gives him some new insight on the case. Palmer tells him that whether he wants it or not Tony has to ask Renny for help. He knows the case better then anyone else. Tony really doesn’t like the idea but he knows that he has no real choice.

    He arrives at Renny’s house only to find the place deserted, the smoke detector is beeping and Ziva finds a bloodied knife. Tony is annoyed, he is barking commands at Ziva and McGee and when they can’t give him any information he gets even more annoyed. Gibbs calls Tony to the back of the stairs for a ‘campfire’. He tells Tony that he was doing a good job until three minutes ago. He says that Tony should get his head on right or to give him his phone back.

    Abby interrupts them with new evidence, Gibbs walks away smirking when Tony takes the lead. She found DNA on the handle of the knife, Marine sergeant Mitch Wilkins. He calls him in for questioning, he is the third man. The three of them Grady, Davis and Wilkins choose Renny as their fall guy for the embezzlement. Renny knew who framed him and he took matters into his own hands by framing them back.

    Renny is at the airport when Tony catches up with him, he talks to Renny but in the end he lets him leave. Probably because he felt guilty for taking away three years of Renny’s life. Gibbs is waiting for Tony outside of the airport. Tony hands him back his phone.

    I think that it was absolutely funny that Gibbs played along with the whole Tony being lead in this weeks episode. It was fun to watch that he actually could let someone else lead for once. Though on the other hand it is a bit out of character. Gibbs doesn’t like to loose control of a situation. He and Jenny butted head each time Gibbs thought she was going to take over a case. And with Vance things aren’t better, the fact that he let Tony take lead therefore was a little out of character. All in all I loved the episode, it had that typical NCIS humor which I love. And one of the reasons which sets the show apart from all the other shows.

  2. thanks! i am going through the whole series and i just did not understand why tony let renny get away ;p although i comment like 4 years after this is posted, thank you

  3. Thanks going through whole series and didn't understand either thanks.

  4. I also didn't understand at first. After some digging, I found in another webpage that "double jeopardy" was mentioned as the likely reason for letting Renny leave. Renny was already convicted of stealing the money. Even if Tony thought Renny had the money or knew where the money was, arresting him could lead to "double jeopardy" which is illegal. Renny couldn't be convicted again of stealing the money.


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