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Lost - Recap & Review - 316


Original Airdate: Feb 18, 2009

Laura Kelley, Associate Staff Writer

Wow. Tonight’s episode was mind-blowing and awesome in so many ways. It was a vast improvement from last week, and was my favorite of the season so far because there was lots of Ben and his witty remarks, which warm my cold heart. “316” started with a shot reminiscent of the pilot episode: A close-up of an eye, which turns out to be Jack’s. He’s in the jungle. Oh, snap.

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  1. Lost

    Original Airdate: February 18, 2009

    Laura Kelley, Associate Staff Writer

    Wow. Tonight’s episode was mind-blowing and awesome in so many ways. It was a vast improvement from last week, and was my favorite of the season so far because there was lots of Ben and his witty remarks, which warm my cold heart. “316” started with a shot reminiscent of the pilot episode: A close-up of an eye, which turns out to be Jack’s. He’s in the jungle. Oh, snap.

    Jack pulls a piece of paper from his pocket that says “I wish” and then drops it when he hears Hurley screaming. He runs to the lagoon, where Hurley is floating in the water with a guitar case. Jack leaps down a waterfall, survives because apparently he’s Spider Man (I am referring to Spider Man 3, in which Spider Man becomes emo) and in a miraculous feat of strength, pulls Hurley out of the water. Dude, if you have superpowers, maybe you should’ve mentioned that before.

    All jokes aside, he then sees Kate slumped over some rocks. He goes to her, and she asks if they’re back on the island. Though she is surrounded by palm trees, she still has to ask, and he says yes. 46 hours earlier, Jack and his posse head into Mrs. Hawking’s church, and she leads them into a room with a giant pendulum swinging over a map. She tells them that this place is a Dharma station called the Lamp Post, and it was built over a pocket of “unique energy” like the island, and this is how they found the island.

    Mrs. Hawking says that the window that has been opened to the island is like a bridge that will allow them to get there, and the window closes in 36 hours. Hey guys, remember last season when Edgar Halliwax mentioned the Casimir effect? Luckily, I did because I’m nerd-tastic. The Casimir effect is when a wormhole can be opened and stabilized (that part is important only if you don’t want to be spaghettified, which is exactly what it sounds like), enabling them to travel to the island. Wormholes are also referred to as “bridges” through space-time. Score one to Mrs. Hawking. Jack asks Ben if he knew about this place, he says no, and Mrs. Hawking says he’s probably lying. She also says that they were never rescued because the island was always moving through time and space.

    Hey, maybe that’s why I keep losing stuff. Desmond, he of the snazzy new hairdo, tells Mrs. Hawking that Daniel said she has to help the people on the island, and she flatly says that she is. She tells Desmond that the island isn’t done with him yet, and he leaves after telling Jack to ignore what she tells him. She gives Jack a binder of air routes that will fly over the island and tells him to get on Ajira Airlines flight 316 (more on that number later) but there’s a catch: they have to recreate the circumstances that led them to flight 815, because if they don’t, the results will be “unpredictable.” I’m just gonna assume that’s slang for spaghettified.

    She takes Jack into her office alone, and gives him Locke’s suicide note. Turns out he hung himself to help them get back. Locke is a “proxy” for someone who isn’t there, and that someone is Christian Shepard, who was also in a coffin when he arrived on the island. If Locke will presumably be resurrected (in some form, and I’m not betting it’s really alive) when he gets back to the island, maybe Christian was too. Wrap your eager minds around that one, people.

    Jack is told to give Locke something that belonged to his father, and he goes out into the church and sees Ben apparently praying. Ben tells Jack the story of Thomas the apostle, who didn’t believe in Jesus’s resurrection, and says “we’re all convinced sooner or later.”

    Note to Jack: In the near future, don’t cross Zombie Locke. Ben leaves to tie up a loose end, which I hope means he went to kill Penny. Jack goes to a bar and then to see his grandfather, who gives him Christian’s shoes. Then, Jack goes home to find Kate, who says she’ll go back to the island if he never mentions Aaron again. My roommate and I assume that she blew Aaron up, which is possible considering her skills as a parent and her predilection for blowing people up. The next morning, Ben calls Jack, and Ben’s all bloody (please OH PLEASE let that be Penny’s blood, because she’s quite the Whiny McComplainypants) and he tells Jack to go get Locke’s body. He does, and then goes to the airport, where Sun, Hurley and Sayid show up.

    They all board the plane, the flight attendant gives Jack the suicide note, and the plane takes off. The pilot makes an announcement, and OMG IT’S FRANK EFFING LAPIDUS! He recognizes everyone, and realizes they’re not going to Guam. On the plane, Ben is reading Ulysses, and Jack asks how he can read. Ben says “because my mother taught me,” which is neat because she died giving birth to him. Ben gives Jack privacy so he can read Locke’s note, and all it says is “Jack, I wish you had believed me.” Suddenly there’s turbulence, and then a flash. Jack opens his eyes, drops part of Locke’s note, and goes to rescue Hurley. They hear a radio, see the blue Dharma van, and Jin gets out of it. See that? That’s my blown mind.

    I’m about to blow your minds now, so get ready. No, really. You should sit down or something. John 3:16 says that “for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Considering Ben’s tale about Thomas the apostle, Locke is the Christ figure in this story. He died so that everyone else (on the island) would be saved, and he’s coming back. And someone’s going to deny him. But like Ben said, “we’re all convinced sooner or later,” and I’d hate to be the person who chooses the latter, because Thomas the apostle was speared to death. Hey, like Frogurt got speared by that arrow!

    Best episode of the season so far, by a mile. I hope Ben’s fine and dandy, just chilling on the island and keeping it locked down, and I hope Richard Alpert comes back so Ben can be like “what now?” What did you guys think? Leave your two cents in the comments, and don’t get on any planes that are going through the Guam area anytime soon unless you want to take me with you, because I know what to do. See you next week!

  2. LOVED this episode!!!! Ben was reading Ulysses on the plane - the poem of the same name - written by Tennyson ends:

    "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

  3. Oh me, oh my! What an amazing episode! Thank heavens for DVRs so I can watch it again tomorrow! Mostly to try to remember what TIME it is that they have landed in... was it the 60s when those buses were so blue...?

    I loved the look on Sayid's face when the Oceanic Six began boarding Flight 316 one by one (nice call with the Bible verse!). And I think Ben went to "take care" of Penny's dad. I have a feeling that, since the Island is not done with Desmond, he and Penny and baby Charlie will be boat-wrecking-it on the Island soon... cause that's how he got there the first time.

    And Laura: You are nerd-tastic and I LOVE it! Best review I've read in a long time!

  4. Wow that was a crazy good article and awesome job pointing out some of the nitty details. I would not have remembered that Ben's Mom died in child birth (despite his quote which DID make me LOL).

    The 3:16 thing is cool, too. And I was actually curious if the book Ulysses had any meaning as I have never read it.

    Also, Daniel's last name is Farrady... is his mother's name actually Hawking? I thought it was just a quippy comment because of all of her physics and wormhole talk, a la Stephen Hawking.

  5. That was a GREAT episode. I do hope that we find out whose blood Ben was wearing and what happened to Aaron. I bet Kate just straight up flushed him.

    I can't wait until next week! I wonder if those other two passengers in first class will be joining our comrades on the island. I was just excited to see Zuleikha Robinson getting some work.

  6. I bet we are in for some standard, character-centric flashback episodes a'la Season One. As the Oceanic Six re-integrate back onto the Island, I'm sure we'll have a Kate episode where we see what happened to Aaron (personally, I think she gave Aaron to Claire's mom), a Hurley episode where we see how he knew about the flight (I think Charlie told him), and a Sayid episode where we find out how the heck he got arrested by a US Marshall. And, of course, the whole Locke death story (the next episode is called "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham").

    And, yes, her real name is Eloise Hawking... a nice shout-out, I'm sure.

  7. I loved this episode! Not revealing what happened to Aaron, Hurley, or Sayid gives us a chance to do some flash back episodes!

    What did you think about Jack going to see his grandfather Ray? My best bet is that the grandfather is really Jack himself TRYING TO HELP.

    Woah. What just happened there?

    So, my theory is that the plane actually landed, because back when Sawyer and Kate were being held captive by the Others (during seaso three?), they were working on a runway.

    I have so many other thoughts but this show makes my brain incapable of having too many at once.


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