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Monk - Recap & Review - Mr. Monk and the Bully

Mr. Monk and the Bully

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2009

Jeff P. - TwoCents Staff Writer

Natalie takes a phone call from a new client! (Which have been few and far between lately). The client’s name is Roderick Brody and Monk says he knew a Roderick Brody form his school days. The bad news? He was the school bully who used to pick on Adrian.

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  1. Natalie takes a phone call from a new client! (Which have been few and far between lately). The client’s name is Roderick Brody and Monk says he knew a Roderick Brody form his school days. The bad news? He was the school bully who used to pick on Adrian.

    Natalie & Monk make it to the Brody’s house (which is more like a mansion). Roderick is very friendly and open with Monk who is petrified seeing him again. He looks back at his dunking of Adrian’s head in the toilet bowl as “shenanigans in the boys room”. Roderick gets down to business and tells them that he believes his wife Marilyn is cheating on him and would like Monk to investigate. As Natalie starts to tell Roderick that they don’t take matrimonial cases, Monk interrupts her and tells her that “Rod” is an old friend and that he can help. As they leave his house, Monk tells her that him proving that she’s cheating finally establishes that he finally “wins” after 40 years.

    Monk and Natalie are perusing the area where Roderick said that he saw Marilyn sneaking around. After some questioning they end up in a bar and there in the corner is Marilyn cuddling up to another man! They have a man at the bar take a photo of them, but really wanted to snap a photo of Marilyn in the background. They show the photo to Roderick but he can’t make out the picture and now doesn’t believe that she’s cheating at all. Roderick pays them and Monk sees a gun is his glove compartment. Rod tells him that he has a permit for it and that he has it because times are tough. The next day Natalie gets a call from Rod and that he needs help. They end up at a murder scene and the victim is the guy who was with Marilyn. He was stabbed 3 times to death and the murder weapon is missing. Monk is giddy because he assumes that Rod did it and will now go to prison. He will finally get his come-uppance!

    Stottlemeyer has Roderick back at the station questioning him. He says that he was home watching a movie with Marilyn last night and couldn’t have done it. Marilyn comes to the station and he expects her to tell them about their night but instead tells them that she can’t lie for him. She tells him that Rod screamed that he was going to kill the guy and left in anger. Then she claims that he came back with blood all over him and gave her the murder weapon. She hands the knife over to Stottlemeyer to his astonishment. Roderick vehemently denies what she is saying the whole time. Monk leaves the station and wants to literally do cartwheels in happiness. That is, until he sees a police officer’s gun and reminds himself that Brody has a gun and could have used it instead of a knife. They go to speak with Marilyn and see that she’s already talking with someone about receiving money. She tells them that Rod may have chose to use a knife because it was quieter, but has no idea why he did it. After Monk & Natalie leave, she goes down to the basement and there is another woman tied up in a chair... Her twin sister! (What the?!)

    Monk sits with Rod at the station and tells him he’s going to “really” help him now. He admits that he had been happy that Rod was having all of this trouble since he terrorized him in school. Monk starts to ask him about Marilyn and as he paces back and forth, he sees his reflection in the one-way mirror. He figures out that they must be twins. Meanwhile, The twin is hovering over Marilyn with a knife in the bathroom getting ready to kill her. She tells her that the attorney (who she killed) happened to have served on the case that split the twins up at adoption many years ago. Then she found out how much money Marilyn was worth and hatched this plan.

    Monk and the gang show up at the Brody house waiting for a search warrant. Monk tells Stottlemeyer that he noticed some differences in how Marilyn acted and how she appeared at different times seeing her. She pronounced “aunt” differently, and her nails were all of a sudden much longer and perfect the next time he saw her. Then they hear a scream for help and Stottlemeyer recognizes this as probable cause and they save Marilyn just in time. Disher asks how they can tell which one is which, and Stottlemeyer tells him the one that wasn’t being drowned was the one they wanted. Later Roderick and the real Marilyn get reunited and thank Monk for everything. And Rod semi-apologizes for picking on Monk back in the day. Monk thinks that this isn’t the come-uppance that he had in mind.

    This was a nice episode and a little lighter than usual I thought. Half of the time I watch this show I get a bead on what’s happening and I didn’t see the twin angle coming. How often are you correct in your couch-side murder solving skills? Your TwoCents are always welcome.

  2. It was nice to see Monk smiling more than usual.I liked the premise of the show, and how he kept wanting to use "swirley", "down the drain" and "flushed" when talking to Rod

  3. I liked that alot too Karen... very funny. I also liked that even a guy like Rod would grow up and be an adult. It was a nice episode.


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