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Gossip Girl - Recap & Review - Carnal Knowledge

Gossip Girl
Carnal Knowledge

Original Air Date: Feb 2, 2009

Victoria - TwoCents Reviewer

OMFG people! This one gets good!

Dan-teacher-Serena drama. Blair-teacher-Gossip Girl drama. Nelly-Blair-Principal drama. Chuck-random-drunken-night drama. We’ve got it all on this week’s Gossip Girl!

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  1. Dan-teacher-Serena drama. Blair-teacher-Gossip Girl drama. Nelly-Blair-Principal drama. Chuck-random-drunken-night drama. We’ve got it all on this week’s Gossip Girl!

    Blair finishes her community service, which involves picking up trash. Daroda picking up trash that is. Blair then vows to get even but can’t get the brat pack (Hazel, Nelly and the girls) on board until Rachel, (AKA Hot Teacher), has cells phones banned from school. Blair sneaks in cells and catches Dan and Rachel in a friendly moment then texts Gossip Girl the scoop.

    Only thing is, Rachel is on to Blair and somehow gets Nelly to turn on Blair. I hate that now I have to hate Nelly, but really she leaves me no choice. And as for Rachel... call me old school but a teacher shouldn’t be meeting hot male students in coffee shops before class and hot male students shouldn’t be calling the teacher “Rachel”. Totally on Queen B’s side on this. Only problem is the Principal isn’t on Queen B’s side and she expels her!

    Blair’s dad hires lawyers and calls a parent’s meeting and Serena comes to Blair’s defense.

    Serena sees Dan comforting Rachel at a restaurant and snaps a pic. Sure, Rachel later quells his attention but seriously – too little too late. How can someone so dumb be a teacher?! Blair posts the pic on GG and interrupts the meeting. Outside the meeting Serena finally attacks Dan but then she, as usual, turtles when she finds out Dan didn’t kiss Rachel, just comforted her. Seriously?! See, having been a teenage girl not so long ago I would have totally been ticked he was so into her, whether he kissed her or not. And hello – TEACHER! Ick! But as usual Serena shows a maturity and stupidity well beyond her years and totally feels guilty and sorry for jumping to conclusions.

    Dan then confronts Blair who doesn’t seem to care that the pic may have been misleading and her dad overhears her being flippant about the whole thing. Blair’s dad is totally disappointed in his little B and it devastates B.

    The best thing that could ever happen finally happens - S and Lonely Boy call it quits – please in the name of Gossip Girl may this finally be for good.

    Oh and Rufus speaks the truth nobody wanted to admit to about Hot Teacher – that meeting Dan, who she doesn’t even teach, after hours, off school property was so not cool. Serena goes to Rachel’s house and admits she’s the one who gave Blair the photo. How do students know teacher’s home addresses?! WTF. Then Dan shows up at Rachel’s house to apologize and Hot Teacher basically jumps his bones. After all she doesn’t work at Constance anymore.

    Only problem is, she actually does. The principal decides she can’t fire her due to lack of evidence. Oops!

    Sidebar – Chuck wakes up in some random hotel room with vague memories of a hot older woman and a tattoo-like stamp. He involves Nate and Vanessa in his quest to find her, probably because the writers can’t be bothered to write a storyline for N & V. Anyway after a short, boring plight Chuck finds out that the beautiful woman is attached to some Secret Society that Daddy Bass was involved in. After finding her and having her warn him that she would be in danger for talking to him, Chuck finds a bunch of invitations to previous events in his dad’s stuff. Then he finds out Elle, the mystery girl, has disappeared. Wow.... why don’t I care?

    So are you as glad as I am that S and Lonely Boy bit the dust (again)?

    Did Chuck’s Secret Society storyline bore you as much as it did me?

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