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Battlestar Galactica - Recap & Review - No Exit

Battlestar Galactica
No Exit

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2009

Brittany – Two Cents Reviewer

I’m going to be honest with you all, here. As I was watching this episode play out, I thought to myself: “Where do I even begin recapping this?” There was so much information dished out, which made this episode seem like the payoff we’ve been waiting for with just five (!) episodes left.

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  1. I’m going to be honest with you all, here. As I was watching this episode play out, I thought to myself: “Where do I even begin recapping this?” There was so much information dished out, which made this episode seem like the payoff we’ve been waiting for with just five (!) episodes left.

    First thing first: Before the episode actually started, we got a brief re-education on the Cylons and their history. This leads up to the rebirth of Ellen, (a moment I was unsure of, if only because the Hub has been destroyed.) confused in a goo bath. She’s resurrected just after being poisoned by Tigh and is first confused, screaming her shock at seeing a Centurion watching over her. Then she slowly remembers what she is; realizes where she is, and calms down. A timeline has been established; it’s apparently been 18 months since the exodus of New Caprica and four months since the destruction of the Hub. (Which seems... off to me.) Here’s what we know now, thanks to the bullet in Sam’s brain suddenly making him the enlightened one:

    The final five learned how to transfer memories from one body to another. With Ellen’s help they went one step further and learned how to resurrect. After Earth was nuked, they all woke up on a basestar and headed to the twelve colonies during the first Cylon War. They made a deal with the Centurions: stop the war and the Five would make the skin job models we all know now and give them free will. Cavil was apparently made first, and he helped make the others. Instead of going with the plan though, Cavil (whose real name is John) wanted justice against the human race. When the Five wouldn’t agree to another war, he killed them and left them without their memories to die, which as we know did not happen. Now he’s upset because he’s stuck in this human body when he knows he could be so much more as a machine.

    Did you get all that? Let’s take a moment before continuing.

    Okay, moving on. We also learn from Sam that there is a thirteenth cylon named Daniel. Supposedly Cavil destroyed the entire line, but I smell a shocking series finale in the works! (Submit your theories now. Is it Starbuck? Does Daniel necessarily have to be a male, or could it/he/she have evolved into something greater?) Sam isn’t saying much though, after the bullet is removed from his brain. According to Ishay, he has no brain activity. Our poor Sammy is a veggie.

    Elsewhere on Galactica, Tyrol shows Adama the damage he surveyed when he was taking apart the ship’s FTL drive. Adama appoints Tyrol as Chief again and he gets to work. It quickly becomes apparent that the damage is worse than anyone could have imagined. Galactica is literally rotting; it seems that if Gaeta would have executed (no pun intended) his jump, it would have destroyed the battlestar. Chief tries to explain to Adama that there is Cylon technology available that will help patch up the ship, but there’s a reluctancy on Adama’s part. When he realize that the damage even extends to his own private quarters, a slightly sloshed and pill popping Admiral calls the Chief and tells him to do whatever he has to in order to fix his girl. Well, that’s one girl fixed; now he just needs a fix for the other lady in his life.

    Speaking of Laura, she’s shocked at the blood bath on Colonial One as she tries to find photos of the fallen Quorum members for the Hallway of Despair on Galactica. Calmly, she tells Lee that she will continue to be President in name, but that he will be calling the shots as they try to rebuild the government. He argues very briefly that he isn’t the man for the job, but the show has been setting this up since the end of season three, so he accepts her offer.

    What did you think of the episode? I’m not convinced that the timeline is right at all, but that’s a small flaw. I liked that we finally got some history on the show, and the prospect of Edward James Olmos directing a movie that will delve even deeper into the Cylon mythos is intriguing to me. Who do you think Daniel is? Personally, I’m still holding out hope for Billy’s return (even though I’m sure Paul Campbell probably isn’t interested.) though it could easily be Starbuck. What in the world is Adama doing to himself? Not only is he turning into a boozehound, but he’s popping some sort of pill as well. E-mail me your theories or leave your Two Cents in the comments below!

  2. OK... my brain hurts so much from this episode, it isn't funny at all! Here are my TwoCents:

    1. I don't think Ellen was resurrected in a hub. I think Cavil has bodies each of the five can download into once they die so that he can rub it in their faces. He's just waiting patiently for each one, and Ellen happened to be first. And don't even get me started on the idea of him being created in Ellen's father's image and the knowledge that she was sleeping with him on New Caprica! Ugh!

    2. When Ellen was talking about Daniel to Cavil (but, really, all her speeches were for Boomer, weren't they?), she mention that Cavil "corrupted" Daniel's amniotic fluid and caused major changes to take place in his genetic structure. That is reason enough for me to believe that Starbuck is, indeed, Daniel. But I've been wrong before! Remember when I thought Ellen was just an aged Six? Yeah.

    That's all I can articulate now. I need to watch it a second time!


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