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Ghost Whisperer - Recap & Review - Greek Tragedy

Ghost Whisperer
Greek Tragedy

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2009

Lynn – TwoCents Reviewer

Melinda has to learn to balance her new relationship with Sam and the many ghosts in need of her assistance. A sorority pledge has gone missing, and Melinda must decide if she can count on a new ghost for her help.

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  1. The episode opens with what's revealed to be pledge week at the college where Eli is a professor. Students are taken into the woods with bags over their heads and sent to find their tokens to be part of a sorority. One girl, Courtney, is pulled aside by an older member before being sent out into the woods, where she trips and falls down a hill.

    At the antique shop, Sam invites Melinda to an art show in Grandview.

    Melinda and Eli are talking at the college, where Melinda sees a ghost with a bag over her head, wearing a black slip, and white shoes. The ghost says to ask her sister what happened to her, because that's who knows. Melinda thinks maybe she means her sorority sister, and she was staring down one girl on campus. Eli goes to investigate.

    Eli asks Makenna, a leader of the sorority, about trouble with one of the pledges. She says a pledge named Courtney went missing this morning, and she's been gone for five hours. They go and talk to Emily, who is Courtney's sister. She seems genuinely worried.

    Eli talks to two other girls from the sorority. They explain how they had to find their token to stay in the group. They split up to search and didn't see Courtney again. One girl says they could see how the others might hurt her if she couldn't find her token.

    Melinda and Jim are this close to a kiss, when the phone rings. A search party is set out for Courtney, and they ask for Sam's help. I couldn't quite figure out why.

    Eli talks to Emily, Courtney's sister, at the fire station. Emily says she pretended to fight with Courtney to hand her a good map. Jim and Melinda show up, and Melinda sees a noose in the woods. She has a vision of some of the sorority girls saying Courtney had to pay the price for not finding her token.

    Eli and Melinda read through yearbooks and see pictures of girls from the sorority with the caption, "We survived Rebecca's noose." They find that Rebecca died in the woods in 1968.

    Melinda tells the ghost she knows she's Rebecca, and Rebecca says no one can hurt Courtney, now that they are sisters.

    Melinda and Eli go to find a woman, Lauren, who was in the sorority in '68, to try and find out what happened to Rebecca. Apparently, she was a leader, the worst of them all. Lauren was left out in the woods until sunrise.

    Melinda goes to find Rebecca in the woods. She was trying to get the token for Lauren when she went back to get her flashlight. She acted like a pledge, by putting one of the bags over her head, because only a pledge could give it to her. Then, however, she slipped on some rocks along the way and fell to her death. Rebecca's ghost stuck around to try and make amends.

    She hates the sorority and says the only way for her to stop the sorority was for Courtney to die.

    The sisters, Emily and Courtney, are reunited. Courtney's sorry for not wanting to take the map, Rebecca asks Melinda to tell Lauren she's sorry, Emily and Courtney thank Rebecca and all is well. But what about Melinda and Sam?
    Sam realizes Melinda isn't really volunteering at the fire station like she said, and so he makes up an excuse not to go to breakfast with her.

    Must we really already have a conflict in their relationship? What did you all think of this week's episode? Post your two cents below!

  2. ok, so how much did I hate the fact that Jim (Sam) finds out Mel is lying to him. How long will it drag out before she tells him about seeing ghosts... the real Jim has to come through and believe her?


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