Monday, February 23, 2009

The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Your Target Is Your Partner's Face! (Germany)

The Amazing Race
Your Target Is Your Partner's Face! (Germany)

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2009

Rachel – Senior Managing Editor

Were you thinking we might get through this season without someone reading a clue entirely wrong? Well, then, you’re an idiot. But not more so than some of the contestants!

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  1. The Top 11 Things I Learned on The Amazing Race 14

    Tammy and Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: I really have never seen a team have so much fun with such a messy Detour! They had to look for a cake/pie with cherry filling by throwing them at eachothers faces! It was great and they really enjoyed themselves. There were a few sibling issues... like him playing the big brother too much and annoying her, but all in all, they ran a great leg and came in 1st.

    Mel and Mike [Father/Son]: Mel has a groin injury and can’t really run, let alone hike. So when the two were faced with a paragliding-off-an-Alp roadblock, Mel offered to do – no hiking, right? Well, there was a clause in the clue: if the wind conditions were not conducive to the flight, the contestant could opt to hike down the Alp instead. Guess what? The wind conditions were not conducive. Team after team opted for the hike down while Mel stayed on the mountain and beat himself up for losing the race. But the: a miracle! The winds shifted and he was able to sail down, beating some of the teams who were impatient. It was awesome! And then they came in 2nd! Yay!

    Amanda and Kris [Dating]: Kris is always correcting Amanda’s grammar. That bugs me. Other than that, they were pretty unmemorable. They got to the mat 3rd.

    Margie and Luke [Mother/Son]: The leg began with Margie talking about all the horrible things that Luke went through growing up; all the misconceptions about Deaf Culture. The other players were nothing but impressed with this team. They are truly a force to be reckoned with! Margie, for one, is a tough chick! They got to the mat 4th.

    Brad and Victoria [Married]: This cute married couple walked the line of creepy when, after the pie/cake-throwing Detour, Brad licked cake off of Victoria’s forehead. Ew. The came in a solid 5th.

    Cara and Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: These two are a bit sweet on Luke. They try to communicate with him and both teams are helping each other out. They are also way impressed with Margie. Who isn’t? She is awesome. Anyway, the cheerleaders came in 6th.

    Kisha and Jenn [Sisters]: back to the sibling problems... Kisha is older and therefore smarter/better/cooler/etc. This, surprise, is getting on Jenn’s nerves. At the end, Jen said this has become the most frustrating experience of her life and she can’t even listen to her sister’s voice without wanting to kill something. Hatred aside, they came in 7th.

    Mark and Michael [Brothers/Stuntmen]: At the beginning of the episode, these two said they didn’t need to worry because they were in third place... they could take it easy this leg. Kiss of Death, boys! Don’t EVER say something like that! True to the cures, they struggled all the way through Germany, getting lost on a number of occasions. They luckily ended up in Austria at the mat 8th.

    Christie and Jodi [Flight Attendants]: These two win the first award for Reading Race Directions Like Crazy People. After the Pie Detour, the clue said to walk to The Woodcutters for the next clue (which, by the way, was just a block from the pie tent). Somehow, these yahoos ended up in a dark barn with horses looking for wood to cut themselves. They then took their stolen plank through the finish line of the OTHER Detour, thinking it was right. What? When they finally figured out what they were doing wrong, one said “We’ve got to stop being so literal!” No kidding. The squeaked in at number 9.

    Linda and Steve [Married]: If someone spend the entire episode thanking someone else for not being mad at them, something is wrong. Sure, she went down the wrong side of a Alp, and sure, he knows he treats her like trash, but seriously, get a grip you two! Thankfully for the audience, they came in last and were sent packing. And BOY was Steve a crybaby!

    What do YOU think? Did the right team go home? How gorgeous is Germany and Austria? Who will go home next> Give us your Two Cents… We’ll buy some pie/cake.

    Next Week: I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard! (Romania)

  2. I was so glad Linda and Steve went home. I couldn't feel any more sorry for her. What a jerk she married -- and she's so dependent on his view of her. I like Mel and Mike (I'm a Pushing Daisies fan)-- and loved how they went from a sure last place (because of the wind factor) to second. WaaHoo!


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