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The Amazing Race – Recap & Review – Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me! (Switzerland)

The Amazing Race
Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me! (Switzerland)

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2009

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Yes! The Amazing Race is back with another cycle of backstabbing, in-fighting, direction misreading, and nervous breakdowns. Oh, and some heart warming moments, too. So what did I learn in the premiere? Let me tell you...

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  1. The Top 11 Things I Learned on The Amazing Race 14

    Margie and Luke [Mother/Son]: Now, let me be perfectly honest with you all. I am fluent in American Sign Language and actually worked for the National Theatre of the Deaf for two years. That said, I love this team! Luke is Deaf and only communicates with his mom through ASL. CBS has been translating most of his signing correctly with subtitles, but if they’re off, I’ll let you know. As for this leg of the race – the two came in FIRST at the mat. It was a very sweet moment when Phil signed: “You are team number 1!” Luke broke down and Phil asked him why it was important for him to come on the race. Luke said he wanted to show the world that deaf people shouldn’t be counted out just because they communicate differently. Margie couldn’t have looked more proud of her son. Even if I didn’t have a background with Deaf people myself, I still would have been very touched simply as a mom.

    Tammy and Victor [Siblings/Lawyers]: From the start of the race just outside of LA, I knew this team would do well. The Harvard-educated brother and sister have good communication and are only slightly cutthroat (Tammy strong-armed one of the stunt men at a clue box). But I have a feeling that attitude will only grow as the season progresses. They landed at the mat in the Swiss Alps second.

    Mark and Michael [Brothers/Stuntmen]: OK. These guys are stuntmen for children! How cool is that? They have absolutely no fear, what with the stuntman background and all. I think this team will go far in the race. They came in third.

    Mel and Mike [Father/Son]: I love me some Mike White! Some of you may recognize him as Billy Balsam from Pushing Daises or as the writer of such movies as School of Rock and Nacho Libre. But for now, he is just the gay son of a gay dad that make up a team on The Amazing Race. Hooray for team M&M! They finished they leg in fourth.

    Amanda and Kris [Dating]: Wow, I have no memory of them, really. I do know that they came in fifth... maybe next week something exciting will happen with them.

    Brad and Victoria [Married]: This older couple is down for high adventure. I didn’t think they would have as much culture shock as some of the other contestants, but while driving on the train through the Alps, Brad broke down in grateful tears that they were “actually doing this.” I guess it wasn’t really culture shock per se, but it was just an attitude of thankfulness that was refreshing to see on the show (if only a bit uncomfortable!). They got to Phil sixth.

    Cara and Jaime [Former NFL Cheerleaders]: Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these two did some wonderful things during the episode... I just only remember the fact that they are really pretty and have gorgeous red hair. Sorry. Oh, I do remember that they came in seventh.

    LaKisha and Jennifer [Sisters]: This team flew under the radar this leg of the race, and only had a few problems with the cheese (see below). They didn’t do much else to imprint them on my memory, except come in eighth.

    Linda and Steve [Married]: Oh, boy. This couple are very, ahem, back-woodsy. And I noticed something very interesting right off the bat: Linda can’t really even run, let alone carry a backpack. She is horribly out of shape (so am I!), but the thing that disturbed me was the way Steve treats her. It’s another one of those couples on the race where the man berates the woman and all she does is cry. So amazingly uncomfortable, and all I want to do is smack him. It’s going to be a short race for them, I think.

    Christie and Jodi [Flight Attendants]: When this team arrived at the first Road Block, the second highest bungee jump in the world, things almost went horribly wrong. Jodi chose to do the Road Block and then, when she discovered what it was, had a mini-mental breakdown. She handled it very well, though, and kept most of her fear to herself. When her teammate realized the gravity (no pun intended) of the situation, she began to cry, which didn’t help Jodi’s frame of mind. But, like any good competitor, she sucked it up and jumped... and was grateful she did it: “Chance of a lifetime.” They landed at the mat in tenth.

    Jennifer and Preston [Dating]: When Jennifer mentioned at the beginning that she had never even been in a train station before, I knew this would be ugly. At the Detour, this team really fell apart. The task was to take 200 pounds of cheese form the top of a slippery hill to the bottom without dying, really. There was much falling, much swearing, and much damage done by rolling wheels of cheese. In the end, a team that looked like a physical threat in the beginning came in dead last.

    What do YOU think? Who are your favorites? Who do you hate? How crazy was that cheese task? Give us your Two Cents... We’ll buy some crackers.

    Next Week: Your Target Is Your Partner's Face! (Germany)

  2. I wondered if the producers suddenly envisioned lawsuits when they saw those 50 pound blocks of cheese screaming down the hill and possibly hitting other contestants? But it sure was funny. Glad the bickering couple is gone. Hope the same for the hicks as well.

  3. I thought one of those cheese wheels would go through a house window or car windshield for sure! I'm just amazed at the condition of the backpack things they had to use. Phil said in the voice-over that they were "antique" but they were ridiculous!


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