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Friday Night Lights - Recap & Review - Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Friday Night Lights
Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2009

Victoria – TwoCents Associate Staff Writer

Coach Taylor makes a decision when it comes to QB1, Jason Street wheels back into the picture and all hell breaks loose when little Julie gets a little tattoo.

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  1. Coach Taylor makes a decision when it comes to QB1, Jason Street wheels back into the picture and all hell breaks loose when little Julie gets a little tattoo.

    Jason has a baby boy named Noah. The mom, the waitress he had a one night stand with, is sharing custody but not emotions. She doesn’t live with Jason. He still lives with Herc – and Herc’s porn. Tim joins the boys and they start brain-storming to find a way to make more money so Jason can get Waitress Mama to stop working and move in with him. Tim mentions that Buddy can’t sell Lyla’s old house and that they should flip it. He offers up Billy’s copper wire money as a down payment. He convinces Jason to do it and Billy to fund it by quoting some dumb line he heard Buddy Garrity say about rats and sinking ships. So lame.

    Problem is Billy hasn’t sold the copper wire yet and when he tries to sell it to Ferret Drug Dealer guy from season 2, he almost gets himself and Tim shot. Anyway the wire gets sold, but Buddy sees Jason, Tim and Billy’s names on the sales papers and freaks out. He’d rather keep the house than sell it to them. Jason reaches Buddy the only way he knows how – the only way Buddy will warm up. He tells Buddy he’s not selling the house to the Riggins, he’s selling it to the QB of the Dillon Panthers. The guy who he admired and adored. Jason gets the house!

    Only Waitress Mama doesn’t see the plan as solid and announces she’s moving back East to be with her parents. I’d feel worse if I gave a crap, but I just can’t seem to care that much about Jason. And besides, I’m still laughing about Herc and Billy fighting over the renovations. Herc wants vaulted ceilings and no wood, Billy as more retro tastes.

    When JD wins the game, Coach makes the heartbreaking decision to tell Matt he’s been demoted to QB2. The whole scene just sucks. You can feel the pain Eric feels. You know he knows what he did was the equivalent of kicking an abused puppy. You want to hate Coach Taylor for it, but how can you? He’s doing what has to be done. Sometimes life just sucks.

    Matt takes it like the man he is but then he loses it in the locker room. He tries to quit the team after coach admits that JD is the better QB, but Eric won’t let him quit. Matt says that’s fine, he’ll stay but he’ll hate very minute out there and so will Coach Taylor. Oh the pigskin-related angst never ends!

    Julie Taylor has a tattoo. And not one of those lick-a-stick ones like Tami had hoped. She’s got a real ink tattoo of a heart and a rose on her ankle. Tami and Eric lose it in a crazy way – a funny crazy way. But then they insist she get it removed. Apparently what Julie didn’t realize is it’s not her ankle until she’s 18. So Tami takes her ankle (that’s attached to her daughter) to get it removed. On the way she suddenly has a change of heart and talks to Julie instead, telling her that Tami herself almost dropped out of school. She just sees the tat as a sign that maybe Julie is headed down that path. When Julie swears that’s not the case Tami lets the ankle tat live to see another day.

    So are you bummed Matt is now QB2?

    Do you care that Jason’s baby mama is leaving him? Do you even know her name?

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