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Scrubs – Recap & Review – My Jerks

My Jerks

Original Air Date: 6 Jan 2009

Rachel – TwoCents Assoc. Editor

Well kids, we’re back. After what seemed like years (and miles and miles of red tape), Scrubs premiered last night on its new network: ABC. Did it work? Let’s see...

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  1. Well kids, we’re back. After what seemed like years (and miles and miles of red tape), Scrubs premiered last night on its new network: ABC. Did it work? Let’s see...

    JD has a new group of interns who are, to put it lightly, jerks. One is a backstabbing kiss-up, one has not tact whatsoever, one is a total slacker who texts during rounds. You get the picture. Also new to Sacred Heart: Dr. Kelso’s replacement Dr. Maddox (Courtney Cox). She is a mix of really crazy nice and really jerky. It just depends on when you talk to her. Oh, and she doesn’t like spiders.

    So JD decides that he can teach this new group of interns to be great doctors. Everyone is teachable, right? Well, maybe not. He leaves them in charge of the floor and what do they do? Almost kill someone. Nice. And JD also manages to get on Dr. Maddox’s bad side in the process of trying to teach his horrible interns. Look out, she is VERY vindictive, I can feel it. JD gives up on the interns. He decides they are not worth his time if they are going to be so awful.

    Meanwhile, Elliot gets a harsh dose of reality when the self-absorbed kiss up intern gets the nickname “Little Elliot.” She’s not self-absorbed at all, right? Carla? Right? Carla tells Elliot the truth: she has been going through a lot of stuff in the past year or so and has not really been paying attention to how her actions have been treating others. Take Keith, for instance. Elliot doesn’t even see that he is still completely crushed from being left at the alter. SO what does Elliot do with this information? Well, she doesn’t apologize to Keith, if that’s what you’re thinking. She gets angry with Carla. Yeah, that’s gonna help the situation.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, JD tries to make things right with Dr. Maddox. During this painful process, he falls (literally) for a classic Janitor ploy: tripping over his mop. Dr. Maddox sees the whole thing and... wait for it... fires The Janitor. What? Yeah. She takes his key and everything. Yeah, he only had one key – it opens everything in the hospital.

    JD is tired of it all. Well, so is Dr. Cox. In a little heart-to-heart, he confesses that the reason he has not taken the time to meet Dr. Maddox himself is because he is tired of being “that guy” who always fights the Powers That Be, and if she is a jerk, he is going to have to continue being “that guy.” It is a teaching hospital, and JD needs to suck it up and TEACH.

    Dr. Cox decides to meet Dr. Maddox and, indeed, she is a jerk. He is going to have to be “that guy” and fight her over every little injustice. Elliot decides to forgive Carla and apologize to Keith. JD decides to teach the awful interns. And then... the new janitor shows up. Thins is going to be interesting.

    What do YOU think? Did the genius of Scrubs translate to the new network? Should this be the last season? Didn’t you just LOVE the closing about Dr. Shaloube winning everything during doctor awards season? How great was Courtney Cox? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to re-key the place.

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