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Heroes - Recap & Review - "Our Father"

Our Father

Original Air Date: 8 Dec 2008

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

I’d like to say thanks to the readers who took the time to e-mail me their concerns about how long a standard solar eclipse is. For the record, Wikianswers says that a total solar eclipse could last no longer than seven minutes and they happen about once every 360 years. (Again that’s a FULL eclipse. Partial eclipses are very common.) Take that creative liberty any way you want; we have an episode to recap!

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  1. I’d like to say thanks to the readers who took the time to e-mail me their concerns about how long a standard solar eclipse is. For the record, Wikianswers says that a total solar eclipse could last no longer than seven minutes and they happen about once every 360 years. (Again that’s a FULL eclipse. Partial eclipses are very common.) Take that creative liberty any way you want; we have an episode to recap!

    We start the episode where we left off, with Hiro and Claire witnessing the exchange of infant Claire from Kaito to Noah. There’s a huge language barrier between Hiro and Claire, but after they’ve snuck into the house, she over hears a conversation that Kaito and his wife are having. She wants to give the catalyst to Hiro before she dies but he wants to give it to Claire. Both Hiro and Claire realize then what needs to happen: She has to protect herself from becoming host to the catalyst, and Hiro must receive it. Claire runs off and Hiro sticks around long enough to see his mother use her power; she’s a healer. Before he can do anything, Kaito catches him and assumes he’s the new chef. More interested in eavesdropping on his parents than cooking, Hiro eventually makes his mother waffles (it’s the only thing he knows) and when she says he looks familiar, he lets it spill that he’s her son but he can’t remember anything. She believes him and kisses his forehead, healing his mind. Once he remembers everything, he tells her to put the catalyst in him. She takes a moment to tell him that she’s always believed in him before she transfers the catalyst to him in an aura of light. The transfer kills her and Hiro leaves to go find Claire.

    Meanwhile, Claire goes to the old apartment building where she grew up and happens to run into Sandra who is juggling new baby Claire and groceries. Claire introduces herself as Bonnie, niece to the people next door and offers to help. She tells Sandra to always protect her baby because they grow up quickly, but Noah comes home and the jig is up on ‘Bonnie’ because he knows the neighbors don’t have a niece. Claire begs him to trust her; that The Company cannot have Claire back because they want to do something to her that will change her life forever. She tells Noah that he and his Claire Bear will love each other very much, and he eventually believes her.

    When Hiro and Claire meet again it’s on the rooftop of DOOM, and he tells her that he had the catalyst put into him, but Arthur appears and overhears the conversation. He takes Hiro’s power and the catalyst then tosses him off of the roof. He lands on a flag pole and is now stuck. Arthur tells Claire to go back and tell Angela that it’s game over before he sends her back to the present.

    Sylar is still stuck on the beach, burning Elle’s body when Arthur calls. Sylar informs the man that he’s going back to killing people for their powers, starting with a woman named Sue Landers who is a human lie detector. When he gets to her office and kills her, three of her office workers walk in on the bloodshed, so he kills them too. In the elevator and covered with blood, he asks a man if there’s a problem, and all Sylar can do is grin when the man is obviously lying about his discomfort.

    Angela gives Peter a gun and tells him that he has to kill his father; one bullet straight through his brain. The Haitian verifies that everything Angela says is true: Given the chance, Arthur would kill his entire family to get what he wanted. On the way to Pinehurst, Peter wishes the eclipse would have lasted longer so that no one would have powers, and the Haitian says he understands that Peter just wants the world to be ideal. He offers to kill Arthur for Peter, but Peter refuses and says that it’s his responsibility. They eventually walk into Pinehurst and without his powers; Arthur can’t do anything to get the gun away from Peter. The Haitian says that the elder Petrelli is too powerful though, and looses his grip on controlling Arthur. Just as Peter shoots, Sylar appears and freezes the bullet. He asks if Arthur is his father and knows that when Arthur says yes it’s a total lie. He then lets the bullet hit Arthur between the eyes and takes off. The Haitian goes after him on Peter’s order.

    Not knowing what’s happening outside, The Fly gives a Marine a shot of the formula, now with catalyst included. Nathan tries to explain that this is a life changing event, and the Marine states that if only he’d been stronger, there wouldn’t be so many needless deaths over seas. Nothing happens for a while, but then the Marine starts to shake. Finally he settles down, and it’s revealed that his new power has turned him into The Hulk. Nathan starts to say they should wait on his father, but Tracy reminds him of a deal made earlier: Nathan is in charge now and all decision making is left to him as the new face of Pinehurst. Or, as she wants to rename it: ‘Intelligent Design’. Their plan is to give the formula to a group of fifty or so marines – the best, strongest, and bravest America has to offer.

    Matt, Ando and Daphne have gotten their hands on the bike messenger’s final sketches that Isaac gave him and they read all of the action that’s happened. They decide that if all those Marines are going to get injected, one of them will get a power like Hiro’s so they need to find that person and go rescue their friend.

    What did you think Two Cent readers? Dare I say that this episode was actually... interesting? I feel like we’ve gotten some new information to work with, and now that Sylar’s killed his father, I wonder if he’ll find Angela next. Do you think that Noah knew ‘Bonnie’ was actually Claire? Whose side are you on in all of this? Leave me comments, or e-mail me your Two Cents!

  2. First of all, I don't think it is legal to use the term "For the record" in the same sentence as the work "Wikianswers." ;)

    I've been very close to giving up Heroes for a while now, but this episode tied up a few loose ends (like how Peter got his scar), so I'm still with it (for now).

    But, man, are they ever messing up the whole time-travel thing. Haven't they ever watched "Back to the Future?" You walk a thin line when your characters from the future interact with those from the past! (Although... that was a nice moment with Hiro and his Mom.)

    And yes, I think Noah knew it was Claire.

  3. Rachel,

    Wikipedia is NEVER wrong though! I will gladly go on multiple records for wikianswers :P

    I'm moderately more interested now, but my continued viewership will probably count on how good the mid-season finale is next week. And I agree; wouldn't Sandra and Noah have some kind of realization in 16 years that the pretty girl from the past was their daughter? Who knows, maybe people don't remember things like that.

  4. hiro and his mother = so precious. i "awww"ed out loud when hiro and little hiro both pushed their glasses up at the same time.

    i only feel a little bad being glad that elle is dead. cause i really hated her.

    i do, however, love sylar, no matter how many people he kills. "cake?"

    i hope that they give ando powers. he's so adorable.

  5. This was the first episode I've watched on actual TV in quite some time, and it was one of the best so far this season/volume.

    And yeah, you might think that either Noah or Sandra might remember "Bonnie" once Claire grows up and realize that she was, in fact, Claire.

    Are we supposed to recognize the religious overtones in the name "Intelligent Design"? I assume that was deliberate.

    And boy am I glad Arthur Petrelli is dead. (Or is he??? He'd better be.) Did he ever go into any detail at all about his plans, other than that they involved giving powers to ordinary people via the catalyzed formula?

  6. About total solar eclipses... They occur once every 360 years (I didn't check that number) in a given location, but they occur roughly twice a year somewhere on Earth. The track of totality can be hundreds (if not thousands) of miles long as the moon's shadow sweeps across the Earth's surface. But the duration of totality at a given location (say NYC or somewhere in Haiti) is a maximum of about 7 minutes, and the time at which totality occurs is different for different locations along the path of the moon's shadow.

    Hopefully that made sense and even clarified things a little more.


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