Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fringe - Begs the Question - "Safe"

Last night's episode of Fringe had the Dysfunctional Scoobies trying to solve a string of bank robberies where the culprits seemed to walk through walls, getting a touch of the radiation sickness while doing it.

Not such a stretch for Fringe, but the weird part was what they were stealing: components of a time/space machine that Walter had invented to save Peter when he was sick as a child.

What? Yeah.

Think of it as a machine that does what Hiro does on Heroes, without all the hero's journey commentary (and cuteness).

Which begs the question...

If you could get your hands on this machine, who would you bring through it? Remember, you can't go through the machine yourself, but you can pluck out any person from any time and any place.

So who is it? Put your picks in the comment section below... we won't judge!



  1. My confession...

    If we're talking present, it would be Nathan Fillion. Shut up.

    If it's the past... maybe Einstein? Or, while we're dreaming big, how about Jesus? Could make things interesting...


  2. Gosh that's a tough one. I'd be tempted to grab Jay Leno. Make him work on my car and hang out and then I'd let him go home.
    But I think a better decision would be to go back to around 1990 and take River Phoenix before he died.
    Or what about Hitler? I would grab him as a baby and...donate him to science.

  3. jumped the shark with the time machine--really...---dan m

  4. Aw, c'mon Anonymous! It's a science fiction show, remember?


  5. personally, I would want to snag Christopher Gorham and hide him all to myself. But the way the economy is right now, maybe we need to try to get Henry Ford and find out how we can get the American car makers to be number 1 again.


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